World of Tanks: Enhancing the Battle with PS4 Pro

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World of Tanks: Enhancing the Battle with PS4 Pro

Hi Tankers. I’m TJ Wagner, Executive Producer for World of Tanks on console. I’m back to share some news for PS4 players. For those who haven’t played World of Tanks yet, what are you waiting for? The game is free and offers intense, online multiplayer with 15 vs 15 matches, and now is the time to jump in the game because it supports PS4 Pro!

It’s been nearly a year since we launched on PS4 and we are thrilled by the response we’ve received from this community. Over the past year we have added regular monthly updates including dozens of new features, maps, player requests, four new nations, and more than 200 new tanks. We are constantly improving and updating the game to bring you the ultimate tanking experience — and we won’t stop there.

World of Tanks was built initially to support future hardware platforms, so we are really excited for tankers to play World of Tanks on PS4 Pro. With increased resolution, support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) output, and smoother frame rates, tanks will look more realistic and vibrant, playing better than ever before.

While the game already looks fantastic on PS4, it’s jaw dropping on PS4 Pro. We’re rendering each frame at 3200 x 1800 resolution and the PS4 Pro does a high quality upscale from that to 4K which is 3840×2160 pixels. Tank and terrain textures are stunningly detailed, even up close. The already lush vegetation looks fuller and more natural on PS4 Pro due to the higher quality anti-aliasing.

There’s no question you’re going to want to play this on an HDR-enabled TV with your PS4 Pro. World of Tanks has always done its lighting in HDR and tone mapped the results. Now you’ll be able to see the true output of this lighting. HDR allows for a wider and more dynamic range of lighting and colors. You’ll see more detail in our HDR skies and physically-based lighting, particularly in levels like Siegfried Line War and Mines. The vibrant colors of the vegetation in the Karelia swamps are more intense and lifelike, and the water looks cool, blue, and inviting in its richness.

Wargaming is always dedicated to being at the forefront of new gaming technology, and the PS4 Pro is the perfect example of how we are bringing our games to as many platforms and players as possible. The team here at Wargaming is excited to add PS4 Pro support to World of Tanks and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

See you on the battlefield.

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  • This game intimidates me.

  • I love the support Pro is getting. Driveclub VR is going to be great on Pro.

  • I can’t see any difference in that pictured comparison. Does that mean that my computer’s graphics card can’t render an image in 4K res, or that there is minimal improvement in this patch?

    • It’s pretty hard to simulate the difference in a screenshot on a PC monitor. Your PC monitor has a much higher Pixel density than a 1080p TV so the screenshot will naturally look sharper. UHD TVs are also much larger than PC monitors. You could somewhat simulate this by taking the screenshot above and blowing it up to 4K to view on your PC monitor.

  • 4k tv owner as of last thursday… owner next thursday….HDR is amazing on Vanilla PS4…..can’t wait to try this out.

  • What improvements have been made for people with plain Jane 1080p sets?
    better fps? more effects going on?

  • Thank you for this awesome update. Is the resolution a result of checkerboard or are you rendering the game in native 1800p on PS4 PRO without the need of checkerboard? Were the graphics improved on PRO apart from the resolution? Does the 1080p mode present better graphics than the high resolution mode? Thanks.

    • Yes we are utilizing Checkerboard and higher resolution textures on the PS4 Pro. 1080P graphics on a PS4 Pro will also be improved but not as much.

  • I have a Sony Bravia 4k hdr TV. Everything is set up (other games are rendered in hdr etc) yet when I play this, I see it’s improved, but it looks dull and drab. Something isn’t right? The colors aren’t vibrant, just looks like before but more detailed? My system states hdr is on tho?

  • This game is fun and i’m glad that war gaming continues to strive to make this game the best that it can be.

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