Step Inside the Vibrant Neon World of Mekazoo on November 15

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Step Inside the Vibrant Neon World of Mekazoo on November 15

Finally! We at Good Mood Creators are thrilled to announce Mekazoo’s launch on PS4 this November 15!

I feel like I’ve written that fifty different ways over the past two years since we first announced Mekazoo back in 2014, and it’s with huge excitement (and relief) that we can bring our crazy neon creation to your PlayStation 4.

So, what is Mekazoo? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Mekazoo is a side-scrolling platformer (with optional local co-op) built within a vibrant, neon, 3D world. You’ll unlock five playable animals, all with their own unique abilities: Armadillo, Frog, Wallaby, Panda, and Pelican. In order to overcome the daunting and — at times — perilous worlds you’ll encounter, you can switch between pairs of these Mekanimals on the fly.

The story of Mekazoo starts when you wake up as the Armadillo and notice all your friends are missing and have been turned into enormous evil bosses. Set out on a mission to save them and turn them back to their nice, cute, mechanical selves (i.e. unlocking new playable characters)!

With the Armadillo, you can curl up in a ball and boost around the terrain, the Frog can use its tongue as a grappling hook to swing on interactables and enemies, the Wallaby perpetually bounces and can super jump through breakables, the Panda is a very strong, slow, tank-like character and can climb, swipe and butt-smash through walls, and the Pelican gracefully glides through the skies. Together, these Mekanimals form a powerful team and, when used as pairs, can be used to achieve their full potential.

So why a platformer?

Mekazoo is our first game, born out of a class project and a close group of friends from DigiPen Institute of Technology in Seattle. We wanted to create a game that we’d actively search for as gamers ourselves. We’re all 80’s and 90’s kids who grew up attached to our old consoles and we set out to create our dream platformer.

We envisioned a game that you can pick up and play for 20 minutes or two hours. A game you can play with your friends or kids, on your own couch, passing the controller in single player or in local co-op. The local co-op in particular will offer immense fun to players as it requires a hive-mind system. Only one Mekanimal can be controlled at a time; therefore, each player must switch control back and forth in order to select the appropriate character for the task ahead.

Between single player and multiplayer, we aimed to create a game that’s just fun.

We’ve created a fast and flowy experience that harkens back to those platformers we grew up with and loved, while trying to put our own unique spin on the genre to update it for today’s gamers.

Mekazoo is loaded with replayability, and after completing the adventure (which takes 10-15 hours for the average player) you can go back through and explore the world with different Mekanimal pairs, and discover more of the world’s hidden secrets. Use these rewards to unlock secret levels, as well as new costumes for your synthetic animal friends.

If you’re looking for a unique challenge, our two player co-op experience will put you and a friend to the test, making you truly work as one to progress. For the thrill seekers out there, Mekazoo’s levels are all about fast flowing play, so find your rhythm, zip through the levels, and continue to top your personal records.

We wanted Mekazoo to be a world you can fully get lost in, outside of the immersive visuals, so we knew we needed to nail the soundtrack (I mean really, it’s one of the best parts of any game). Our in-house music director created a new track for every single level as well as each of Mekazoo’s five different worlds, creating a distinct musical styling that, like the game, has influences steeped in all the games we grew up playing — but stays distinctively modern.

It’s been four years in the making, but Mekazoo is finally here! Get Mekazoo on your PS4 and come boost, swing, bounce, climb, and fly with us on November 15!

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