How Gran Turismo Sport Makes the Most of PS4 Pro and PS VR

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How Gran Turismo Sport Makes the Most of PS4 Pro and PS VR

Kazunori Yamauchi is very serious when it comes to motorsport. Not only is the Polyphony Digital president creator of one of the most acclaimed video game racing series of all time, he’s a keen driver, too. And talking to him about how the additional power of PS4 Pro has supercharged Gran Turismo Sport reveals that the line between the game and the real thing are blurring quicker than you may think.

“PS4 Pro marks a historical moment,” says Yamauchi-san, speaking with us at a media event in London earlier this month. “It’s the first time video games are going to exceed and better the quality of images in movies, broadcasting, and packaged media out there.”

With GT Sport, a powerful engine is everything — and PS4 Pro pushes the game into an eye catching fast lane featuring dynamic 4K, targeted 60 frames per second, HDR, an 18 GB VPS uncompressed stream, and wide color support. What that all means is the races are smoother, slicker, and more vibrant than they’ve ever been. And as any car enthusiast knows, the details are part of what drives the passion.

GT Sport

“I think the world of 4K and 60 FPS is a pinnacle for the games industry, and to be able to provide that sort of quality on a home console is something special,” says Yamauchi-san.

“All the cars look fantastic in 4K in terms of the detail improvements, but if you look at it from the aspect of HDR and wide color, about 11% of the cars in the real world today don’t fit into the standard color space that was possible in games up until now.

“Cars like Ferrari… it wasn’t actually possible to accurately represent that particular distinctive red in games unless you used the wide color space that’s now available in GT Sport. So the brightly colored cars out there are now going to look perfect in the game.”

It may sound like something you’d take for granted, but it’s taken technology to catch up with Polyphony’s ambitions in order to get to this stage.

“In order to support HDR compatibility, we had to start with the development for a capable camera because there are no devices out there that were able to capture images in HDR and wide color,” explains Yamauchi-san.

GT Sport

“Doing that kind of data gathering wasn’t easy when we first started, so we had to design systems for the camera. In the past we’ve used RGB image sensors, but we had to utilize a spectra base image sensor to capture the proper colors and light that could not be recorded by RGB sensors in the past.”

Don’t think that Polyphony is neglecting PlayStation VR enhancements in GT Sport, either. Yamauchi-san is eager to use PS VR to make sure you feel extra special behind the wheel.

“The raw, live feel that you get when you sit in the cockpit of a car using PS VR is something that wasn’t possible in GT before.”

While remaining coy over what exactly to expect in GT Sport once you put on the PS VR headset — aside from the thrill of high speed, first-person driving, of course — Yamauchi-san couldn’t resist revving the engine on a couple of details.

“The tracks are very interesting in VR,” he smiles. “But we’re letting you explore the environments in virtual reality, such as the interior of cars. I think that kind of subtle usage is best for VR.”

There’s clearly more info to reveal farther down GT Sport’s spectacular looking track, but between PS4 Pro and PS VR, things are only going to get better. Racing fans will have a lot to look forward to once Polyphony’s PS4 muscle car gets off the starting grid in 2017, but if you’re a GT fan this will be extra special.

“When we created GT games in the past, people always used to ask is there any way that the graphics quality could get any better, because it was already incredible. But with GT Sport you can really feel the light of the new world in Gran Turismo — and it’s an experience I’d love players to feel.”

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  • I’m very excited for this as a Pro and VR owner. Early adopter!

    • Hi:) I am also a VR owner. Still on the fence about upgrading to the PS4 pro because I don’t own a fancy tv yet haha. I just wanted to ask you if you noticed a difference in things like the frame rate while playing VR games. Thanks ;)

    • Simulation on a 2d screen versus 3d vr screen(s), vr hands a better simulation feeling then any other 2d oled 55 inch screen any day… taking a picture of my car in gt sport would look way better on my tv, but when your racing or just driven around vr explores the simulation driving experience in a real feeling world not able to be found on a 2d screen, and the ps4 pro is a must if your a psvr owner every game that I’ve played in vr plays way better on pro.

    • i did see improvements on my PSVR with my PS4 Pro, only thing is when the PU is connected (always) it won’t send HDR signal to my Bravia

    • Also a PSVR early adopter so far I love it and the fact that now Resident Evil is getting really good really previews for VR as well is also nice to hear. Bought my PRO yesterday and I am eager to see how much better the power the PRO offers helps with VR haven’t had a chance to use it with VR just yet but tonight I finally have time to try.

  • Hello Corey,

    This game is going to be amazing I hope we get some new footage in the coming months.

