PS Plus: Free Games for November 2016

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PS Plus: Free Games for November 2016

Happy Halloween! We’re happy to share the upcoming free PS Plus games for November 2016.

First up this month we have Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. The talented developers at The Chinese Room bring us the spiritual successor to Dear Esther. Set in a small, deserted English town, players search for clues to uncover what happened to all of its missing inhabitants. This is a beautiful game with an incredible soundtrack that we hope you enjoy.

Next up is The Deadly Tower of Monsters. Have you ever wanted to play through your favorite sci-fi B-movie? Of course you have! That’s exactly what Atlus and ACE team have made with this game. Add in a clever director’s commentary and there’s a lot to enjoy about revisiting this cooky cult classic.

Full lineup:

  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, PS4
  • The Deadly Tower of Monsters, PS4
  • Dirt 3, PS3
  • Costume Quest 2, PS3
  • Letter Quest Remastered, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)
  • Pumped BMX+, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4 and PS3)

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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  • Back to meh…! ☹️

    • I am fine with meh. I guess finished up 100% Journey and Rebel Galaxy and am still backlogged with Lords of the Fallen, Transformers and RE.

    • I am buying an XBOX.
      Sony had an opportunity to regain my faith here and the blew it in spectacular fashion. First off to those praising this line up i remind and reiterate these are not “free Games” they come with a subscription fee you and i pay for them and sony keeps taking our money and giving us things we do not want and have no intrest in. This system is crap and needs to be completely rethought. Why not give me the option to choose from a short list of free games each month? That way instead of two games not worth more than $5-$10 each you can opt to get one game worth $15-$20 i know thats not perfect but it is certianly better than me paying for a service i do not use.

    • ^ Get a load of this guy. I am not defending the line up, but geez you are an entitled person.
      Relax, they are just games.

    • Pathetic month

    • @JoeEffect have you seen xbox’s line up this month? Its just as mediocre.

    • Never played Dirt 3 or costume quest 2 but I’m slightly familiar with the ps vita games. Every line up has decent ps4 games thank goodness.

    • @JoeEffect You will be just as disappointed by Xbox’s system, if you think it’s any different than how PS+ will work. nothing wrong with buying an xbox but you’ll still have no control over your “free” games every month.

    • @JoeEffect: Really? We paid until recently $50 per year for at least (one system) 24 games; 48 games for 2 systems and 72 games for 3. At worse, that is $2 a game which is well more than face value of the cost. If you cannot fine enough games to find value in that you need to stop buying games at launch.

    • I’m Done with Sony really every month bad games getting Xbox

    • Yep… Back to Meh… :(

    • I paid full price at launch for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and I love it. I’m just happy to know that more people are going to be able to play it.

      + JoeEffect – I’ve owned both consoles since launch, and I’m not more of a fan of one than the other. But if you think that the XB1 choices are significantly better, I’d like to save you hundreds of dollars by letting you know that’s not the case. November’s XB1 games are Super Dungeon Bros. and Murdered: Soul Suspect. I’d say that the PS4 and XB1 offers end up being about the same quality over a long enough period of time.

    • didnt we get the monsters one already, i erased it off my ps4

    • Another month and another lame update I’ve been a ps plus subscriber since it started,in would drop it but now you need it to play online. P.S. thank you Sony for raising it to $60 a month for nothing.

    • Yet again, absolutely awful line up. They allow these rumors for AAA titles being released every single month and let us all down! We pay for their service and they continue to let us down with these. As for the “everybody’s gone to the rapture” does it not seem familiar?! We not long had “gone home” a game I completed in 95 seconds. Xbox does get BETTER games and better deals. They get EA access for £20 a year where xbox one users get free EA games a few months after their release for free and playstation decided that we didn’t want that. They continue to treat their customers badly and question why people are unhappy about the free games. I don’t even bother with the free games anymore, in the last year we have had like 2 maybe 3 good titles whereas xbox has had at least one good title every single month.

