Fight for Survival in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, Out Next Year on PS4, PS Vita

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Fight for Survival in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, Out Next Year on PS4, PS Vita

Behold, zero escapists! Aksys Games and Spike Chunsoft proudly announce that Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is making its way to PS4 and PS Vita in Spring 2017!

Exclusive to PS4 and PS Vita, The Nonary Games is a double pack collection of Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (999) and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (VLR). Nonary Game uninitiated who missed out on these two mind-shredding titles before now have the perfect chance to grab both in one collection. Pretty great, right?

What’s that? You’ve already managed to escape the clutches of death and played both games through to completion? Fear not! 999 has been rebuilt from the ground up and now features HD graphics, as well as English and Japanese voice acting. Prepare to experience 999 as it was intended, and lose yourself in unparalleled immersion.

So what exactly is a Nonary Game? In essence, the game contains nine “players” or participants. You assume the role of one of these participants and compete towards a common goal. “No big deal, I love a good, friendly competition!” you say to yourself. Well, not so fast… The rules of each game vary from title to title, but the end goal is always the same: you must fight for survival and do everything in your power to escape with your life! That’s right, the price for losing this game is death. Did we mention that you’ve been “entered” against your will?

The main antagonist in both games is the enigmatic Zero. Who is Zero? What does Zero want? Why are you in this situation to begin with? Fair questions to be sure, but to answer any of these would simply ruin the experience! A special feature of each Nonary Game is the implementation of a watch-like device, which is attached to each participant’s wrist. Unique to each game, the watch serves a few sinister functions, most notably as the very probable agent of your demise! Needless to say, your quest will focus on solving the mystery of your surroundings and successfully removing the lethal time piece.

The Zero Escape franchise is renowned for its engrossing narrative and complex story, and The Nonary Games collection serves as the definitive version of the first two games. For both the uninitiated and seasoned escapists, The Nonary Games is the perfect gateway into this deadly and thought-provoking world.

Prepare yourselves gamers, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games makes its way to PS4 and PS Vita next year!

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  • Huge fan of the Zero Escape Series, was so happy when I heard that you were bringing 999 to Vita! Will there be a standalone copy of 999 for many of us who already have VLR?

    If not I don’t mind double dipping ;)

    Thanks for bringing this over to the west, can’t wait for the release!

  • Never played these before so I am IN! Thanks for the Vita support! :)

  • Coooooooool. I really enjoyed Virtue’s Last Reward (enough to platinum it) and aways wanted to try 999. Any chance 999 will get a standalone release?

  • Is this going to be a Physical release?

  • SO is this a double pack with two games and two trophy lists (such as previous collections like Sly Cooper) or is this a single release with the two games tied into it? Either way, I’m picking it up. Zero Escape is a fantastic franchise and being able to play 999 on the Vita sounds amazing.

  • We need a physical Vita version to complete our trilogy.

  • This a really nice announcement! I hope Zero Time Dilemma comes to PS4 too! Also, retail release, please!

  • Loved VLR and ZTD but missed out on 999. Needless to say I’ll be getting this day 1. Should go without saying, but this NEEDS to have a physical release.

  • d prefer 999 to be available physically by itself, instead of paying extra for a two pack redundancy ala the recent Yomawari/Firefly Diary release, since I already own VLR and ZTDL.

  • Cross-buy maybe? Pretty pleaaaaase…???

  • And as always, it will come out physically in America and digital-only in Europe, right?

    Why don’t you and Spike-Chunsoft just ask PQube, Rising Star or NISA to handle the physical European release, for crying out loud?

    • Aksys has always delivered on Vita Physical games….bar one title. More Information Later?

      There is ZTD and VLR both in UK physically, imported VLR as well…what makes you think they would give Europe Digital only?

    • Aksys have never brought games to Europe in a physical edition, what are you saying?

      Every time an Aksys-published game was released physically in Europe, it was because another publisher did it: for example, Fate/Extra on PSP was brought by Ghostlight; Virtue’s Last Reward was brought by Rising Star Games; or BlazBlue games, which were brought in Europe mostly by Zen United/PQube (with the only exception of the first Chronophantasma, published directly by Aksys… DIGITAL-ONLY, obviously).

      In ALL the other cases (Muramasa Rebirth, Zero Time Dilemma, Langrisser, Mind Zero, etc), when Aksys bring their titles directly to Europe, they are 100% digital-only. The last example being Exist Archive.

      You’ve probably found the American editions of the games you’re talking about (save VLR, that exists physically in Europe), it happens that some retailers sell non-EU editions of games. But that doesn’t mean that those games are published physically in Europe, they’re still imported editions and are often rarer and more expensive than EU ones.

