Nioh: Looking Death in the Face

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Nioh: Looking Death in the Face

In sword-slinging action RPG Nioh, there are times where you will be afraid. And you will die. Often. Probably in some horrible fashion involving fire, ice, and/or sharpened metal.

But that’s all part and parcel of a game where death is not the end, but merely the beginning of overcoming a variety of terrible foes. It’s a thrilling combat driven experience set in 16th century Japan that has you clammily clutching your DualShock 4 for dear life in desperate battles against vicious fiends and brutal monstrosities. It will not be easy, but developer Team Ninja is making sure every sweaty step is one you’re going to enjoy.

Nioh, PS4

If you’re as excited as we are for Nioh when it launches on February 7 in North America, then you’ll be delighted to hear that, as of today, pre-orders are live across PlayStation Store and your local retailers.

On PlayStation Store, we’re offering two editions of the game:

Standard Edition

  • The full game

Digital Deluxe

  • The full game
  • Weapon pack with five new weapons
  • PS4 Avatar
  • Season Pass

Pre-order either edition to receive:

The Nioh armor to equip in-game, inspired by the ancient statues that stand guard at temples across Japan.

And a Nioh Dynamic Theme for PS4.

In addition, if you pre-order Nioh or the Digital Deluxe Edition on PlayStation Store or purchase in the first two weeks after launch, you’ll also receive the Crimson Master Armor, another in-game armor but this time based on legendary samurai Yukimura Sanada.

“We created Nioh to be a very challenging game, so we put a lot of thought into the design of its difficulty,” says Game Director Yosuke Hayashi.

“For example, we had an enemy that throws a quick jab at you and causes immense damage, and it was difficult to avoid and defend against. So now these enemies may still attack you with the same level of damage, but we redesigned the movement of the jab itself so that it gives players a split second to dodge or block.”

The rigorous alpha and beta testing that Nioh has undergone has only helped shape the PS4 game for the better. It’s been your all-important feedback which has — rather ironically — removed Team Ninja’s fear that many years of hard work were going to potentially miss the mark.

“Nioh is a new IP, so in a lot of ways we wanted to get users’ feedback and understand whether we were going in the right direction,” explains Hayashi-san.

“For example, some of the feedback we got from our users was that they didn’t want the battles to involve too many enemies, because it would be too challenging. So we looked at more one-on-one encounters where greater skill was required.”

“That we were able to get people to like the game during the alpha and beta testing is something I’m really happy about. So as we get closer to launch, we’re putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to meet those high expectations.”

That sense of anticipation has only grown with Nioh’s recently announced PS4 Pro enhancements, something Hayashi-san is delighted to take advantage of.

“I’ve always felt that games on PlayStation were very visually compelling, but now seeing these games on PS4 Pro, my perception has exceeded that.”

“Gamers don’t compromise on things like frame rate, so we really focused on maximizing the power of those particular aspects and introduced lots of visual options. For example, one is to play the game at a targeted 60 frames per second at1080p — it was great that I was able to realize this through PS4 Pro.”

Nioh, PS4

Of course, when you’re facing a giant, acid spitting, spider-bodied seductress, you may regret the visual fidelity on your screen. And given that you may need many hours to complete Nioh, there’ll be no shortage of gritty, challenging encounters.

“We wanted to create impressionable bosses,” laughs Hayashi-san. “So you’ll discover a few when you play!”

That said, as you’re assuming the role of the skillful Western samurai William Adams (based on a real life historical figure, no less), you have more than your fair share of ways to dispatch the horde of enemies which await. That includes a three-stance combat system, magic, and the ability to wield a myriad of weapons, such as dual katanas.

And if that’s not enough, the smiling Game Director has a few pointers to potentially help reduce the ol’ mind-killer.

“Don’t fear death,” Hayashi-san says. “While Nioh is a challenging game, if you carefully pay attention to the movements of your enemies, you’ll be able to find chances for an opening.”

“And don’t be afraid to seek help from other players online from our great community, as there’s always someone out there who can offer guidance. Nioh is really about self-improvement. And in an era of games where there’s less lasting “death” in action titles, I want you to feel like you’ve genuinely accomplished something once you’ve completed it.”

So, is your steely soul ready to handle the nightmarish creatures that await you in Nioh?

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  • I can’t wait thanks PlayStation.

