GTA Online: New Bike and Deadline Mode Detailed, Out Today

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GTA Online: New Bike and Deadline Mode Detailed, Out Today

Turn the streets of Los Santos into a stylish, electronic videogame battle to the death with the latest update to GTA Online. Achieve hyper speed on the futuristic Nagasaki Shotaro and demolish foes with the power of your light trail in the new Adversary Mode, Deadline. Read on for more details, including special GTA Online bonuses happening now through Monday, November 21.

GTA Online: New Bike and Deadline Mode Detailed, Out Today

New Vehicle: Nagasaki Shotaro

Light up the night with the blazingly fast Nagasaki Shotaro. Packed with enough energy to power the Los Santos grid and sporting the looks of an auto-show concept vehicle, the Shotaro delivers a driving experience that is out of this world.

Experience the delights of the Shotaro first in the new Deadline Adversary Mode, which will unlock the bike for purchase at Legendary Motorsport, and the Deadline Outfit is also unlocked for purchase at any clothing store. And for a limited time, proud new Shotaro owners will get a free Nagasaki Logo Tee added to their wardrobe.


Deadline pits up to four players against another, each mounted on a different colored Shotaro, which emits a temporary light trail as you ride through the arena. Any competitor unfortunate enough to come in contact with said trail meets an instant explosion.

Make calculated movements to force opponents to cross your trail’s path and take advantage of strategic power-ups for a competitive edge; use Boost to speed ahead and cut off your opponents, slow down time with Zoned for precision movement, or leap your opponent’s light trail with Hop. Step in the arena now and earn Double GTA$ and RP through November 21.

Unlockable In-game T-shirt and Bonuses

Feeling a sense of pride after picking up your latest mode of transport? Show your colors and shine bright in the Nagasaki Logo Tee, free with any Nagasaki Shotaro purchase.

In addition to the Double GTA$ and RP in Deadline, get a boost to your Biker Business with 25% off Business supplies and resupplies plus an extra 50% GTA$ and 2X RP from Biker Business Sales. Plus, take advantage of discounted weapons and tactical vehicles listed below from now through the 21.


  • Biker Businesses — 25%


  • Karin Technical — 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • Savage — 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • MTL Brickade — 50%


  • Bullet Ammo — 25%
  • Throwables and Explosives — 25%
  • Body Armor — 25%
  • Drum & Box Magazines — 25%

Premium Race: Over the Bridge

(November 8 through 21)

Suit up and put that crotch rocket to work across the La Puerta Freeway and Los Santos’ docklands in the Over the Bridge Stunt Race, locked to Bikes. As always, it’s Triple RP to all whom participate with generous GTA$ prizes for the top three finishers.

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  • Very disappointed that single player DLC never came to fruition. I hope this is not a sign of the times and RDR2 will have single player DLC. Come on Rockstar, you’re big and influential enough to do both types of DLC.

    • Well, as much as people would love SP DLC, it really makes no financial sense for them as they are making money hand over fist with GTA Online. Rumor was they shifted SP DLC team(s) to work on GTA Online. Seems logical and a bit disappointing.

  • Well even if that is the case things happen move on. This shouldn’t be the only game that you guys own I hope? & if so well then that’s too bad for whoever. I have so many games this is not my main focus but then again that’s me though I guess I’m the exception.

  • Nice! It’s good to see rockstar getting all weird with it. More goofy nonsense please.

  • $2,225,000 for the bike. $200,000 for the suit.
    At least the Deadline game mode is fun, so it’s got that going for it.

  • Just add VR and good God it’s the bes game ever invented. Please foe the love of all of gaming add VR support to GTA! :)

  • That’s cool that Rockstar STILL releases updates for GTA Online, wish more companies did that.

  • i gotta say GTA is amazing… i’ve never played a game as good as this…. it was soo good i didn’t mind purchasing it for ps3 & ps4 once it was released. Oddly enough i never even bothered to play the single player campaign… seriously i havent. I hope that GTA VI realizes instead of making 2 separate modes, they integrate single player story mode with online mode… that would be absolutely perfect! why would i wanna play a single player campaign mode when i can be online ranking my own character up??

    Personally i think it’s sad that i purchase new ps4 games and just dont have the replay value as GTA doesn’t matter what i play…. i always end up coming back to GTA V … definitely a must have for this generation.

  • Really loving the whole tron look.

  • So is this an update for GTA online or a DLC? In addition to that, is this compatible for both platforms of PS3 and PS4?

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