You’re Invited: PS4 Pro Midnight Launch in NYC

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You’re Invited: PS4 Pro Midnight Launch in NYC

Update: We’ll be giving away multiple Sony 4K TVs, PlayStation VR units, and one 20th Anniversary PS4 system. Join us tonight in NYC!

If you’re in the New York City area, consider this your official invitation to join us at Sony Square (25 Madison Ave) on November 9 as we celebrate the launch of PS4 Pro!

This special event will be one of the only opportunities to purchase a PS4 Pro at midnight on November 10, before most stores open. As we countdown to midnight, we’ll ring in the launch with food and beverages, games, giveaways, sweepstakes, and prizes. Thanks to our friends at Sony Pictures Television, fans will also be invited to try their skills at one of two escape game puzzles based on the hit NBC series from SPT, The Blacklist, and Timeless. So, come dressed as your favorite PlayStation character or impress us with your PlayStation trivia knowledge and you just might just walk away a winner.

PS4 Pro

Speaking of prizes, we’re bringing out some exclusive opportunities for those who attend our commemorative PS4 Pro event. All attendees will be entered for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to PlayStation Experience 2016 in Anaheim, CA, this December 3 and 4, where you’ll be able to represent your new Pro status at PlayStation’s ultimate fan event. We’ll also be giving away PlayStation VR, and even one of those highly coveted, fiendishly rare limited edition 20th Anniversary PS4 consoles.

Fans can begin lining up at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on November 9 at Sony Square NYC (25 Madison Ave) and if you’re one of the first 200 people in line, you can walk away with your shiny new console starting at midnight.

Please note that purchases made at the Sony Square NYC event are credit card only. For the safety of all of our fans, bags are subject to search so you may want to leave those large backpacks at home.

Justin and I will be prowling the lines too, doling out exclusive prizes, capturing the excitement on Snapchat and Instagram, and maybe even grabbing some audio quotes for our next farm fresh episode of PlayStation Blogcast.

So… what are you up to next Wednesday night? Hope you can join us!

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  • Still can’t decide if I want to upgrade at launch or wait for a potential bundle with a game coming out next year.

  • Very tempted by this. Decisions decisions…

    • Just decided not to go as I’d have to line up after work and that’ll probably be a bit much. I’m psyched for launch but I have it on order with Amazon and can wait until it arrives the next day. Have fun everyone!

    • Totally there with you. I may not actually mind doing this, except, what if I’m not fast enough to be in the first 200? That’s the thing about NYC–I’ve learned from past mistakes that you can never really know about the demand for something like this.

      I already have it pre-ordered on Amazon. However, these events are always fun for me, so I may just go hang out there if I’m up to it after work that day.

  • Can you please clarify on which “select retailers in the U.S. and Canada” you get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare free if you buy a PS4 on November 4 through November 5.

    Can you also say why it does not extend to the PS4 PRO?

  • I’m nowhere near there, but I am getting a Pro day 1. Great Playstation 4 and PSVR games just got even better.

  • This Launch Party is gonna be lit.

  • Really excited for PS4 Pro! Congrats to everyone who getting a Pro on D1!

  • Do you have to be purchasing to attend or is it open for everyone?

    • Definitely don’t have to purchase (I attended the PS3 launch), but its basically a big line TO purchase. So if you don’t mind standing in line all night, you are good to go.

    • It’s been a while since I stood in the Wii (not Wii U) line outside Toys ‘R Us in NYC, and it was a lot of fun (although FREEZING!).

      I may just go over to hang out, and the weather is actually pretty decent here right now (you may still want a light jacket), so could be nice. It’s really cool to just be around other people who are also gamers

  • Please provide information on PS4 Pro bundles. Is the console atleast coming with a uncharted 4?

    • It’s a brand new faster console. It won’t come with a bonus game until Sony sees a dip in the Pros sales.

  • I live very close to it but I got work at 6AM. This is very tempting.

  • Man if i had the hours i’d take off and do it but I’m already heading to PSX so i guess i’ll catch you all on the rebound lol

  • Day one . But no need for the midnight release. Just the drive home from work will be a long ride.

  • Will the PS4 vertical stand work with the PS4 pro?

    • No. The original PS4 vertical stand will only fit the standard PS4. Though, they did release a new vertical stand that fits both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.

  • I’ll go if i get a free ps4 pro.

  • All PS4 Pro games should be required to have the option for 1080p 60FPS. MILLIONS more would be sold if this was given.

    • Bad idea. PS4 owners will feel betrayed as they will now be at a disadvantage in all multiplayer games and thus be forced to buy the new console just to get a fair game. Knowing this, Sony would like lose customers for all future consoles.

    • An option for Pro only servers would be cool.

  • To those who are going to be there, enjoy! Hopefully my PS4 Pro will be delivered on release day (please Amazon!!).

  • My original PS4 is just fine as it is. Still play my PS3 from time to time. The next console I buy will be the Nintendo Switch.

  • I’ll be there eagerly waiting my Pro purchase. Look for the one with a PSV, aka all of us! Lol

    If you guess who I am Sid, I’ll give you a hug

  • I want this as an upgrade to PS4, but just doesn’t seem worth it for only about 2.3x the performance for $400. Think I’ll hold off.

  • Will the PS4 vertical stand work with the PS4 pro?

    • No. Th original PS4 vertical stand will only fit the standard PS4. Though, they did release a new vertical stand that fits both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.

  • Can’t be in NYC for this but Amazon has already shipped my PS4 Pro. Should be here tomorrow. Took Friday off to mess around with it.

    Been watching Digital Foundary’s 4K videos of gameplay on the Pro… totally worth it to me.

  • I was wondering if I wasn’t planning on getting the PRO, do I still need to wait on line, or can I just walk in to enjoy the festivities. Also when do the giveaways begin?

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