    • Me 2 (^ _ ^ )

    • Thank the game developer not sony they just want your $ hence why we always get a remodel of the curent consoles not trying to bash just dont give props to psn they sell millions of products and but crappy halfgrade hardware in their systems no props deserved at all for sony and give us crash remastered u corgis

    • Wow I have a hard time to read your sentences.

  • I cant wait. I will pre-order when i can.

  • this is fantastic news! I am pre-ordering now :D

  • “When you pre-order a game you’re just committing to paying for something some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s in California haven’t finished working on yet. You know what you get for pre-ordering a game? A big ♥♥♥♥ in your mouth.” – Eric T. Cartman

    • Im sure you pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV <3 <3 <3 <3

    • I totally agree with you games have become half @##ed made the witcher 3 is the only game i have enjoyed on this system without feeling like a sucker make this complaint a hot toppic keep the money grubbers at bay for example how many cod games are their if you half to think about it that should tell you something

    • Make the PC Switch with me the next time a new console comes out and never pre-order its like paying for a car and only getting to see the frame

  • I haven’t had much interest in dark souls and what not, but this is giving off a strong onimusha vibe that I miss, I live for a good challenge, its been so long since I had to work to get good at something, I have a long list of difficult games that have fallen bofere me, ninja gaiden (all of them!), dark souls 2 a few others I cant remember but this is going on my list for sure.

    • This game is Dark Souls and Onimusha having an epic baby!! I’m a huge fan of the From Software game archetype and I feel that this game took great cues from their series and did their own thing with it. Feudal era Japan and Oni battles. If you played the Alpha and Beta, you know it’s worth a preorder any extras that you get would just augment an already awesome game.

    • I’ve played Demons Souls and all the Dark Souls and.. Bloodborne, and I can say without second guessing myself, that NIOH is better at least IN COMBAT.. When I play the full game upon release, I may say its better in every way, I really hope so.

      So if you want a game that steps up the combat, and makes you think a little before you tackle opponents, then pick this game up. (Of course I am just going by what I experienced in the Beta on PS4) .. after everyone’s feedback and stuff, we may have a different experience in the final product. That’s the only thing that makes me a bit nervous.

  • This game was pretty epic in the Beta, but unfortunately I have been screwed by Season passes entirely too often, So I’ll be waiting for the Inevitable “Complete” Edition.

  • Once you describe a game as ‘punishment’, you lose my interest.

    I want challenge, but challenge doesn’t have to be punishment… but I guess game developers want people to feel like they’re being punished nowadays…

    • Did you actually play Nioh Beta? It is indeed a challenge not punishable and fair just need good skills for a great challenge

    • Yeah but not all games should be made to interest you. These unforgiving games are pretty popular, challenge that is punishing is very welcomed by me. I loved the beta and alpha, and as with many others, look forward to this release.

    • Ya, it is pretty amazing what a large segment of our population demonstrates masochistic tendencies. (Liking being punished, I mean)

      Makes no sense to me. I’d rather a game that REALLY pushed me to my limits, without making it feel like it wanted to punish me for it.

      But I guess there’s clearly a market for that.

    • @Seluhir- I completely agree. Even by Souls standards, the degree of difficulty was ridiculous in the Demo. One-hit kills on the basic difficulty? Come on. Even the opening enemies in the Souls games can be defeated rather handily. I seriously hope the Demo was tweaked because the game is not user-friendly in the form I saw it.

    • If Koei make some tweeks to the beta as it was more manageable, these might be a huge under the radar type of a must have game, so far those companies have not let us down

    • Watched my brother play the whole demo and all Twilight variations and the only boss I saw him struggle with was the succubus bird lady on Twilight mode. Got a Summon and managed it. People need to git gud, seriously.

    • @Alternian you’re confusing challenge with punishment.

      Punishing is a design decision… punishing is the way the game works. You can have an easy game that is punishing.

      Challenge is the skill, knowledge, etc required to play it.

      Dark Souls, for example, is not a hard game. It’s combat is fairly easy, the mechanics are overall predictable, and most things are heavily telegraphed… but the game makes any form of slight failure have absurdly heavy consequences…

      I generally prefer REAL challenge… games that actually push me to my limit, not just make me repeat the same boring, mundane task until I succeed, without making it feel like I’m being punished for learning.

