Get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free When You Buy PS4 November 4-5

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Get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free When You Buy PS4 November 4-5

To celebrate the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on November 4, we’ve got a special promotion available at select retailers in the U.S. and Canada — buy a PS4 on November 4 through November 5 and get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare free!

Pick up the new slimmer, lighter PS4 for $299.99 USD / $379.99 CAD at select retailers in the U.S. and Canada from November 4-5 and you’ll get a free copy of Infinity Ward’s latest addition to the Call of Duty series (check with your local retailer). And if you pick up the Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle, you’ll get the new slimmer PS4, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for just $299.99 / $379.99 CAD.

The PlayStation community just got a sneak peek at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare during the recent beta on PS4, and I personally can’t wait to jump in and play on Friday. See you online!

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  • Still don’t know why there’s no custom console for infinite warfare there should be

  • What if I buy a PS4 Pro?

  • What about pre-ordering a PS4 Pro on those days? :D

    • For those mentioning the ps4 slim getting low sells, its obviously because the pro is already around the corner right after the slims release, Xbox people still have a long way until scorpio and the slim is pretty decent but majority of people are impatient to wait until next year and they’re purchasing the slim already, most likely selling there current Xbox one to. And also about the purchase of the ps4 with call of duty, you might be able to preorder the ps4 pro and get it that way? But that’s just the only way I can think of.

  • Which retailers?

  • Activision must be scared of this becoming the lowest selling cod yet.

    Also, no love for the Pro v_v

    • I sincerely doubt that this will be the lowest selling cod. I’m not a fan boy. I just know there are millions of fan boys out there that will buy cod year after year, and all the kids will want it and their mom’s will buy it.

    • I know that the game will sell, but infinity ward’s last game was the lowest selling cod and this has the potential to sell even worse than ghosts.

  • Hope its a code or a disc so I can sell this rubbish

    Can’t be any worser than No Mans Lie atleast

    • I get and agree with what you’re saying but….
      If it is not a code or a disc which are the only two options how else could they give you the game?
      Pre loaded on the system?
      But then one would need to make their account, overwriting previous data.
      Overthinking it, few really want this game. Most people I know are buying it just for COD4.
      I’ll wait, see if a solo version comes out.
      If not, I can spend money else where.

  • And nothing for the people spending more on the pro

  • No love for PS4 Pro and Europe? :(

  • The Last of Us would still be a much better pack-in for the console.

  • Well. This has had the opposite intended effect on me.

    I pre-ordered a Pro and have COD pre-ordered, but not being included in this promotion when I’m literally buying a NEW PlayStation irks me. I am cancelling my Infinite Warfare pre-order and wanted to say I feel jipped by this.

    It just makes no sense to blow off your most loyal customers (Pro buyers) in this promotion.

    For shame guys.

    • Confirmed. Just cancelled my COD pre-order, not supporting the poor practice of excluding people spending more money.

    • Really!? Since when, since when does a new console come with a bonus game? Never, you are being ridiculous.

    • For clarity, what makes you angry about this? The PS4 Pro will not be available to purchase at the time of this promotion. I would wait and see before grabbing the pitchfork here. I also wouldn’t buy a game at launch for a console I do not yet own, so cancelling your pre-order may have been smart.

    • I guess you are completely ignoring the entire article “Get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free When You Buy PS4 November 4-5”

    • No, I am not, the PS4 Pro is a brand new faster console. There was no bonus pack in game when the PS4 launched in 2013. It takes time for bundles to arrive. That is usually when Sony notices sales stagnating.

    • I feel you man, I’ve pre-orders the PRO and I’m gutted there are no games bundled with it o show it’s capabilities. Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary would be a great bundle deal for example. And we all know that a Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro bundle deal would shift consoles.

      C’mon Sony lets have some more blue sky thinking.

    • I also have a COD IW / MWr copy pre-ordered, along with a PS4Pro pre-ordered. I’ll go along and buy the COD but I just won’t open it to see if they offer something for the Pro. If they do I’ll return it, if the don’t humm?

    • I would stray away from calling pro buyers the “most loyal customers” if anything you’re more like tech dads, buying the newest tech just becuase you want to be on the cutting edge. This is coming from a guy who loves tech and is a “loyal” PS fan.

