PS4 Pro Official Teardown Video

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PS4 Pro Official Teardown Video

PS4 Pro is PlayStation’s most powerful console yet. But what does it look like on the inside? See for yourself in our new video where Keiichi Aoki, Director of Mechanical Design, disassembles the new system screw by screw.

If you picked up a PS4 Pro at launch, what’s your experience been so far? In the short term, I’m planning on sticking with my current 1080p HDTV — I’ll still benefit from supersampling, which cleans up the presentation in Pro-supported games. And of course there are other benefits too, such as more consistent framerates, enhanced effects, and more in supported games. But I’ll be joining the 4K TV generation before long. What about you?

Before I sign off, check out our PS4 Pro Ultimate FAQ to get answers to common questions, and our list of games with launch-day PS4 Pro support. Our EU PlayStation.Blog also has a great post detailing how to transfer your data from an existing PS4 to a new PS4 Pro. It’s surprisingly easy!

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  • Still not totallying satisified with the pro price seems high without anotice option for uhd Blu Ray movies. Also lots of people still have 1080p or even 720p tvs I don’t see the reason people who would upgrade without a uhd tv. I believe now only less than 10 percent of homes have a uhd tv. Until prices for these tvs come down I feel like the pro will have this problem selling well.

    • the price of these tvs is low. You can get a 4k tv for $550-1,000+ easily. Just like 1080p before it eventually the market will shift and be completely comprised of 4k sets on the market.

  • Personally, I will wait for the ps5 i dont really see the point of this mid console other than maybe the result of the pressure of the competition. I dont doubt it’s a good console tho.

  • Thank you for sharing this video. I’m very satisfied and the console is awesome,

  • I’ll buy one why my current PS4 dies if it doe’s? But until then I’ll be waiting on PS5 for true 4K + cheaper TV’s.

  • Thanks for the video. That was a fun watch. Really excited for the Pro!

  • Really enjoying my PS4 Pro. No regrets so far.

  • Can I just pull out the HD in my PS4 (I have a fusion drive in there) and put it inside my soon-to-arrive Pro?

  • If I buy a second (or replacement) PS4, it’ll be a base model unit, not the Pro. I don’t have a UHD television.

    If I upgrade to a 4K television set, I want something that can play UHD blu-rays, and this isn’t it.

    • I personally like a console to play games. The wear and tear involved in using a console for watching Blu Rays, just isn’t worth it. The solution? Pick up a 4k HDR blu ray player. Use the console for playing games. Use the 4k blu ray player for watching movies. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    • “Wear and tear.”

      Laughable. If you’re referring to mechanical failure of an optical drive, my PS2’s drive still works fine.

    • wear and tear on playing discs???

      that’s hilarious!!!!

    • Didn’t have this nonesense back when console were just consoles… Why on earth would I want to waste my console’s laser to play movies? That’s what el-cheapo blu-ray players are for…

    • Ha! What’s really hilarious are comments 2 and 3, by two oh so very ignorant people that don’t realize lasers have a limited lifespan…

  • Just got it yesterday, arrived perfectly timed with a 4k 3d super UHD tv. Havent got too much time to play with both things.
    I’ve tried Uncharted 4 and looks amazing, so does Battlefield 1, but honestly they looked amazing before the update too..Would be cool to have a button combination to have a split screen before/after to notice the difference.
    But so far, its really nice indeed.

  • If most of these ppl actually see this console on a true 4k uhd tv they wouldn’t be talking smack. I have a Samsung 65″ 8500 series curved uhd tv and games are unbelievable!! Much better than the PS4.

