Sharefactory Update 2.0 Out Today: GIFs, Photo Mode, PS4 Pro Support

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Sharefactory Update 2.0 Out Today: GIFs, Photo Mode, PS4 Pro Support

A new Sharefactory update is rolling out today with new features that will make Sharefactory more than just a video editor. With Sharefactory update 2.0, you can create animated GIFs, photo collages, and more. Also, with the launch of PS4 Pro just around the corner, Sharefactory will also fully support the system with this new update.

We’re excited about the new animated GIF feature, which can be easily shared to Twitter right from your console via Sharefactory. Using content from your Capture Gallery or your existing Sharefactory projects, you can create looping animated GIFs up to 10 seconds long. Sharefactory is currently the only way to create and share animated GIFs on PS4.

The new update also adds Photo Mode — a great way to show off some of your best Trophy and gaming moments. You can easily create custom photo collages with up to six photos. You can also utilize most of the existing filters and effects from Sharefactory to add to your photos.

Additionally, Sharefactory’s 2.0 update will support PS4 Pro’s high resolution content so you can create, personalize, and share your 1080p videos and 4K screenshots with the world, straight from your Capture Gallery.

Other features in this update include:

  • Projects now export up to 20% faster
  • Pan & Zoom on your gameplay videos
  • New Sharefactory troll stickers
  • New font for “Internet meme”
  • Split clip feature can now be utilized on Track 2
  • Refreshed UI

Since the initial launch of Sharefactory, we’ve been working hard to add new features to enhance the sharing experience on PS4, such as the ability to import your own music tracks, add audio and video commentary with green screen effects, export up to 60 minute videos, and more. We appreciate the feedback we received from fans and we will continue to work hard to make more enhancements to Sharefactory.

We’re excited to see the new content created by our PlayStation fans with the features of this new update. As always, let us know what you think. Have fun with 2.0!

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  • You’ve finally blessed us with Pan & Zoom, not only that but now we can make meme’s too you guys are amazing keep up the great work!

  • All good new things, but we’re still limited by the 15 minute max record time of the console itself settings.

  • “New font for “Internet meme”

    Lol! GG Sony, this stuff finally makes Sharefactory 2.0 worth it will be using it more from now on i’d say GIF ability is my highlight :)

    • We’re looking forward to seeing the community create animated GIFs in SHAREfactory. It’s definitely a cool feature.

  • Great news, I’ve been using Share factory since it launched and it’s very fun and easy to edit and share my videos.

  • Aww snap.. gif all the things!

  • Is Twitter the only way to share animated GIFs? Because animated GIFs on twitter aren’t really animated GIFs.

  • Great update. Can we send the gifs to others as a PS message?

  • I hope that with 2.0 we can upload GIFs to Facebook as well.

  • Thanks for improving upon some of the things that are important and still adding NEW features to this app.
    But I only have one more nessessary thing to ask! I would love to be able to download mp4 files/videos to use.
    This would boost the watch value of everyone’s videos. Just Imagine this mp4 feature combined with the Chroma-key, pan and zoom, time changer, filtering, text overlays, and other features!! So many possibilites!! I cant see it now: filthy frank greenscreens everywhere. This addition would be golden.

  • hmm….. I guess this is a thing that exists…

  • Great update, gifs and collages really make this shine. I am excited to be able to make Christmas cards and family photo collages. With the abiity to make high quality and longer videos, Share Factory and PS4 are starting to become serious player in the creative community.

    Keep up the great work, and don’t be afraid to add premium tools at a cost. I would love to be able to subscribe to a Shafe Factory Pro that offers even more advanced tools and support. If I could do photo editing, and video editing on my snowboarding and off roading videos in SF, then I would finally be rid of having to tun on the PS3.

    Thanks again, your team is awesome, Share Factory is awesome, and the PS4 platform is awesome!

  • Doing great so far! You guys just need to fix the slowmotion and make it a little bit better.