    • Yeah, what makes you more loyal than me? I’ll get one when the time is right. Does that make me less loyal, or does it make me more conscious of my spending habits?

    • Its not new you boght ps4 then ps4s then ps4 pro and next year ps5 who knows how many consoles they going to make

  • I pre-ordered PS4 Pro at Best Buy. Do I get the game for getting a better PS4?

  • What if you bough the ps4 pro? I would figure this offer would have to carry over to all of us that already purchased the ps4 pro.

  • Ps4 pro users definitely will not be getting a free game with the console though huh… Smh such bs, though I already have 40 physical games and all. It’s the principles. I don’t get how buying the premium experience is what gets you screwed. I don’t even care if it’s a game I won’t play, just give us something to work with it… Like atleast game that demonstrates what pro does…

  • Come on Sony. Redeem yourselves throw something for PS4 Pro early adopters, reward us instead of making us feel irritated..

    • Exactly.

    • Definitely should extend this to PS4 Pro, it’s only a few days off and I’m sure a great number of the community are going to be early adopters. SONY please acknowledge this and swiftly update the post to clarify!

    • I totally agree, up your game Sony, give us early adopters a code we can redeem for when we get our pros.

  • This is absolute bs. You should be giving this incentive to ppl upgrading to a PS4 Pro. Sony is on quite a negative streak lately…smh…

  • You still pretend to sell consoles after you announce a new ps4 edition?

  • The Beta was insanely boring. Spend an extra hundred and get the Pro.

    • The beta was CoD. IW actually has a very intriguing campaign, Kit Harrington and Conor McGregor are exciting additions. The space combat looks exhilarating.

      CoD IW is perfect to get with your Pro. I wouldn’t buy it normally, but since it’ll show off the Pro i’m all in.

  • I was gonna buy a PS4, but then I saw it came with CoD and I changes my mind.

  • How the frak do you not list the retailers? Are we supposed to call or drive around to every store in our neighborhood trying to find out which ones are included?

    Maybe a month out you can say “Select retailers” but this is in 2 days.

    Hard not to be a jerk when the person writing the article is being a jerk.

  • Sony: “Give us $300, we’ll give you a free game. Give us $400, you get nothing”

    Makes perfect sense :|

  • Maybe I shouldn’t have just paid off my Pro preorder at GameStop. It seems kinda silly that Sony has nothing for people buying their shiny new system a few days later…

  • Is this a joke?! Couldn’t this have been announced earlier? I *JUST* bought a PS4 for my family’s Christmas yesterday.

    • Return it and take advantage of the promotion. Also, you probably should have waited for black Friday deals ;p

    • It is completely within your rights as a consumer to fully return the console and purchase it again to get the free game. If you’re still within your return policy, most retailers will just give you the free game if you can show them your receipt. They don’t want to waste inventory on people returning/re-buying consoles. Just give them a call!

    • Assuming you haven’t already opened it, return it. Or maybe show your receipt and you’ll get the game.

  • I’m getting a PS4 PRO on the 9th. No deal for us getting a PRO at launch?

  • Puerto Rico is included in that promotion?

  • At least we now know the “pros” and “cons” of buying a PS4 pro or PS4…see what I did there? ANYONE? Hello? Is this thing on?

  • Why would ANYONE in their right mind will buy an regular PS4 now, when the way more powerful console, the PS4 Pro, is literally just 8 days away?

  • Is pro coming with uncharted 4? Any bundle information out yet? Have been waiting since a month to pre-order pro.

  • Now that’s messed up. What about on the 10th

  • I think people are going to be very disappointed with the “Pro”. Paying extra for the Malibu Stacey with a new hat. Good luck guys and gals. I ordered my COD digitally for the first time. I’m getting tingles. Bring on day one. I didn’t know Connor Mac was in there too. *bonus* :)

    • The Pro gives a special item? I thought that was not allowed. I thought we were getting better visuals and sometimes frame rates, and of course 4K streaming. As for buying digital, you are in for a treat. All those times you want to play a game but not enough to get up.. no longer a problem haha. The height of luxury.

  • well that sucks I am planing to buy a ps4 pro on the 10 and we get nothing

    • That depends on the games you already own :) Just of my games, Black Ops 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Skyrim Remastered, Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Online, Infamous First Light, Uncharged 4, Last of Us Remastered and Shadows of Mordor.. all with visual upgrades. I will take that over one free game any day.