    I wanted to ask if you guys could do several cool Dynamic Themes with full movement, night and day cycle and beautiful music? That would be amazing.

    Also please look at doing a ton of Avatar pictures and Sharefactory special suite of GT Sport content. Oh, and of course support for Little Big Planet 3.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Hey Rob (aka Graf ;) )

      Some nice ideas there – I imagine all the relevant teams will be pretty much stacked with so much going on right now, but if anything pops up we’ll be sure to let you know.

  • Doesn’t sound like the VR is being used the most.. This game is a flagship of Sony and should have FULL VR support. If I can’t do a race with other cars in VR then this is no buy. Sorry but others shouldn’t either, lots of games I was looking for VR are now silent or have decided limited use. Feel like I been punched in the gut, very close to selling my PSVR.

    • Sell that then your ps4 and let us all get on enjoying it.

    • As a general rule, any console accessory that is sold separately would only get limited support in games. Also, the more costly the accessory is, the fewer people would buy it, and the support would be even less.

      PS VR needed to be priced absolutely right to have any chance of success. That train has passed. I wish best for PS VR, but I doubt that we would be seeing great sales numbers beyond the launch period. I am also expecting limited support at this time.

      Best case scenario would be that PS5 launches with full PS-VR2 support for all games. That would be the ideal time to buy an expensive accessory with guaranteed support. Or just wait for the inevitable big discounts next year for the current version.

    • He said in the article that PSVR is used for 1st person driving…

    • will you quit replying to others and spreading misinformation, there are those who tried this game in PSVR already.

    • You guys obviously can’t read..

      I said racing OTHER RACERS in VR isn’t supported and hasn’t been shown. RACES are not in and VR isn’t full supported. Good grief internets are where stupid people reside.

    • Yep starting to get disappointed more and more, first Project Cars dropping PSVR all together and now GT Sport slowly letting us lower our expectations more and more.

      To think I was soooo optimistic about the PSVR… I feel like an idiot…

    • give Driveclub VR a try, is only CAD $25

    • Resident Evil is getting really good early preview in VR so far and that’s the game I feel will be the first fully supported AAA game to show what the PSVR can do and now that PRO is available to enhance the resolution and graphics is exciting I think.

      It’s still very early in for PSVR and we don’t know if the PSVR and Gran Turismo will be limited yet. Especially if you have a Pro.

  • First half of 2017 ?

    • I hope you are not serious. Given PD’s atrocious record of delays, I would not expect this until 2018 (at the earliest).

  • “When we created GT games in the past, people always used to ask is there any way that the graphics quality could get any better, because it was already incredible. ”

    Ummmm no, the first thing people ask is”why do all the cars sound like vacuum cleaners?”. Graphics has never been a problem for GT, I’m really hoping they step it up in the sound department this time around.

    • Never had an issue with the engine sound. Thought they were all fine. But I suppose your allowed your opinion

    • Ken30NYC its right, i have all GT and I have platinum all GT for ps3 and i can confirm that almost all cars always sound the same, even when you upgrade with a new turbo kit and intercooler for a non stock turbo car and sound like any other cars in the game, or like people said a vacuum cleaner, if GT can match the sounds of the cars of Driveclub that will be extremely awesome!!!

  • Now only we need a launch date, man please be Q1 2017 D:

    Was so ****ed by the last minute delay, and cancelling de Beta due to delaying the game to 2017 …..=(

  • Looks great and sounds great…but will it all be psvr? I hope so… my psvr headset is kinda sat there. I use it every day but even the 40 quid games like here they lie. Is just a 2 hour game…

    • Sounds like just an ‘experience’ aka no racing others. That’s my take judging from their shady side stepping about VR. Sad considering GT is zone of Sonys flagship products- no full VR support no buy

    • Get games like Rigs, Eagle Flight, and EVE Valkyrie. They all have single player campaigns that last for several hours as well as multiplayer for tons of replay value.

      (Also a fan of Danger Ball on PS VR Worlds. Can’t get enough of that tech demo. Wish it was a full game.)

  • PSVR makes the game deserved more attention, can’t wait to play the game with vr.

    • “The tracks are very interesting in VR,” he smiles. “But we’re letting you explore the environments in virtual reality, such as the interior of cars. I think that kind of subtle usage is best for VR.”

      Honestly doesn’t sound like VR will be that great with this game unless you enjoy driving around on empty track :(

  • Very excited and love that there will be PS VR support. I just wish that it would support 3D. That was such a great addition on PS3.