    • Deadly Tower of Monsters is ace but I never got round to finishing it. I haven’t tried Every Bodys Gone to The Rapture. I think its a good month. I’m happy with indies, some gems are indies. Hell… I only pay PS Plus to play online anyways so anything extra is just icing on the cake.

    • Would I be correct in assuming that Letter Quest Remastered and Pumped BMX+ is playable on PS4 or do you HAVE to have a vita?

    • If you’re basing your video game console purchase on the games given with the online subscription, then you have to re-evaluate why you even got the system and play video games in the first place. I don’t care if online is still free on PS3 and Vita; Microsoft has been getting away with the online fee since the first Xbox. PS Online is still a functioning service, and the games are more of a bonus. The monetary value of all the games in a year eclipses the price of the yearly subscription itself. As long as there’s a variety of first party and third party games to play, there shouldn’t be a large complaint. The system has some cool features too.

    • (Just read some more comments) LOL and if you’re angry/disappointed due to rumors not being true, you only have yourself to blame for believing them, holy hahaha. :D

    • The list is meh, but still wouldn’t get an xbox over this. Lol i get they just hiked the price of subscription and for the amount we’re paying now this doesn’t seem worth it if you’re subscribing for free games. EIther way I game online with friends often and that is the main reason i renew my subscription.

    • This is the third time this year a game gets released for free when i just bought it mere weeks ago.

      **** me right?

    • the games looks better then xbox i was with xbox for 2 years and the games they give out was trashed i like what sony is giving out

    • For all of those jumping ship and claiming that they are going to “buy an Xbox” I hope you have fun playing Super Dungeon Bros, and Murdered: Soul Suspect because those are the free games on Xbox for the month of November.

    • Good riddance joe. If you want to spend $250-$300 just to pay $60 so that you can 3-4 “free” games a month… That’s entirely up to you, but to be brutally honest I think that your best bet is just to buy games like a reasonable human being with your hundreds of dollars rather than starting over from scratch.

      or you know what? Better yet, just go grab some humble bundle games diversify, and don’t buy the Xbox unless you really care about the exclusives, but then I have to ask why are you here if you really really want Gears of War, Forza, and Halo?

    • “The free games aren’t good enough”
      “I hate Sony”
      “I’m disappointed in my console choice”

      Are these people adults? I mean I’m happy about Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture at least (even if I am the only one) and I’m really not bothered about what games I get for free each month when I’ve already invested in a 4K TV, a PS4, I’ll be getting VR, upgrading to the PS4 Pro and buying an Xbox One S for the alternate gaming library and alternate features/software. Because that’s what gamers do… They invest in gaming. They don’t ***** about the free games, a solid subscription, a great library of games and fantastic features. Sony isn’t alone in that – this generation has been an absolute blast and in all honesty I’m disappointed in a lot of gamers that can’t appreciate everything Sony and Microsoft have done to step it up since last gen.

      I miss PlayStation Home.
      I’ve never owned an Xbox/360/One.
      I’m looking forward to VR & 4K gaming.
      I’m looking forward to owning an Xbox One S.
      Project Scorpio is also an exciting concept.

      Steady on the abuse guys, I’m just a happy gamer. Get off your high horses about free games and an alternate system. Gaming has never been better.

    • Not happy Rubbish games again please give us half decent games

    • I have PS 4 and 3. I pay about 50€ a year. That’s 48 games for every year. Even more if u own a Vita. I won’t like every single one but I think that’s a pretty good deal I can live with. And it’s still better than any Free to Play game out there.

    • @Makai, you gave the best and most sensible response. :P

    • @JoeEffect, stop saying crap just to get attention, if you want a XBox, I am going to make you call your bluff, cancel your PS Plus subscription. I guarantee you will never do it!

    • When are we actually going to get good games instead of these excuse for games we are laying for these services yet get nothing in return

    • I have both a PS4 and an XBox One S. I find myself enjoying the live games more than the psn games each month. Also love EA Access or whatever its called I think Sony blundered when they put a stop to it. Also the whole bethesda mods thing this last while was a fiasco due to Sony. That being said I am pretty dissapointed with both offerings this month.

