New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Marks N7 Day 2016

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New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Marks N7 Day 2016

N7 Day is a celebration of the Mass Effect universe and the game’s amazing community, and today, we’re extremely excited to take our fans far beyond the familiar boundaries of the Milky Way and into the depths of the Andromeda galaxy. We’ve got a new trailer to share that shows off the newest chapter in the series, and we’re also kicking off signups for the Andromeda Initiative and a ton of giveaways.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll take the role of the Pathfinder, leading humanity’s search for a new home in the uncharted and unforgiving region of an entirely new galaxy. You’ll experience a deeply customizable progression system as you lead your squad through undiscovered alien worlds, and utilize advanced weaponry and a host of special abilities. And the critically-acclaimed Frostbite engine, which powers Mass Effect: Andromeda, will bring all the visuals, action, emotion, and worlds beyond the known galaxy to life like never before.

Keep your eye on PlayStation.Blog and for all the latest on Mass Effect: Andromeda, and sign up for the Andromeda Initiative for pre-departure information and training.

We hope you enjoy the new trailer, and Happy N7 Day!

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  • Ooo looking good! I’ve only played the first ME, here’s to hoping an HD Collection is released before Andromeda.

    • The HD collection dream collection is dead. Xbox has all 3 games on the xbox 1 via backwards compatibility while we have the ****** PsNow.

    • I agree! Loved the Mass Effect games and would be extremely excited for an the first three to be remastered for PS4 before this release, been too long since I played them!

  • OMG just take my credits already!!!

  • I am beyond stoked. The Mass Effect trilogy were my Games of the Generation this passed cycle. Just started a new game on the 1st on as FemSheperd this time.

    Here’s to Bioware!

  • Wonder how many colors they’ll have in this games ending.

  • Looks really awesome. I’ve only played a demo of the original ME back when it came to ps3. Though I’ve never really been in to RPGs, so it didn’t appeal to me. However, from what I hear, this franchise is a must play, so I’d love to give them a play through before playing Andromeda, but I’d only do so if a ps4 collection is released. I learned my lesson to have patience after I bought and played through the BioShock trilogy on ps3 just a few months before the ps4 collection was announced (actually didn’t play Infinite yet, but I still bought it). Still thoroughly enjoyed those games, but the frequent framerate drops definitely hurt the experience. And it doesn’t help that the dated graphics are all the more evident after coming straight from playing modern games.

    So a ps4 ME collection would definitely be a guaranteed purchase for me, provided it is handled properly of course (1080p/60fps minimum).

    • And the ME collection better be 1080p/60FPS on the regular PS4. Since Sony doesn’t want the PRO to jump to 60FPS as a minimum requirement for SP games, the normal PS4 needs to keep relevance of having 60FPS, which is true to this gens needs for gaming.

  • I can’t wait! Give me deep planet exploration without the scanning or mining of part 2.

    I hope the dev time amounts to REALLY long hours of single player, I liked the MP of 3 but the planet hopping is what I want most.

  • ugh Facebook video. Really. Please use Youtube.

  • I would LOVE a Mass Effect Collection on PS4 with 1080p/60fps but I already know EA’s stupid policy of “always looking forward” will make sure that NEVER happens.

  • Another $60 game with a $50 season pass thank u EA!!! Peter more fan right here!

  • Yes is about time you guy’s put something good im about to turn on my PS3 love the co.Op’s online

  • Happy N7 day! Looking forward to playing it on PS4 Pro later next year. I’m of the sound mind that the developers focus on the new trilogy. A remaster in my opinion is diversion of resources; unless it was a retelling/ remix version of the game like Metal Gear Twin Snakes (a remake of MGS1), with a remixed Mass Effect 1’s combat playing like a hybrid of 2 and 3; certain back stories being expanded with adaptations from the Dark Horse Mass Effect comic series and with 3D modeling/frames running on Frostbite 3.0 or UE 4 engines. Anyhow, first trilogy was a master piece back in the day. Here is to the new masterpiece, cheers!

  • Looking forward to this! I am thinking of firing up the PS3 and playing 1-3 again since I cant play them on my PS4….yet????

    I would have rather seen some real gameplay video so we could see the control structure.

  • WAITTT!! i must’ve been living under a rock, is there gonna be multiplayer like the last one?? i soooo miss that type of multiplayer where its 4 person Coop vs Waves!!

  • Very excited for this, no doubt about that

    But I can’t help being worried that in my country I can’t pre-order any deluxe editions, if I go to the english playstation store I can see them clearly but when I sign in it’s just gone. Will the deluxe edition come to the PS store later for northern europe or will I never get my pet Pyjak? I want a Pyjak so bad

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