    • @ Seluhir. Well said, on all your comments towards these types of games. I feel the exact same way, and hate this new “trend.”

    • Souls games aren’t really punishing unless you fail to get back to your souls. Even then, it’s really not too bad; you still keep all your other stuff. Most of the time it is fairly easy to run past where you have been to get back to where you died; plus the awesome short cuts. Generally doesn’t involve a lot of repeating the same stuff unless you keep dying on the same stuff, which is the challenge: developing the skill to read the telegraphed moves and make the appropriate choice in how to act. Also, developing the character is a lot of fun.

      Punishing is how old games were; get to the last boss with a sliver of life bar (if you even got a life bar, I’m looking at you Contra 3) and one life left and that’s all you get to try to figure out how to beat the boss. Lose and you have to play the whole game again. THAT is punishing. Challenge is great, but I think Souls games strike a great balance with reward and playability to that challenge. One man’s opinion:)

    • From my experience with the Beta, the combat was a lot better than Dark Souls series.. the only thing you got punished for in the Demo was abusing your stamina..

      It was 95% challenge in the Demo. Looking at how to tackle combat situations and take advantage of your surroundings.

      Just wanted to throw that out there to ease your worries.

  • Enjoyed the alpha. The changes in the beta kill theis game for me however

    • Such hyperbole. Beta made it perfect and it’s hardly any different just fixed stupid unecessary annoyances from the Alpha

  • No doubt this game will be constantly compared to dark souls. But in my opinion that’s what has given this game the notoriety it needed to gain a fan base so quickly. Although i am sad that it’s been pushed back, but I am also happy to know that Team Ninja listens to feedback. That’s amazing <3
    Absolutely a must play for any souls loving fan, and or gaming adrenaline junkies.
    Cannot wait to get back into the game.

    • I wish people would realize that the Souls formula can be treated like a genre now, not just eternal riffs on one series that implemented it.

      Like you now have one bad and one good example of a “Soulslike”– Lords of The Fallen, and Ni-Oh.

  • This is a must buy for me!

  • Please bring ULTRA 4K Movies & TV app to PS4 PRO.

  • Can’t wait for this game but do we know what’s in the season pass at all?

  • DAY ONE !!

    • Surprise surprise, the dude frothing at the mouth on everyone’s comment that don’t share the same frenzied excitement is getting it day one…

  • Oh god… i miss Onimusha franchise sooo much….Damn you capcom! Why do you always torture your fans?!?

  • I didn’t play the beta too long to encounter some of those corrected issues. I just wanted a taste. Excited for February 7th! I’ll be joining the Pro community this Thursday as I already have a 4k set waiting on it..

  • I can’t wait to see this running on my Pro! Will be playing the second its available.

  • Every description makes it sound very Souls-esque, which is a good starting point for any game.

    “We wanted to create impressionable bosses”. Impressive maybe?

  • There won´t be collector’s edition? That’s sad.

  • How about a PHYSICAL deluxe edition for the less gullible?

  • No physical collectors edition?????? :(

  • only digital?

    • This is a digital announcement for the PS store, yes. This is just to clarify what you’d get for buying it on PSN. Shocker.
      The physical game has been up for pre-order on sites like Best Buy for week.

  • Nioh Souls Ninja Dark!!! Love it can’t wait. I refuse to pre-order anything anymore but I will grab this in the 1st two weeks of release.

  • So, my pathetic self couldn’t beat the first boss and get the dlcs from the beta version. I would like to know if the Beta Rewarded DLCs will be available at release of Nioh or in a future date?

    • I think the point of that DLC was a reward for people who DID finish the demo so that would be a tad redundant and remove the purpose of earning them. (if you couldn’t beat the first boss you probably shouldn’t get the full game)

  • I can’t wait. This game has to prove what real Team Ninja is all about.

  • I hope Sony can market all of these effectively. You’re starting 2017 off with a HUGE bang, between Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and now picking up Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja’s Ni-Oh? You better not “Titanfall 2” one of them; they’re all looking absolutely fantastic and come from known developers who consistently put out amazing titles. Market the everloving f**k out of them all and make them all successful, Sony America. Don’t screw this up! We’ve been seeing a whole lot of recent games disappoint because they were all dumped at the same time and publishers just made a clusterf**k out of things and abandoned some of their games to push others (like I said, EA with Titanfall 2 where they abandoned it to push Boringfield 1. Square is doing it with Dragon Quest Builders and World of Final Fantasy to push Tomb Raider and FFXV, etc.). Good luck juggling so many amazing looking games next year, Sony – don’t drop the ball!

