Drawn to Death: Day-one Launch Package Detailed

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Drawn to Death: Day-one Launch Package Detailed

Hey all — Jaffe here with a bunch of Drawn to Death news to share with you.

As you may know, Drawn to Death had been available in a quasi-beta phase that we call Limited Access. During this time we collected a ton of insightful information from the community. After reviewing everything we learned during the Limited Access period, we have decided to officially launch Drawn to Death as a traditional paid title.

For our Limited Access fans, we wanted to take this opportunity to confirm that we won’t be making any changes to the moment-to-moment gameplay. Drawn to Death is still the skill-based, hardcore shooter/brawler hybrid that it was always intended to be.

With that, we’re excited to share a lot of the great content that will be included in Drawn to Death’s day-one package.

Launch Characters

If you’ve had a chance to play Drawn to Death during Limited Access, you know better than anyone else that mastering the intricacies of each character is as important as your skill on the sticks. In making the move from a free-to-play to a pay-to-play model, we’re now making all six main characters available to unlock at launch.

That doesn’t mean that all of the characters will be unlocked immediately (That’s up to you, pal!), but they’ll all be there, as part of the core game experience. This change gives access to a variety of content right from the start, and provides players the opportunity to discover the playstyle that works best for them.

And if you’re not familiar with the unique, deep characters of Drawn To Death, please know that when you unlock a character you get all of its moves, abilities, and weapons, right from the get-go.

Skill-based combat is at the heart of Drawn to Death and we’ll never make you level up in order to gain better abilities.

For example, here’s all the stuff Ninjaw can do right out of the box. (Click the image to expand).

Launch Levels

Drawn To Death launches with 7 completely unique levels. Our launch lineup offers great visual and gameplay variety that will keep players engaged for a long time. Listed below are three of the levels available day-1, with more to be announced soon:

Aliens have invaded the city! Battle on rooftops, inside crashed UFOS, and even underground as you fight your way through the fecal infested sewers of Alientown!

The walls cry blood and the dead rise from the ground of Blood Bath, a uniquely colorful level with a large emphasis on vertical play and game winning booby traps!

Fire breathing slot machines, pissed off dolphins, submerged nightclubs, and a punk rock Statue of Liberty serve as backdrop to this flooded metropolis, a beautiful but deadly battleground of the future!

Launch Weapons

Drawn to Death launches with 26 weapons, some unlocked at the start, some that you must fight to earn. And just like all of the game’s characters, all of the weapons in your arsenal are designed to be balanced, each with its own pro and con, guaranteeing there are no overall “best” weapons, only weapons that are best for you!

Launch Modes

Drawn to Death will launch with the following game modes:

  • Organ Donor: In this objective based mode, Players must shoot the heart out of an enemy’s chest. Then take the heart to a stationary base for 1 point. Take the heart to a moving base for 2X points! First Player to 20 points wins!
  • Classic Deathmatch: First to 10 kills wins.
  • Classic Team Deathmatch: First team with 20 kills wins.
  • Core Deathmatch: First Player to 5 points wins. 1 kill = 1 point, but every time you die you lose a point. (Defense matters!)
  • Core Team Deathmatch: Same as Core Deathmatch, but for teams. First team to 10 points wins.
  • Brawl: In this mode, levels get smaller on the fly to create a more intense one-on-one battle/fighting game experience!

New Mystery Systems

We’re also introducing two new systems to the game: Volcano God and Sphynx.

Both of these systems are key to unlocking a host of cool in-game prizes, goodies, and abilities. We’re not ready to go into details about them just yet, but these systems will be there at launch and will offer up a ton of meta, unlocking collection, and fun!

There’s a lot more packed into Drawn to Death’s launch package and we look forward to showing off more great things in our next update, including our official launch date.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back soon!

This post incorrectly stated there were 10 total levels. This error has been corrected to reflect the correct total of 7 levels.

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  • Wait, it’s going from FtP to a paid model, but there’s no single player campaign mode? That’s kinda weird. And it bums me out. I’ve been on the BETA and I think I have the most fun on the tutorial, because the mechanics are solid and we’re fighting NPC enemies and even a boss and it’s so much fun. When it’s just running around shooting random people, it doesn’t do anything for me, outside of how funny the announcer is if someone rage quits.

  • Can’t wait till launch and even as pay to play I’m still there day one with Diabla. Great work Bartlet Jones!!! See you in the Kid’s Notebook!!!!

