Future Unfolding: A Surreal World That Responds To Your Touch

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Future Unfolding: A Surreal World That Responds To Your Touch

Hello! I’m Andreas Zecher from indie studio Spaces of Play. I’m really excited to leave dark cold Sweden, and fly out to Anaheim to show you our game Future Unfolding at PlayStation Experience!

Future Unfolding is an action adventure for PS4 that is all about exploration. Your goal is to unfold the mysteries and secrets hidden in the beautiful landscapes around you. There are no tutorials, and no one is telling you what to do. You discover the surreal, dream-like world and everything you can do in it yourself while you play.

From the very beginning we designed the nature and wildlife to feel responsive and alive. Trees, grass, and stones move when you push through them. Even the ground can move and open up below you. We developed our own game engine to render a painterly art style with a lot of detail at a targeted 60 frames per second. Our dynamic sound track underlines the sense of a world full of life.

During your journey you encounter different types of wild animals. Some of them are friendly and help you to solve puzzles that open up new areas. Other animals are dangerous — deadly, even. You need to avoid them, or find ways to turn them into friendly creatures.

You can leave the beaten path at any time and hunt down secrets in the forgotten woods. Or go explore in hidden caves. It’s okay to get lost — a detailed auto-map helps you to orient yourself. Over time you map out more and more of the vast environments. There is always a way out.

But where to go after?

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