  • Can these 5 bonus weapons be earned in the game normally or though special quests?
    If not might have to skip this game.
    Which would be a shame.
    I like this genre but have been very tired of the Dark series for the last 2 games.

    • Ni-Oh is familiar if you like Souls but it has its own system, like High/Mid/Low Stance, counter parries, generally it is much faster paced and the enemies don’t choreograph their attacks anywhere near as much. The demo lasted far more hours than one would expect and that was only a handful of areas and bosses. Itt has tons of replay value thanks to Twilight system where a level can be replayed at a different time of day for new everything.

  • Looking forward to it! However, do any of these bonuses apply to pre-ordering the physical edition? It doesn’t make that clear.

  • I hope that tweaks have lead to a much better game than the demo. Definitely still looking forward to the final product.

  • The demo was terrible….one-hit player kills in the first minute? No thank you.

    • For the ones complaining about the 1 hit killsn bet you guys are referring to Alpha bc Beta was way more manageable, plus if you play with dark souls mentality it is a very skillful game.

  • Ok so the Amazon link shows digital code only but their deluxe for DLC says full game, exclusive avatar, season pass with 3 pieces of DLC with extra missions and story, so for that extra $20 difference that ain’t bad at all, so a day 1 for since I got the Pro with my 4k, very excited what they do to the game now.

  • My inner samurai is ready! Hopefully no Seppuku lol. Even though it’s the way of the bushido.


  • Cant wait

  • Does the Nioh US edition include Chinese subtitle? The beta did come with CN subs.

  • You know what would probably help, Sony? Giving your JAPANESE games ANY actual publicity or marketing. Nobody cares about your Western crap with 9GB Day 1 patches, yet that is all you ever advertise.

    Ni-Oh should be shown proudly as the game that will mark “Souls-like” as an actual GENRE, not just “riffs on dark souls” like Lords of The Fallen.

    But people will hardly know because you ignore JP games in your public showings. At E3 you slapped Gravity Rush 2, Persona 5, and the rest into a clipshow at the very end of your presentation, showing off more garbage Western sequels no one wants instead.

    GR2, Ni-Oh, P5 and several others, these are KILLER APPS for your wildly successful console! People should be lined up to buy these! But if you continue to shunt your JP lineup for garbage, you won’t get the sales you want.

  • Still no preorders up on Amazon. :/

  • I’m so there. Hell I might even splurge for the deluxe edition. This game is going to be something else.

  • Loved the alpha and beta version can’t wait for this.

  • Are there any plans to bring a physical release to Amazon?

  • So happy to read that there is a 60 fps 1080 p mode for playstation pro. As a 1080p pro owner I’ll definitely get the game now. Now 60 fps pro mode for Bloodbourne, please!

  • More then 10 years in development, we need to see this product!

  • I would pre-order Nioh if I didn’t want to take a break from PS4 and if I actually had time to play it on launch cuz this game deserves a pre-order…I played a lot of it on the alpha and it was great.Game got me by suprise cuz I thought it would be a hack n’ slash…never thought it would be RPG-ish a la Soul series.I barely played the Soul series and I ain’t a fan of them games but I freakin loved Nioh.Will definitely buy it.

  • Can’t wait, pre-ordered deluxe, loved alpha and beta even more :)

  • I remember a game Jube Yagu,just like this game,I can’t wait to play this one

  • I can’t wait for this product

  • The nice thing about this game is the bonus weapons/armor you get can be used through the entire game. No matter what level you are, you can just upgrade the gear to be the same level as you.

  • I played the beta and punishing is definitely an accurate term. I don’t like punishment so I’ll stick with Dark Souls.

  • Bring it on Team Ninja, your beta demo was challenging but I want more. Pre-ordering is in my sights.

  • looking forward to this alas the pre-oreder digital download button on takes you to an unfound page and the playstation store says its disc only, hopefully its just a bug and will be fixed closer to the release date.

  • I bought the Digital Deluxe Edition, but for some reason it says it’ll be playable/auto-download in 384 days.. The game releases February 9th, anybody know what’s up with that?

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