  • My interest suddenly soared now that it’s no longer P2P. Glad you guys realized that #Colinwasright.

    Will there be a new less grindy trophy set?

    • I agree! This might be my new FPS obsession if enough people jump in.

    • Hmmm- I can’t speak to the less grind part as that’s subjective. What I can tell you is that there will be brand new trophies, as well as returning trophies, and a Platinum. Hope that clears it up a bit? Thx for posting! :)


    • The game is going to Paid to Play from Free to Play and it is Third Person not First Person

  • ahh well, literally the only reason I had any interest in this game was because it was free. I would have made in app purchases, but i wont pay for a game that has been designed as f2p. been ripped off enough this gen.

    • Well, it may have been designed as free-to-play, but that’s an easy switch. The free to play stuff is just paying for unlockables. Turn that off, and it’s no longer free-to-play. The gameplay, shooting and moving, isn’t affected by free to play aside from locked out weapon sets/characters. So…It’s not a different game, you just don’t have to worry about game content being locked out.

      On that point, this game was super early access. Like pre-alpha. So…It’s not like they wouldn’t have time to make the switch over. It may have even been a publishing decision from SIE, which is likely the case.

      That being said, there will probably be micro transactions for the DTD equivalent of hats. As long as it’s all cosmetic, I’m cool with that. But I for one like how we won’t have to pay per bullet.

    • yeah but it doesn’t even look that great anyway, it looks good don’t get me wrong but as a f2p game not something i’d pay for when there’s so many amazing games on the Horizon yano. not hating the game just think it’s a terrible move. the game will be dead on launch.

    • Yeah, being ripped off sucks. Hopefully after we launch word of mouth will get you to at least consider taking a chance on the title. Thanks for posting! :)


    • As a Early tester, I can tell you that even when the game was F2P it didn’t play like a F2P, so if you buy the game I don’t think you will be ripped off.

      The game is top quality

  • I thought this game looked pretty cool when I saw the reveal. Starting off with only 6 characters seems a bit thin. Really need to hear and see more before making this a purchase.

  • You know what’s funny about this concept, it allows for so much diversity. The limit of the environment/features is only tapped by the context of a kid’s imagination. As far as the hand drawn aesthetic is concerned, it suits not just the gameplay perfectly, but gameplay in general.

    There are a lot of great games take aim at replicating real-world weapons, with maybe slight twists. The fear of imbalance by creating something new turns many devs off from trying. This game tries. During my time in the beta, I did notice that not everything was balanced persay, but I did NOT care. I loved it! It was a blast. When I died, it didn’t matter.

    It’s been so long since I’ve felt that in any FPS combat. Last game I can think of is…Star Trek: Elite Force Multiplayer?…Of course it’s like, oh darn you got me, but it didn’t upset me. You just come back and jump back in. If I died cause it was unfair, who cares!? It’s just a game.

    • (CONTINUED…)

      Drawn to Death reminds me of those times. The abilities are so varied, the design is perfect, the new levels look interesting (from the descriptions), and the characters are more creative to me than any Arena Shooter I’ve seen in a while. Yes that includes Overwatch, (I love some of the designs, but dislike the smiles and bright colors of the world).

      The fun I had in the beta was measurable enough to warrant my purchase of the game.

      If there’s a few things I would LOOOOOVE to see, they would be some sort of either offline local multiplayer mode, which would include local splitscreen, said splitscreen should then be continued into online as well, and in regards to offline, the ability to host our own servers in the future. I’ve seen too many games shutdown after said server goes up. I would love this to go on forever if there’s a community that is willing to support it. Just consider it in the future, as I’m sure someone would pay to keep servers up, just like private servers hosted for games on PC, like Minecraft. :)

    • So so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed your time playing Drawn To Death so far! Hoping you dig the full release as well as all the post release content! Can’t wait to share it with everyone! :)


  • Hey Sir DJaff, is it still 4 player matches, or has the cap gone up for team dm, etc?

    • Hey- still 4 Player cap. That’s part of the core design. Early into dev- when the game was 8Player cap- we decided that in a game where characters had so many moves and counters and tells that Players needed to master, less Players on the field resulted in a deeper, more tactical game. More than 4 always felt like chaos to us. And there’s already plenty of shooters where you can get sublime chaos so we’ve chosen to focus on what we hope is a deeper moment to moment engagement style game.