    • “The tracks are very interesting in VR,” he smiles. “But we’re letting you explore the environments in virtual reality, such as the interior of cars. I think that kind of subtle usage is best for VR.”

      Note- subtle usage for VR. Aka this will be yet another very abbreviated experience

  • Can’t wait!!!!! Need this game asap!!!!!

  • When will it be released i preordered the game 4/5 months ago thinking i was going be getting it end of the year now there is no scheduled time.
    Why does it take them years to create a game that forza can bring out 2 in that time.
    Ps4 players are screaming to get a good racing game.

    • Forza is an arcade racer GT is a driving simulator. I think forza has come on leaps and bounds but yearly updates are always a mistake. When gt sport drops it will again set the bar for others to follow. GT 6 is still an awesome game and still looks nicer than the latest forza on last gen hardware.

    • Orbilator…..I can’t tell if you are join or are just naive. Forza Motorsport is not an arcade racer it is a racing simulator and has been a better simulator then GT since its introduction. Forza is not visually as pretty as GT but saying the newest Forza isn’t as pretty as the last GT is ludicrous. Sometimes I just don’t understand fan boys and I wish it would stop. It is just old to hear this, if you don’t like Forza fine but don’t just make stuff up, it’s not cool. BTW before you start about how I am a troll. I own every system so I am not a fanboy, I am a true gamer who can afford every system and play every single game that releases if I choose to. That being said I own both GT and Forza games. I still prefer Forza games over GT. They have had damage simulation since day one GT6 still doesn’t have damage and you call that a true simulator.

  • Hello! Is there any info about improvements in the game when using FullHD display?

  • They’d better do something to improve this game cause what was shown was just terrible.

    • Probably should open your eyes, it was defo not terrible. Unfinished but not terrible. Would love a demo lap or something but I know pd hate doing them

  • That’s a great reason to buy a PSVR and PS Pro.

  • What on Earth is “an 18 GB VPS uncompressed stream”?

  • I really don’t understand the decision that was made to make GT6 for PS3 not long after the release of GT5 when PS4 was on the horizon. It doesn’t make any sense. GT6 should’ve been a PS4 game. It’s not like Polyphony wasn’t aware of PS4’s launch. Now here we are going on 4 years into the PS4’s life cycle and still no Gran Turismo this gen. Way to go Sony.

  • Judging by Yamauchi’s suspicious VR comments, it doesn’t sound like the game will be fully playable in VR. For anyone excited about the prospect, I encourage you to moderate your excitement. VR on DriveClub has proven to be a nauseating experience for many users. Unless PD has some kind of magic bullet, Yamauchi could be dancing around the fact that the game played in VR could be a poor experience, and VR may be relegated to virtual car shows and test laps.

  • There are going to be a lot of disappointed people when this game is released. It doesn’t sound like the main gameplay will be VR. Likely, there will be a VR experience tacked on that isnt part of the main game. Also, notice his careful wording “targeted 60 frames per second”. I just hope that the marketing is open and honest when the time comes.

  • Boy, over a year away, that’s using what vague timeline they’ve stated. I’ve always said-“Hear a release date, add a year to it.”

  • Please have a good ps4 pro 1080p mode – extra detail/draw distance at 60 fps!

  • “gets of the starting grid”. Yeah right. Won’t be holding my breath for that one.

  • I think this is plainly curbing expectations for VR support. Most Vr purchasers are upset because this was touted at E3 as a aaa title which would give psvr owners a full driving game in be with a lot of Replay ability. GUESS NOT

  • I am very interested in getting a sim racer in VR and whilst Project Cars suggested compatibility, it failed, Assetto Corsa developers have said, unlikely and DriveClub is a great experience (yes, people slam it for poor visual fidelity, but it’s got fantastic immersion and for me did not have any nausea issue) it is very much an arcade racer.

    GT was for me going to be a potential system seller but it would seem that Caz has decided to make use of a VR featurette rather than the full blooded VR experience which is a real shame. I think perhaps the visuals have to be reduced far too much for his liking and reduced it down to a single car on track experience.

    Please, someone develop a sim racer for VR, there is so much potential there!!

    I guess we need to remind ourselves that this kit has only just been released. My recommended VR games are Rigs, Eve, DriveClub and Headmaster.

  • VR GT sounds awesome, but I hope to be better than DriveClub VR.

  • Did Kaz say 60 FPS, as in frames per second, at 4K!? Who am I to doubt him, but while your dropping these gems of HD awesomeness how about hooking up 60@1080 for the original PS4 Vanilla adopters? If I don’t see that first, then I will have a hard time buying a PRO for 60@4K. Just saying.

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