  • So is this actually a special promotion where you get Infinite Warfare on top of whatever game comes with your bundle? My buddy is thinking about a Black Ops 3 bundle so if he can do this AND this promotion actually give you an extra game free, then that would be sick.. but I’m wondering if this is just your usual console plus game bundles and you only get Infinite Warfare. That would make sense and all.. just not so special.

  • And the PS4 Pro? That is a “PS4” refresh and should be honored as a PS4 purchase – especially since those who are buying it are your most faithful consumers.

    I game mainly on PC, so no sweat if this doesn’t happen. I can just skip on the Pro entirely because an entire new AAA game is a huge incentive that new Pro buyers are unfairly missing out on.

  • I guess no one is buying the standard edition because everyone i know is buying the legacy edition. Maybe they need to dump the physical standard copies.

  • Talk about a PR disaster! The new PS4 Slim sales haven’t been doing good against the competition so this Infinite Warfare bonus is supposed to be spur sales. The PS4 Pro pre-orders must be doing VERY WELL for Sony to not include any bonuses.

    I guess the message folks is to cancel these day 1 PS4 Pro pre-orders and wait for a bundle deal near Black Friday or Xmas.

  • Well it’s a good thing I don’t really play Call of Duty being that I bought my PS4 on the night of the 29th :|

  • Can’t Sony put this game on discount for $10 or make it free game of the mouth instead? I don’t want COD if I get PS4 Pro

  • Meh. It’s like restaurant that has to advertise $6.99 lunch specials.
    It suggests that the product may be disappointing.
    Good games often sell themselves.

    • Your logic is backwards. COD as a bundle is an incentive for people to buy the PS4 Slim, not the other way around. If anything it suggests the PS4 Slim is disappointing and can’t sell itself

  • This is when the game began to evolve began but failed miserably where we enjoy the game, but in the past their parts 1 to 8, but now P began to fail very sadly

  • Well, here it is. That’s the marketing for U

  • No PRO bundle disappointing.

  • You are vice president for marketing and can’t even tell us where to buy it? ha ha ha

  • It’s rather insulting that this is offered with the Slim PS4 but not the Pro PS4 simply because it comes out a half-week later. Considering people buying the Pro at launch are likely Sony’s most loyal customers, you’d think they’d want to reward them for their continued support.

  • How about having the same offer PS4 Pro when it releases? Slim is great for ones who haven’t bought a PS4….but I think PSPro having the offer would be better. Many will upgrade, and some are waiting on the PS4 PRO. Some of those people will get COD or BF1….

    Please drop the MSRP price for PS4 in Canada to 299 as well.

  • All I want to do is change my USERNAME!!

  • People posting seem to be confused. The addition of Infinite Warfare is an incentive for people to buy the PS4 Slim which is essentially going to be obsolete in a week. It would make no sense to offer the same deal with the PS4 Pro since that contradicts the entire reason for this deal in the first place.

  • nice deal. I decided to go witht he current Target deal though. Bought the Uncharted 4 PS4 slim bundle for $233 after tax. ($218 before tax). Same deal as free IW basically if you intended to buy it on release day.

    Instead I’m going to buy COD Advanced Warfare for $20. I’m not a big COD guy but I do like the campaigns of the series. Looking forward to replacing my original (and very loud) PS4 in the living room with the slim. Wife will be happy. My og will go in my gameroom/office or I’ll sell it and basically switch to slim for free.

    Might sell Uncharted to make it under $200. Too bad Target isn’t part of the free IW deal the deal would be incredible.

    • Waited for today to see if Target has the deal since “Select retailers” didn’t tell us anything useful, and if doesn’t work online at least, but $218+tax seems the better deal for me anyway. Now I don’t have to worry about BF deals, or spending money on a new TV for the Pro, I bought a 52″ 1080p TV when I bought my PS3. And i fI buy PSVR I won’t need a new TV anyway. :-)

  • I just bought a ps4 a couple of hours ago because of this promotion and it turns out I don’t even get IW. so I had to suck it up and now own a ps4 slim and uncharted lol. Maybe clarify on which retailers are taking part in this because it seems to me that the majority of them that actually sell your damn console aren’t participating.

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