      Thanks for posting, man! :)


  • I’ve played the Limited Access test quite a bit, but honestly, I’m a bit concerned about the switch from free-to-play to paid model. At $60, this will bomb. Even $40 to me is asking way too much. $30 at most, with $20 being the best value. After all, Drawn To Death is a multiplayer-only game launching with only three “day-1” maps and 6 characters… not exactly a ton of content there :/

    The game is fun though, so hopefully this move doesn’t kill the community around it.

    • We can’t talk price yet but HOPEFULLY you’ll find the price point to your liking once we do announce it.

      Meantime, we launch with 7 maps, not 3. And we will have another 3 maps out to Players within the first 3 weeks of launch.


    • Yeah, I still say that this was a hard sell for most even as F2P. I’m fairly certain this is going to kill it… :'( (that and no more-traditional control scheme) Well… at least the handling got better.

  • This is great news. I have played it at the past 2 Playstation Experiences and in the beta. I really think this game is better suited as a pay to play game.

  • Is there a price point set or in mind yet? I loved the early access and actually replayed the tutorial several times, so I’d also like to know if single player or bot matches are a possibility as well. ^_^

    • So glad you enjoyed early access- nice! :)

      No price point discussion yet- but soon! Apologies on that.

      No single player planned at the moment. There is training and a new shooting gallery but it’s nowhere near what I think you are looking for in terms of 1P. We’d love to do that one day if the game has enough fans but for launch, we’re all guns blazing on making a super competitive, hardcore MP shooter.

      Thanks for posting, sir! :)


  • What is Sony thinking.. I know they’re all for creator freedom and not restrict much or enforce too heavily and let devs create whatever they want but this is ridiculous did Sony really think this is good? Just like how they let The Order 1886 through? Sony needs to be more like Microsoft enforce to make good games not creative games just for the sake of good will.
    This is DOA just like The Tomorrow Children, Killstrain…can’t believe Sony let these happen what a waste. A upcoming Third Party F2P called Let it Die looks like it will be more successful (and a better game) than all of these
    Let’s not forget Media Molecule with Dreams..what? Is that even a game? /end rant. Tl;dr Sony needs to be more competitive and not let flops go through

    • Microsoft’s, Nintendo’s first party titles is leagues above Sony first party IP’s

    • How to reply to this? Heck, SHOULD I reply to this?

      I’ll just say this: no team- or publishers for that matters- sets out to green light/make a flop. One of the reasons I imagine most love Sony’s games as much as we do is BECAUSE Shu and Sean and Rhode and the whole crew (from the very START of Playstation) have allowed teams the freedom to go where their passions take them. Sometimes that brings you an ICO or a LAST OF US or a GRAN TURISMO or a GOD OF WAR or a LITTLE BIG PLANET and on and on and on.

      And other times you get a CALLING ALL CARS :)…which I loved and a handful loved but I get it didn’t set the world on fire. Man, it’d be great if everything were a hit. It’d be great if we knew day 1 what would hit and what would flop. And I swear I know it seems easy to know.

    • I’ve been there, shouting from behind my screen, ‘What are they thinking?!?! What a dumb move!!!’ But the thing is, what’s dumb to me, feels like brilliance to someone else. And sometimes it is. And other times? Not so much. It’s a roll of the die, sir.

      Anyway, I’m sorry what you’ve seen so far of Drawn To Death doesn’t float your boat but hopefully if word of mouth is strong you’ll be willing to give it a look (assuming you are into hard core competitive MP shooters).

      Thx for posting! :)


    • You got called out, son! I agree with Jaffe. You want cookie cutter games go to mobile.

    • I’m not very well versed in Nintendo Wii/WiiU 1st party titles since I’ve never owned either (only ever had DS and Super Nintendo). I have played a few Microsoft 1st party but nothing really stood out compared to similar games on Playstation. Forza and Gran Turismo series felt the same, Banjo Kazooie felt the same as Sly Cooper or Jak/Daxter or Spyro or Ratchet/Clank games, Gears of War felt like Resistance and KillZone. Halo is the exception – while there were similar titles from Sony (SOCOM, Warhawk/Starhawk, MAG) none felt so similar I’d compare on even terms. Refresh my memory of other MS 1st party games, but since I don’t already remember them that might be a sign they didn’t stand out to me. Games that have stood out to me have always been Sony 1st party (Rogue Galaxy, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, Unfinished Swan, Last of Us, Fat Princess, Super Stardust, MLB The Show, Demon’s Souls, Motorstorm, Dark Cloud to name a few), but I also had some that stood out for not meeting my hopes/expectations (Primal, Datura, ModNation Racers, The Eye of Judgement). Since I have owned all Playstation generations, I may be a bit biased, but I like to think of it as more experienced with one console over another. ^_^

    • “Sony needs to be more like Microsoft enforce to make good games not creative games just for the sake of good will.” I didn’t know you had to have no creativity to make a great game… that’s news to me. Weird how you can call out game quality and what good games are when you yourself went and Platinumed Toy Story Mania…….and Megamind………. Yeah, lets all listen to you.