    • agreed.. im still on vanilla, but i am playing in HDR with my tv. HDR alone is amazing. seeing is truly believing

    • Yes true, and what you fail to see if most ppl don’t care about 4k, that’s why less than 10% of homes have one, and why sales for this will fail…

    • How’s the input lag on your TV I was looking at the 700 series but I like monitors more because of low input lag

  • I picked one up yesterday and think it absolutely delivers in every way. I have a 4k HDR Samsung JS900, which by the way isn’t HDR10, but still HDR (1000 nits is HDR10, mine is 700 nits, but still HDR compatible). I have read a lot of tech geeks picking the pro apart. “Oh, there is a drop in framerate, it’s horrible.” I don’t notice that and don’t have a computer hooked up to it testing every little detail. I instantly noticed the graphics are just insane. It completely makes games look and feel better. Also, VR looks clearer as well, it’s not perfect in VR, still has some blur, but other things are clearer. It definitely is a worthy purchase. Don’t let the negativity, fool you. It is awesome. Worthy upgrade.

  • Loving my pro so far and I don’t have a 4K TV yet. It was worth trading in my launch PS4.

  • I got mine a couple of days ago. I think it does a great job in elevating the experience even on a 1080p TV, and even with these early games. Higher and more consistent frame rate and resolution upgrades from sub 1080p (900p or dynamic res) to 1080p is what I appreciate the most. Supersampling can do a great job in cleaning up the image from aliasing like in Tomb Raider, but in other games that already had little aliasing like Uncharted, the difference is minor. I’ve yet to try PSVR with it, but friend impressions are encouraging.

    Overall, I think it’s a great purchase that is absolutely worth it, and would only become more worth it over time as developers utilize the added power and tech features to their maximum potential.

  • i dont play blu ray movies at all…so i could careless about lack of UHD disc support. i did purchase a 4k tv last week…typically, i tend to follow the trend of playstation…

    i believed in 3D..

    but here i am live and direct in 4k…

    see you next week, Pro..

  • i’m looking for the 4k UHD bluray drive…… still can’t find it….

    no sale for me.

  • “such as more consistent framerates”

    nothing like throwing your existing console under the bus.

  • I grew leery on the Pro after discovering that the additional horsepower isn’t used in any way to benefit games that haven’t been patched, in the same way that the Xbox One S does. That seems like a mistake.

    I’ll still pick one up, but not until well into next year when all new games are required to support it.

  • I honestly don’t know why there is so much hate for this console. Im really happy with mine and nba 2k17 and uncharted 4 look sick.

  • Sony you sold me a $5000 65″ XBR HX950 1080p LED TV in 2012 or so. Now you are selling 65″ 4K HDR XBR branded TVs for only $1400. A complete slap in the face. Why did you price the HX950 so high? My budget for a TV is blown for at least another decade, so no PS4 Pro for me.

    And I have to choose between games like Tomb Raider being 1080p 60FPS OR 1080p enhanced graphics? I can’t have both when the console has twice the horsepower as my launch PS4? Really??

    Hate to say this, but the Xbox One S with 2TB and 4K BluRay drive AND performance boost for almost all games without patches is a much better buy.

    • Yea..but where’s Uncharted or God of War..not to mention, nobody told you to be a early adopter with that set ranging at 5k…I hope you was kidding, considering the price u mentioned for the 2nd tv.

  • was dubious about the ps4 pro, but didn’t need to be. Glad I bought it. skyrim is awesome

  • Pilots practice in-flight simulators so that they don’t have to experience the PS4 passthru HDR issue in real life. And an OS level failure to maintain tracking?

    My last days were spent determining that Driveclub *actually* does get better.

    That, also, I have the best system possible.

  • Pilots practice in-flight simulators so that they don’t have to experience the PS4 passthru HDR issue in real life. And an OS level failure to maintain tracking?

    Insert link by Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert about Happiness.

    My last days were spent determining that Driveclub *actually* does get better.
    That, also, I have the best system possible.

  • Make your choice: PS4 (Original) $200, 1 controller, slightly used, rubber ran off, so replaced with grip enhancing cap. 1TB HDD (upgraded) + Knack + Assassins Creed Pirate Game (The actual pirate game–aah, Black Flag). Sorry, no software piraseas here.

    Gamestop: $249.99 (+ warranty) only 500TB

    Craigslist: $100 for a PS4 with TWO controllers, Manhattan, and twelve games.

    How can we compete?

  • What is best a 4k monitor or a 4k tv for the ps4 pro I don’t really like tv’s because of the input lag

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