  • Yay! You guys are awesome! You added Pan & Zoom. Now we just need key framing for Pan & Zoom. e.g. ‘Add> Pan & Zoom> Keyframe’ so we can choose to create a scene where it zooms in for the length of the clip when its rendered. Also, Is there any way to keyframe effects into another effect on the same clip? Or do we just split and transition it? Also, I would love to have control over dissolve transition times for up to 10 seconds from 200ms.

    • We have ideas for enhancing the pan & zoom feature. Right now only certain cinematic transitions have controls but that’s a great feature request for other transition types.

  • oh! You guys also need to add an undo/redo feature by up to 3 redos/undos.

    Keep up the great work! have an awesome day!

  • Anyway the record limit could be expand to longer then 15 mins

    • In Sharing and Broadcast settings you can increase the limit to 60 minutes.

    • I mean like the recording of game play it self not sharing or broadcasting

    • Sharing options affect what you’re able to record and **share**. Listen to the man. The option for increasing the amount of video that your PS4 records and keeps in memory is right where he said it is.

  • You’re going to save us so much time with that gif maker thingy. I freakin’ love you, Sony. :X :D

  • Thank you for the update. Actually been using SHAREfactory quite alot recently, and couple of these new items are a good inclusion.
    I do have a request though, I would like to put a word in hopes for a Overwatch SHAREfactory theme, just to help showcase the highlight play of the game reels stand out more. But thank you for this update, really do appreciate the work that goes into this app!!

  • Thanks for the feedback. We always love seeing game developers create SHAREfactory Themes. We suggest you reach out to your favorite game developers on social media and request the themes.

  • Awesome

    Very excited to use Pan & Zoom and happy to hear exports will be up to 20% faster. Will also try out the other new features. Keep up the great work.

  • Keep up the great work guys. Would love to see more Japan Studio IP get some themes for ShareFactory.

    • Thanks! We encourage players to reach out directly to game development teams on social media and let them know you are interested in a theme.

  • Great update. Now it just needs the ability to transfer to the PlayStation app. Allowing us to share it wherever easily from there. Then it will be perfect, keep up the good work!

  • Nice…nice to see SF getting better and better.I’ve just downloaded SF this last sunday,yes downloaded it for the 1st time.I record a bunch of videos every day and also post some but I like to keep things simple so I never bothered with SF.But I saw ma brother trying some things out on it and it looks pretty cool…so nice job SF team.

  • I would love to be able to record my game face whilst I’m playing the game (by double tapping share button) everything else is amazing. Thanks for the update… Please listen to my request . Thanks

  • How come the ps4 can stream 1080p 60fps yet can only record in 720p? And why is the ps4 pro recording in 1080p? 720p 60fps would be better for ps4 pro

    • The standard PS4 that was released in November 2013 can only stream at 720p60fps, but the PS4 Pro can’t record at 720p60fps because even though it records at 1080p30fps that doesn’t mean you can drop the res and higher the frame rate. I agree I wish the PS4 “Pro” could record at 1080p60fps since it is the “Pro” and would match the Elgato HD 60. I have the standard PS4 and I really would love a 60fps recording option or 1080p.

      Anyways I hope PlayStation sees this comment and more of my recommendations and makes their products better.

  • I’m happy with this update, I just wish we had the ability to add overlays to our livestreams which idk if it’s possible.

  • Would be great if I could use those gifs in communities.

  • I’ve used Sharefactory for years (May 2014 was my first youtube upload using it.). The last 2-3 updates have been INCREDIBLE, like you’re going down a list of most wanted features and just adding them one after the other.

    Slow mo / speed up
    Pan and zoom
    Super easy GIF creation
    Dual video
    Able to move clips put back in

    All in an easy to use package. A sincere thanks for a fantastic product I didn’t even pay for. Really, really great.

  • Is the standard PS4 only capable of capturing 720p 30fps?

  • I would really love it if you guys could add a NBA 2K17 theme. Anyways keep up the good work with the update.

  • This is a really cool update. Next, I would love to be able to make 3D videos that could play on Playstation VR since Media Player only allows 2D VR vids and they are giant and awful to say the least…

  • I just want to start by saying that this new update is awesome! I also have to ask if “keyframing” will be coming in a future update. Please?

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