      The Order was fantastic btw, just short.

  • So it’s not free to download and play no more?

    • It is no longer free to play. It has transitioned into a pay to play title. Price and release date coming very soon! :)


  • great news Jaffe

  • Thanks David Jaffe, I have really enjoyed the beta prior and have been waiting for this to officially launch. I like that you went with the pay for the game model, I have faith in this game and will enjoy getting this. Thank your amazing team for the amazing and hard work they have put into this game. I know it must be hard to make those changes but excited to play. #PSWeLoveYouXOXO

    • Cool man and we LOVE hearing you’ve enjoyed the beta- that makes us really happy- thank you! :)

      I’ll let the team know what you said and we can’t wait to share it with you very soon :)


  • Been keeping my eye on this for awhile. Never got into the beta though, love the art style and the different classes/weapons. And of course I LOVED Twisted Metal. I’ll buy anything Jaffe creates. Can’t wait for a release date!

    • You are kind to say that. If you enjoyed Twisted, something tells me there’s a good chance you’ll like DRAWN TO DEATH :)!

      At least I sure hope so!

      Eager to share release date soon- have a great weekend, Rezznak!


    • if you enjoy twisted metal, consider Drawn To Death Twisted Metal on feet :)

    • Twin, you know I agree with that :)! Hope others will as well :).


  • Looking forward to it, Jaffe! I missed the Beta. Can’t wait for launch! I’m there day 1 with any game you make, sir. Can’t wait to see what you and the team have cooked up.

    • Wow- really? Well we hope we don’t let you down T-floyd! Excited to hear if you dig it! :)

      Thanks for posting-


  • These characters are awesome looking. I don’t even know anything about this game, but the characters alone are appealing enough to want to play as them. I’m glad this exist because I feel gaming today lacks interesting characters as a whole. I hope this game is successful to show the industry we need better concepts and fresh ideas when it comes to characters. After all, these are video games and video games are not supposed to be realistic, despite all the simulators out there.

    • Kemikals, thanks from all of us on the game. I love that you like the characters- I do too! I agree- games are such an imaginative medium that while sims are great, I love there’s still room to make stuff that is super unique in terms of design. Don’t get me wrong- as abstract as the characters are, we are hoping that Players still make a connection with them as both game characters and concepts (i.e.lots of people doodled in their school notebooks).

      Thanks for the nice post- appreciate it! Hope to see you online when the game hits soon-


    • You’re on point dude, all this realism is really stripping the fun out of games. For instance, playing San Andreas is so much more fun than GTAV, cause in the later the dude has life-like realistic moves and animations, and that makes it slow and boring. Or the “realism” on the psychological side, that blows cause everybody is now this introspactive-wanna-be plain dude. The crazy characters of Drawn to Death remind me of the awesome Twisted Metal characters (all of them, even if ST is the only one getting attention), and for me, they’re deeper than any character in modern gaming.

  • As you know David I have quite enjoyed my time with Drawn to Death from the Limit Access (and prior). I hope going to a pay-upfront model helps the game get into the hands of people who will really appreciate it.

    Best wishes leading up to launch!

    • Thanks Paul! Yeah, obviously we are hoping the folks who will really like this game have a chance to spend some time with it. Glad you dug the Limited Access and hoping you dig the final- see ya online,sir! :)


  • Very interested to see how this does after first being marketed as free to play. Best of luck Jaffe. Though I don’t really play MP games so not sure if this’ll be for me, hope it does well. Big fan of your games and your commentary on gaming . Colin Moriarty (kindafunny) will be pleased about the decision!

    • Thanks- yeah it’s pretty hardcore MP so it may not be your cup o’ tea. But maybe you’ll try it out and see- maybe it’ll convert you as it’s our take on MP that isn’t traditional MP. Yeah, I listen to PSILOVEYOU every week on my drive into work- love that show! And I’m sure Collin’s words blasting out of my bluetooth speaker on the drive in- telling me, in essence, that we’re stupid for going f2p- HAD to factor into the decision at least a teeny tiny bit :).