    • What happened? We went from WWE 2K15,NBA, Saints Row, and Hitman to these game, i might get Everybody’s gone to the rapture but i’m not sure yet,

      What happened to Xbox tho they went from Sleeping Dogs, and Dead island to the games they are releasing now?

      i can understand if they are getting unknown companies out there.

    • Here’s something to think about if you’re planning on going to Xbox because you think yr getting screwed on the PS Plus offerings. A few months ago I decided that I was no longer satisfied with my PS4 and I went to Xbox One. I couldn’t afford both consoles so I sold my PS4 and games to purchase the Xbox One.
      But, I started missing Playstation’s Indie exclusives because the games you can buy on PSN are so much better and there’s so much more quality games to choose from than the offerings on Xbox One. And Sony’s exclusive first party games are way better as well. And even games like TitanfallI and Dead Rising are being sold on PS4 now. I also realized that the Xbox has very little support from Japanese developers because the system doesn’t sell well overseas. The one thing I did like about the Xbone was the backward compatability. That’s great if there are games from last gen you never got a chance to play. The only thing I can possibly recommend is getting both systems if you can afford it. Of course, you’ll be spending way more money that way. But, leaving PS4 completely IMHO is something you will regret. I did.

    • Both the games on the ps4 have already been free before.

    • @JoeEffect

      We pay for the service, the games are given us. No where ever did the PS+ Subscription state that 2 free games were part of the package. This is something Sony never had to begin and could remove at any time. While we do pay for PS+ we are paying for the subscription to play games online, nothing more.

      Furthermore it’s impossible for Sony to keep every player happy. They could drop Last Guardian on release day for free and people would still be unhappy. Or CoD, any game that Sony offers is not going to keep all players happy. While the interest in these free games for me has been zero there was thousands, millions who are either happy or even some who actually give these games a try and are glad they did.

    • I’d rather see Dirt Rally on Ps4

    • All im going to say to you Joe is rather simple.

      Bye Felicia

    • Ps plus offeringS are overally good there is not going to be every single month great. If u like the AAA games you should consider buying some from time to time. Ps plus service is worth its price. My hdd is full of games that for first glance look crappy but I do give them a go to see what they are and I guarantee you that at least a half turn out to be very good and entertaining. If you enjoy only AAA play your NBA,cod, or battlefield or whatever for a while and wait till next month

    • @JoeEffect

      So you’ve never downloaded and played any of the previous PS Plus games before? Oct had RE. Which retail is $20.00 That is already 1/3 of what you paid for in a year. You just expect to be pleased every month and have them cater titles that you enjoy. Sounds entitled to me. You may have an opinion on the game. But that is YOUR opinion. I may not like this month’s free games either but someone else out there does.

      I bet if someone gave you 10.00 you would want 20.00 and if someone gave you 20.00 you would want 40.00. That is just the personality I am seeing from you. A spoiled brat who only thinks for themself.

    • pity ive already brought gone to rapture and dirt 3 if i hadnt i would of been very happy

    • hang on ive just seen the line up for ps asia wtf why is their line up much better than ours

    • @JoeEffect

    • Games that should be free by now:
      1) destiny
      2) medival warfare
      3) a final fantasy title
      4) all games on vita if people still use it.

    • You’re so poor you can’t afford to have games without someone handing them to free, but you’re going to go buy a whole new console? Sure kids. Well, enjoy your lack of VR!

    • @JoeEffect have fun with the 300-400$ price for a new console

    • Hey playstion peeps. Few of you want to jump ship to xb1 but all the free games from gold are only free with the gold service. 360 games are yours to keep. Not xb1 games

    • Dirt 3 good choice !

