Handcrafted Adventure The Little Acre Begins November 22

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Handcrafted Adventure The Little Acre Begins November 22

Hi everyone, I’m Ben from Pewter Games, an indie studio based in Dublin. The Little Acre is our upcoming adventure game.

The Little Acre tells the story of a small family in 1950’s rural Ireland. During the game you’ll play as Aidan, a job-hunting engineer, and his young daughter Lily whose current life-goal is to be a swordfighting fairy-knight. Things in The Little Acre are not quite what you’d expect; when Aidan goes missing one morning, Lily decides to hunt for him and soon they both discover a mysterious world connected to their own. Who lives there? Why is the entrance in their garden shed? Do they have any hope of escaping?

When talking about The Little Acre or demoing it, we always get asked about the art style. It’s all hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation that’s reminiscent of the work of Don Bluth, who created films such as All Dogs Go to Heaven and An American Tail. What do we mean by hand-drawn? Each frame of the animation is sketched, filled in with details and finalized. We have some computer help with coloring and effects, but every step, gesture, and expression starts with an animator’s hand. It’s labor intensive but the results are something really special. Our animators particularly like drawing animals. If you’re a dog lover or cat lover then the Little Acre has some furry friends for you. Of course, we mentioned earlier that things are not quite what you’d expect, and that applies to the animals, too.

The game we’ve made is a traditional point and click adventure at heart, but we’ve also worked hard to make it feel just right for console players. There’s no pixel-hunting or awkward cursor controls on your DualShock 4 here. We’ve also included a hint system for any moments you might get lost — however, there’s a prestigious Trophy waiting for you if you can beat the game without any tips.

We’re really excited to be bringing The Little Acre to PlayStation where there’s already some serious love for classic adventure games. We really hope you all enjoy The Little Acre when it lands on November 22.

Have fun, everyone!

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  • Looks like fun

    • So…This looks pretty cool. I love these older looking Adventure games. Think, while not the strongest in the series, King’s Quest 7 animation. While I didn’t like the art style too much, I loved the hand drawn animations, and the movement it suggested. I would love if this came to VITA, but I understand if it’s difficult to make it happen. Either way, I’ll probably jump in the Adventure swimming pool.

      Also, being Irish myself, how I could I say no? Not every day we get games set in Ireland.

  • Looking awesome.

    Can’t wait to play it next month just as long as it doesn’t take influence from that damn Irish goat in the original Broken Sword.

    • Ooh this looks lovely. Stylistically it reminds me a bit of Deponia, but only visually. I really love point and click adventure games. I’m definitely going to get this! …But not on PS4. I see it’s also coming out on PC, so I’ll probably grab it there instead. Would have got it on vita if it came out on that but my TV screen is also my boyfriends PC screen so I’ll just grab it on PC so I can play it on my PC without displacing him from his.

  • Oh! I remember seeing this on PCGamer a few months ago! Huge surprise – pleasant as heck tho! – to see it headed to consoles as well! :D This is certainly eye catching and looks charming as get-out; even though I’m no fan of the inventory puzzlers, I’ve picked up several in the past just because I adore the animation so much (Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail, Toonstruck, King’s Quest 7,and a couple Deponias all come immediately to mind, and heck, growing up with Pajama Sam). I have a feeling I’m going to end up picking this up too :)

    Man, now that I mention Pajama Sam, I would love to see a studio with artists as talented as yours get a crack at rebooting that “Edutainment” classic :) I think NightDive owns those old Humngous Adventures now, somehow – I wonder when they’re going to do something with ’em?

  • Holy, this is intriguing as hell! I absolutely love the art style and animations. I might consider picking this up

  • I love the voice acting from this little trailer as well as the animation style, looks very unique. I hope it has a good story

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