PlayStation Experience 2016 Gear Revealed

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PlayStation Experience 2016 Gear Revealed

PlayStation Experience is coming to Anaheim, CA, this December 3 and 4! And the PlayStation Gear store will return with a new lineup of awesome apparel and collectibles, and some old favorites from PS Experience shows past.

This will be our biggest PS Experience gear lineup ever, packed with more products than we’ve ever offered before. One item of particular note: we’re introducing the Parappa Beanie, by popular request from PlayStation fans.

We’ll only be accepting Visa and Mastercard for all transactions, so leave that cash at home!

Take a look at the highlights below; we’ll add more info as details are finalized. See you in Anaheim!

PlayStation Plushies

An array of new plushies! Some are also available here.

PlayStation T-Shirts

PlayStation Experience 2015 Collectible Cards Reprints

Also, you may have seen in the 2016 Collectible Cards post, but we’ll be selling a limited number of Series 1 deck reprints. If you missed out on last year’s collection, this is your chance to catch up.

Like I mentioned, we have a whole lot more coming. We’ll reveal more right here on PlayStation.Blog, but to see everything we have in store for you you’ll just have to swing by in Anaheim! For those of you who can’t make it this year, we’ll have a select few items for sale at our online PlayStation Gear Store. Be sure to check it out after PlayStation Experience!

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up your PlayStation Experience tickets yet, they’re available now. Register at

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  • Bloodborne Hunter Plushy!!!

    • Bloodborne plushy is superb.

      I want that Ratchet and Clank card. Imo Ratchet and Clank is a goty candidate.

      Loving Driveclub VR and PSVR, shame that Rushy is developing a new racing IP for Codemasters. Driveclub sold 3 million, is that really not enough for a new IP? Driveclub is HUGE in Europe, if you marketed DC 2 more for the US and included US cities (in game) it could be massive. The engine merely needs tweaking (if anything) for a Pro promoted sequel. The game is already gorgeous, so you merely needed to create new regions/tracks, add a few cars, and perhaps include a new mode like a Motorstorm inspired off road section. Perhaps you could’ve included some old school American muscle to go with your new US tracks? I truly believe it would’ve been a huge holiday 2017 title, It would’ve been a showcase for Pro. It probably would’ve looked better than anything on Scorpio, which would be great PR for Pro. Such a shame to waste that tech and the incredible weather system. Evo could’ve at least made a full scale PS4/Pro Motorstorm reboot.

      Most anticipated event at PSX: Sucker Punch announcing their new game.

  • I’m surprised there wasn’t more Uncharted 4 things. That was probably one of if not THE best game of the year.

    • Keep in mind this is just the very tip of the iceberg! Plenty more to be revealed at PlayStation Experience.

    • Oh that’s true Hoping for a Uncharted 4 tee-shirt or hoodie. Or even better a custom ps4 with all Naughty dog characters covering it

  • Will these be available for purchase on the PlayStation Gear store or are they exclusive to PSX? I really want that Parappa beanie.

    • Some items will be available on the online PlayStation Gear Store, but not all. Check the site after PlayStation Experience to find out which!

  • That Bloodborne plushie. LOL! Epic.

  • Love that T-Shirt I want it I want it I want it!!!!!

    • Not to be a tease, but there will be SO many more shirts available at PlayStation Experience too! I’m basically donating 1/4 of my wardrobe to make room for the awesome new tee’s.

  • Nov 1st and 2 PSX Blog posts.

    You know you didn’t have to wait until November to start taking about stuff right?

    • We have quite a bit more to reveal soon. Stay tuned :)

    • Unless you have a time machine, that doesn’t really address my criticism:p

      You guys could do a better job of advertising PSX. The current plan of announce then basically go radio silent until November leaves a lot to be desired.

  • I already have a parappa beanie I use for my parappa cosplay. Hopefully enough stuff hits ps gear store

  • You guys announcing Parappa 3?

    Please announce Parappa 3.

  • I want to give you money in exchange for that Bloodborne plush, although being on the east coast makes that somewhat impractical. Please let me give you that money. The money is calling to your cold, cynical corporate heart, isn’t it? You can fix that by offering to sell me a Bloodborne plush.

    (And if you made a plush cleric beast I would offer you even more money, but let’s start with baby steps.)

  • Make sure to bring enough shirts this time! Last year you ran out of a lot of them quickly. lol See you there.

  • That sackboy plush toy looks nice

  • Plushies~

    You should really give more color options for shirts, black is almost every licensed shirt and it’s annoying. [not as annoying as convention exclusive merch though, but whatever]

    • PS: Clank, Sly Cooper, Atoi and Iota plushes too please. [and sell them online… already ordered the only ones up on the store]

  • Oh… my GOD! That Bloodborne and Sackboy plush are cuteness overload!
    Please make it available on the Playstation Gear Store!

  • Chibi plushies, hoorah!

  • I wonder….

    Would it be possible for US PlayStation gear shop in any possible be able to take UK / EU Orders and ship to there? such as a example bring your products to Ebay as well for them to ship

    Also Any idea when the EU PlayStation gear shop is gunna be back online? EU fans all agree that they like the store but dont like its bit pricey as well as they dont get anywhere as much as the US gear store does xD :)

  • Im so excited for this. Flying in from the Midwest with the GF! I need to start saving for all of this stuff.

  • I don’t see the Hunter plushie on the store, did it sell out already??

  • is the parappa beanie cotton? i’ve owned a couple of these since the ps1 days, but never wore them because the acrylic itched my forehead too much.

  • I want that t-shirt so bad!

  • That’s awesome.

    Would love me some Sackboy plushy.

  • Okay, my email shows Joel and Ellie figures but I see nooooo figures here- where are they?

  • Awesome, I got some great stuff last year, and didn’t resell any of it like most people I talked to while in line. I wil be going there first thing!

  • The beanies and plushies are cute! Still, not sure if there’s anything that would make me think it was worth the money. Hoping to find a neat little gem like last year. In 2015 I bought the black coffee mug with the San Francisco townhouses on it. I looooove it! I’m hoping to find something more like that.

  • Will there be allotted amounts of items for both days? I’m only attending Sunday and will bummed if that Bloodborne Hunter plushy sold out Saturday.

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