    • So true…

    • Can we get some good games plz‼️‼️‼️‼️

    • Yeah, Sony is abandoning us again, I PAY R$100,00 PER YEAR for theese games? I’m done, Sony if u r reading this, please, PLEASE, put better games in ps plus, Journey, AWESOME, Rocket League, AMAZING, now this, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH

    • I pay a lot of money every month and the games you bring so BAD

    • Next month 2K17

    • @joeeffect
      First: it is your opinion that these games are crap some people might actually really enjoy them. Yes you have every right to your opinion and say but to totally bash the system completely is a little much some months are better then others when it comes to the PlayStation plus games you’re going to have that with every gaming service including Xbox live. Your idea is still flawed and certainly not better then what they are doing now because indie games would never see the light of day or GET enjoyed. I for personally have never heard of the games they are giving in November however that being said I had never heard of Dragon Fin Soup or Journey before and I absolutely loved those games. Coming into each month with an open mind, and getting introduced to new games as well as newer/indie developers was something that PlayStation said they wanted to do on the day they announced the PS4 so you definitely should’ve known what you were getting before purchasing your system. Also if you don’t use PlayStation plus and are paying for it thats your own fault and if you don’t use it then why are you on here complaining?

    • I’m not going to complain about free games but I wish they would at least do something about the PS3 games like somehow make the PS3 games backwards compatible or just not put PS3 games on the list anymore because I have to imagine that most people have moved on to PS4 by now and most people that have moved on are more than likely not going to go back to their PS3 to play the games so it almost seems like a waste to keep putting PS3 games on the list. At least Xbox you can play the 360 games so maybe just give us cheaper indies or figure out how to Make the PS3 games playable on our PS4.

    • The free games may be meh this month, but did anybody buy a Playstation for the free games? I know I didn’t. I bought my ps4 because it’s just a better system period. I was on XBox since the original. And switched because of the gpu and longevity of the system, not for the perks of ps+.

    • I think the reason the free game line up this month is so mediocre is because christmas is next month. Perhaps they want to have a better line up for the end of the year? So, until then, please stop complaining.

    • Meh

    • Trying to download the everybodys gone to rapture but get a message saying. This item is not available right now. Try select something else does anybody know what is wrong?

    • I thought it was important for me to take the time to provide a complete description of my deep instinctual reaction to this month’s line up and I have to see with the sincerest soulful…………………………………………………………..meh.

    • Okay so I have both systems and they both have their pros and cons as does everything else in this world. There are definitely some months playstation has better games than xbox. Xbox one players do get to be able to play both 360 and one games from the free list and some 360 games are pretty good AAA titles. But wits playstation they give 2 more games than xbox since we have vita and usually those vita games and some ps3 games are usually all playable on ps4. Some months I don’t touch the free games from ps4 and just the ones on the other or vice versa. But don’t choose your console based off of the “free” games. If you don’t like the free games that’s why there are other games I the world to play and I’m guessing most people already have a good stock of their own games to play anyways. They all look fun, give them a try and stop bashing Sony and their free games each month with even trying them.

    • Everyone saying “This line up sucks, I’m getting Xbox”
      We will not miss you.
      FYI, Xbox has the same kind of line ups every month. If THIS is the ONLY reason you are switching, then MAN are you in for a surprise when you get your Xbone.
      You know what Xbox has going for it? A few exclusive titles, ability to play some Xbox 360 games by plopping in the disc, and a better online service.
      Everything else is better on PS4. I bought both when they came out (because I could afford it and have friends that play on both) and Xbox sits there collecting dust.
      Here’s a list of things you can expect from Xbox:
      – Controllers that still need AA batteries
      – Controller headphone jack that works ONLY with Xbox products
      – Being able to save 30 seconds of gameplay video (rather than PS4 standard 15 minutes)
      – $10 MORE for Xbox Live than Sony charges for PS+
      And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Entitled crybaby whiners! You think you 50 a year or even 60 a year should give you AAA every month? I think this month is solid! I’ve been a member for 3 years, 150 well spent when I look at my library on my ps3, 4 and vita. So many good games though I’ve beat most of them, I wouldn’t sell off my collection for 150. Grow up and stop thinking everyone owes you something. Ty Sony!

