Robinson: The Journey Launches Today on PS VR

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Robinson: The Journey Launches Today on PS VR

We have liftoff! Today marks the arrival of Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR, and after a lot of hard work for an amazing new platform, we’re very excited to be able to share the launch trailer with you.

We first announced Robinson back in June 2015, and since then we’ve been obsessed with delivering on our promise of a game that offered an “unparalleled sense of presence” in a virtual world.

Our inspiration for Robinson grew from themes that captured our imaginations as kids: science fiction, fantastical journeys, and, of course, dinosaurs. Stepping into the shoes of Robin — a young boy who is stranded on the mysterious planet of Tyson III — you’ll discover how PS VR has the power to bring all those elements to life in an entirely new way.

In your quest to discover the fate of your missing crewmates, you’ll come face to face with fantastical creatures, collaborate with two starkly contrasting allies, and uncover a world bursting with detail and lore. Like all good journeys, Robinson also packs an emotional punch — placing you at the center of a story that will draw you deeper into the game world and — we hope — live long in your memory.

It’s always a special moment for developers to reach launch day. Partly because the hard work is done, but mainly because it’s the day we get to share the game with the people we’ve been making it for all along. The journey starts here.

Over to you.

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  • The question is, how will the PS4 Pro improve the experience on this particular game? Will the game look better/sharper with the Pro?

    • It will not.

    • and you know that how exactly? Please, unless you have some concrete evidence to back up your claim, refrain from answering serious questions with stupid, uninformed replies.

    • Seriously @KazeEternal, is it that hard to google, before answering?

      “For PS4 Pro players, the technical enhancements Sony has outlined will be in evidence – these include higher rendering resolution, enhanced SSDO/SSAO lighting effects, longer view distances, higher quality texture filtering, and more seamless LOD (level of detail) generation. From our side, the scalability of CRYENGINE and the high level of visual fidelity it allows for has made the process of supporting both platforms very smooth and something that we’re well equipped for. We’re confident that players on both platforms will be very happy with what they see.”

    • Thanks so much Chris. That was very informative. I’m getting more excited by the minute for the Pro!

  • Awesome! Patiently waiting for the store to update…

  • Can’t wait to check it out! Now we need to hear something about Crysis 4!

    • Go to the store and get some Dramamine.You can find it at any CVS motion sickness pills only cost you $6 then to clear up the clarity do the eye measuring distance thing it will help a hundred percent if you don’t like it you can always go back to the way it was. Then I promise you the game will rock!!!I ate motion sickness pills and play Valkyrie 4 hours. But I must say if I don’t I can only get 10 minutes in I have a seizuR Typo

  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t even look nearly as good as all these trailers have presented the game. I’ve been playing since last week and I’m a little disappointed since this was the game I was looking forward to the most on PSVR.

    Although there are comfort settings, such as using the pie turning, it’s still one of the worst offenders when it comes to VR sickness. I can’t play long sessions with this game and have to take frequent breaks after a few minutes.

    It’s not cinematic either, like the trailers have made it seem. Narrative is a little dull… I’ll try to finish the game and hope it gets better but I’m really disappointed so far.

    • Thanks for the input; this is what I came here for. It looks just too good on these trailers, so I was wondering how bad the downgrade is. It’s mind-boggling how these devs/publishers get away with this bs still. It seems like they just keep getting uninformed consumers to buy their garbage.

  • I will buy it when its on sale. this should be $30 or less

  • Its got decent reviews 7 and 8s out of 10 with the main complaint being the game feels more like a Prologue than a full story and ends just when its about to get good.

  • What is the correct price for the game? Retail is $39.99 everywhere and the PS Store lists as $59.99 USD

    • The reason I ask, is that I’m super excited to play this game, but after getting a few VR games on disc, it really is a pain to have to take the HMD off in order to change discs.

      I’m trying to go all digital on PS VR games, but not sure why the game is $20 more on the PS Store than everywhere else retail wise.

  • It is really frustrating that Digital costs $20 more than physical retail disc. This should really be the other way around, it is ridiculous how often retail is cheaper on physical products than digital. Planned to buy this today but being that it’s $20 more than getting it on disc not to mention another $8 off with Amazon Prime or Best Buy gamers club, I will be holding off on this one until the price drops.

    • Yeah I was just coming here to try to figure out what the hell is going on with the pricing of this game. Is that $59.99 in the store an error? Aren’t games usually the same price whether they’re digital or on physical media? I can’t think of a single game in the past that’s been priced higher for the digital version. And if this IS a common practice, then Sony, you guys need to work that crap out because it’s only causing people to not buy your games. I’m not getting it physically. And you guys should be aware that people who are willing to be early adopters in a new tech like VR will probably also be more forward thinking in the actual acquisition of games. Meaning that digital is our delivery method of choice. But not if you’re going to jack up prices by 50%… In that case I’ll just keep my money in my pocket.

  • $80 on PS Store Canada
    $50 on

    Makes zero sense.

    • Geez that’s even worse. Well, I think everyone should refuse to buy it. There is absolutely zero reasoning for such a large gap in price other than Sony simply believing that they can get away with it. I’m patient. I can wait until they realize that what they are doing is wrong.

  • On Amazon is sold for 39.99, why 59 for the digital version?

    • Because Sony seems to think they can do what they want. Don’t buy the game.

    • It was actually Crytek that confirmed very late that the game would retail for $60 and suddenly they changed the date of release, when the pre-orders on Amazon had been up for $40 for some time before already. It seems that some retailers decided to honor what was originally on their site (with Best Buy sending out copies on the 4th of November at $40 (the initial price and date), Amazon following suit with the price, and Gamestop with both Best Buy practices). It’s really all Crytek’s fault.

    • Then Sony should have followed the path of those other retailers and priced the game accordingly. Sony is in full control of what goes on with PSN, just as Best Buy, Target, Gamestop, Amazon, etc. are responsible for their own pricing. And it isn’t just a matter of people who preordered getting the game at the low price. At this very moment every seller of physical versions of the game are selling it at $40. Sony needs to follow suit.

  • Why 79.99$ on the Ps store and 49.99$ at all the retail in Canada????

  • I’ve been digging this one so far with about 2 hours in. I was wary of the DS4 controls with analog stick movement, but it’s one of the few with that kidn of control scheme that hasn’t hit me with even a little simulation sickness yet.

    The only complaint I’d have so far is that I’ve twice been expected to do something where something has happened that made it not work. First, I had to play “hide and seek” with the pet T-rex, but the T-rex didn’t go hide, so I had to restart that event. Not a huge issue but a bit of a hiccup.

    The second came when having to scare some pteradons (pteradactyls? I forget) in their nest to cause one to move to a lower nest, so that I could have the baby T-rex scare it and have it drop a HIGS unit. For some reason, the one that flew down to the lower nest had vanished when I went down to it, so there was no way at all to progress without leaving the game and reloading into it.

    Technical hiccups aside, though, I’m enjoying the environment and intrigued by the scenario. Worth picking up.

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