      A BAKER’S DOZEN!!!!! :)


  • I was waiting for this, and I hope it sells well the first month and going forward so it gets a physical release. I’m buying the digital release though, not gonna wait. Thank you Jaffee, a game of you and your team is something I’m always looking forward too, just like Twisted Metal four years ago.

    • Why thanks, Annihilator! :) That’s nice of you to say and we sure appreciate it! :)

      Wow- a physical copy, huh? Never even entertained that idea but heck yeah, we would love the game to appeal to enough Players to merit that. However, right now, we’re just hoping enough people like it that we can build a nice, healthy community of Drawn Players. Everything after that is bonus :).


  • Hmmmm, I hope the price of the the game is reasonable.

    • My gut says you’ll find it to your liking but please let us know if that’s not the case once we announce. Thanks for posting, Lion!


  • Super excited to play this, as it’s right up my alley:

    – Arena type Multiplayer action? Check
    – Risk/Reward gameplay? Check.
    – 60 FPS? Check.

    Sign me up!

    • So nice to hear! When I read stuff like that it makes me feel like there’s an audience for this kind of shooter. Don’t get me wrong- traditional shooters are great (I’m loving TitanFall2 right now)- but I’ve longed for a more arena inspired (it’s not PURE arena) for a long time and I’m glad to hear it sounds like you are in the same camp :). And yeah man, NOTHING is as great as solid risk/reward play. When that is done well? It’s gaming nirvana! :)


  • I played this at PSX last year and thought it was a ton of fun. I am looking forward to the price point info because a F2P game always turns me off, anyway. To me, it always seems like people can just drop a bunch of cash to get ahead, and if I don’t commit, I am just wasting any money I spend because someone else will always spend more.

    Games like this are why I love Sony, too. It doesn’t scream AAA blockbuster, and I am not saying it looks bad, it’s just a different style of game you can only expect from the support of Sony. Hopefully I’ll like it. Sony is the biggest supporter of trying different things so I’ll continue to support all levels of content from them. Always a new experience right around the corner.

    • Thanks for considering giving Drawn a shot, sir! Agree with you about Sony: they really have been- and remain- a place where the potential of the medium can thrive because not everything must be 100% market tested before a green light is given. It’s amazing to have a business that rolls the dice on people and passion and not just sequels. That said, they do pretty great with the big, commercial stuff as well (aka very much looking forward to a new GOD OF WAR and SPIDERMAN! :)…

      Thanks for posting- hope to see you on Drawn To Death sometime-


  • One gripe ihave is that why releasing it now?

    This kind of small titles shouldnt be released around big titles or holiday season.

    I want to buy this but i dont think i have time to play it this year.

  • I don’t appreciate that you blocked me on Twitter, once my questions were heaty.

    I hope you have some strong armour this. Time.

  • I played the limited access beta and loved it. The game is great, has that twisted metal feel to it. All I ask is please give us KRATOS as a playable character!

  • Art style is impeccable. Support this game on its creativity alone.

    Btw, The Order was terrific, Tomorrow is creative and gorgeous. I love Sony for taking risks and allowing devs to have total creative freedom. Being like Microsoft would be the worst thing i could imagine.

  • I hope it retains the cool intro part.
    I was instantly warped back to being in school in the 80’s.
    I liked how you could move around within the video. I think I left it on this screen for way longer then I should have.

    Please make an entire game based on this. :)

  • As a kid who was in school in the 80s, this may only work on us. But the thing is, we’ve changed a little too.

    Just a little. We don’t need guns anymore. Just pencils.

    So I don’t know what that means for everyone else, that’s just I’m being drawn in.

  • Thanks Jaffe, can’t wait for the pay version to come out. I had tons of fun with the beta I’ve been playing and getting some awesome trophies out of it. I love the idea of the game takes place in a high school teenager notebook especially the lesson on cpr . Anyway, can’t wait for the pay version and the game is like for me is Splatoon meets Madworld.

  • Don’t care what this game becomes. I was super impressed with the old score shooter gameplay but .. unfortunately could only fit into a few matches (luckily during the johnny voltage event!).

    Whatever model it turns into, I just want to be able to find matches and shoot stuff :)

  • I’m interested but it’s not even on the PlayStation Store to add on the wishlist or preorder

  • Lemme kno the launch day!! I need to let my boss know ill be sick that day

  • What if the game dies in a month? at least if it was f2p it would live longer

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