  • Hoping for a Physical release of a Standalone Version of 999 for Vita. Will complete my trilogy pack.

    If Digital only, hoping there is a standalone version of 999. :

    Spring 2017…is pretty fast. Guess it helps that most of the content is already known

    Thanks, Aksys games.

  • To echo another comment here, I just recently picked up VLR for Vita, so it would be nice if 999 came standalone as well.

    Any word on that?


  • Looks really interesting… Might have to give this a try

  • Ones of my favorite games! I wouldn’t mind if you add PSVR support for the entire games…

  • Woah! 999 on the Vita. Never thought I’d see the day this would happen. This is such awesome news. Thank you Aksys Games and Spike Chunsoft. :)

  • I played it on DS, I will buy this again, for the story and the improvements, and for that plat of course :D

  • YES! Always wanted to get into this series. Thank you for bringing it to PS4.

    Burning question: Will it have a PHYSICAL release? That will guarantee a Day 1 buy from me. Digital only and I wait for a price drop.

  • Also any chance of Zero Time Dilemma getting a PS4 release?

  • I would buy an possible retail version of 999 on Vita, since I’ve already got Virtue’s Last Reward.

  • Played Virtue’s Last Reward to completion and loved every second of it. This will be a day one purchase for me! Also thanks for bringing this game to Vita as well. It’s my preferred platform for visual novels :)

  • Aksys on Twitter confirmed both Physical/Digital for EU/NA.

  • Buy these games. They’re the best VNs ever. :D

  • Well those are probably some of my favorite Vita games hands down. Physical Day 1 for me, digital will happen at some point.

  • “Exclusively for PS4 and Vita”

    I’ve a feeling that isn’t true and it will be on other platforms later, you shouldn’t mislead and use that term lightly

  • Is it just me, or would this series make an awesome VR game? Imagine standing in the middle of the characters as they are talking. Exploring your environments with your hands and in 3d space. 3D spacial sound all around you. Yeah, I can’t wait until VR can mature enough to have a game like this on it!

    • That would be awesome. VR is definitely a different gaming beast, but ZE would definitely work well on the platform.

  • I’d love for a physical release as well! I’m very excited, thanks so much.

  • meh I woulda cared if Zero Time Dilemma was included, or at least coming to PS4 separately… I mean why get 1 and 2 on PS4 only to need a 3ds or vita for 3?

  • I love this series. I bought 999 on 3DS and then on iOS and I’ll buy it again for Vita to show my support for Uchikoshi-sama and the Vita.

  • Thanks, as always, Aksys. I’ll buy the PS4 version because all that clicking after every one word sentence on the VITA version of VLR was driving me crazy.

    Very surprised that 999 is coming to Playstation. I’ll start over.

  • Physical and digital in NA AND EU! :O

  • If you do a physical Vita release I’ll buy it day one no questions asked.

  • Please add “999” stand alone purchase option

  • I have brought the PSV 999 and VLR,now you tell me the double package. Never mind, for the HD graphic and voice I will buy the PS4 version but it’s already a package now,why not include the zero time delimma.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I tried playing 999 on DS a while back and couldn’t. It was too slow. It was taking too long for the text go. There was no option to make it goes faster. It was mostly me just waiting for the text to play.

    Definitely gonna pick this up when it releases.

  • If a watch preorder bonus comes with this, I’ll just need five more and I can host my own nonary game.

  • Enough with the visual novels already, they’re as terrible as menu rpgs.

    • Yes, because these games existing makes your life worse. Therefore, they shouldn’t exist, because your life being worse is everyone else’s problem.

  • Will this have a new trophy list separate from Virtue’s Last reward? Maybe 2 new platinums?!!

  • I played VLR on my Vita, but never played 999. Didn’t know it existed until after I started researching VLR upon finishing it.
    I’ve held off on getting ZTD because I was hoping we might get some kind of collection with all three games, or at least a port of 999 at some point.
    This is a good start. Will definitely grab this on PS4 to play 999 and replay VLR. And then hopefully you’ll follow up later in 2017 with a PS4 release of ZTD so all three are available on both PS platforms. Gotta keep up with Danganronpa. :)

  • I have VLR, and I was waiting for 999 before I would get ztr, so Thanks! I really hope 999 will be available stand alone and physical for vita!!!!!!

  • Would have preferred 999 standalone since I already have VLR, but I’ll take what I can get if they only come packed together. Will there be a physical collector’s edition?

  • 999 standalone please! Also, what are the chances that ZE Zero Time Dilemma will make its way to PS4?

  • I wonder how they’re going to work certain puzzles that required a dual screen. Guess I’ll be holding on to my ds copies

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