    • I only pay for PS Plus to play online. These indie games are just extra for me, but people are complaining about “not getting my money’s worth.” That just sounds stupid. I’m not trying to defend the lineup system, (although I kinda am) I just think it’s dumb to say that you aren’t getting your money’s worth when you definitely are. Now I’m not talking about the game itself, only the cost. But last month there was a transformers game in the lineup, and that game alone was worth $40. So that covers a fifth of the payment already. The month before that there was the game Journey, and that game is a complete gem, and it’s only $15 now. That already covers the cost for your payment in a month’s worth of games.

    • Everybody’s gone to the rapture is a vary good , exploration game. I had bought it several months back and was not expecting it to be what it was. But to my delight it sucked me in vary quickly .and if u are a fan of graphics this is a must . This game is graphically amazing .downside is It’s another free game that I already own .

    • Thank you for more free games than I can handle. Haven’t even scratched the surface of my free ps3 games due to lack of time. The games are worth every bit of the $60 fee

  • Decent lineup. Looking forward to Tower of Monster and Letter Quest

  • Wow guys, well done this is one of the very worst yet. Even manages to be terrible compared to your Asia offerings. Good job!
    Mandatory reminder that these are not free, they are part of a paid service. Yoi do have a right to complain. Stop being idiots, people.

    • Exactly! I don’t know why people don’t complain. If these were actually free, then yes be grateful. They are free though, they are a monthly subscription with a 1 in 1000 chance of being ok let alone good.

    • $60 a year for 72 free games, with an average yearly savings of $950 to $1100 worth of games.

      You can’t have AAA titles every month, and you know this. If you don’t want the service then don’t renew.

      It’s okay to want better games, but at least keep your expectations reasonable. In November the PS4 is getting 4 games (with cross-buy), PS3 3 games, and the Vita is getting 2. The total value is $90.

      Besides, November is a horrible month to give a free AAA game, with Skyrim, TitanFall 2, COD Infinate Warfare, Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2, and Final Fantasy XV, all coming out in rapid succession.

      Again, if you don’t like it then don’t pay for the service, but you are getting a very good value every month, even if the games are not what you tend to play

    • You’re right that people are allowed to complain. You’re wrong that people who disagree with you are “idiots”.

      I actually find Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture and The Deadly Tower Of Monsters to be intriguing. Neither are games I would have bought myself, and I am fully aware that they are not be for everyone, but if there’s a game I really want to play, then chances are I’ve already purchased it. Remember back in June when NBA2k16 was in the lineup? That was a $60 AAA title and it was probably the worst month for me because I hate sports games. I don’t go crying to Sony for not catering to my personal interests, though.

      Aside from playing online, I use PS+ to try out games I never would have gotten otherwise, which is exactly what it’s doing this month. If you’re using it to try and get AAA titles that you specifically want, then your disappointment is totally understandable and is entirely your own fault.

    • I bought Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, but was kinda disappointed with it and never finished it. Maybe it was my expectations but walking around looking for glowing orbs that reveal story elements put me to sleep. Yes, it was beautiful. Yes, the soundtrack was nice. The gameplay however was non-existent. So. Damn. Boring.

      Probably my biggest gaming purchase regret in awhile.

    • ^ ^ That wasn’t supposed to be a reply ^ ^

    • Lets do the math. Its part of a paid service that is 60 dollars a year which is 5 bucks a month. What exactly do you expect for 5 dollars a month?

    • I have no reason to complain. I save more than the cost of PS+ in discounts per year, and I recognize that there’s no way they can cater to everyone with this list every month, so even if this month doesn’t appeal to me, next month might. It’s just pure and utter arrogance and stupidity to expect every month to appeal to you personally. I usually get at least 1-2 somewhat Interesting titles every couple months that I am curious about… so I’m happy.

    • I also bought Everybody Is Gone to the Rapture and even though it was a disappointment it wasn’t nearly as bad of a disappointment as The Banner Saga was.

    • Everybody’s gone to the rapture was another weak slow-moving ip that was so esoteric SONY knew they had to market it like damon lindeloff and try to pull you in with mysterious marketing that only tries to disguise how sluggish and borring it is as an experience. And if you havent played it “spoiler Alert” everybodys dead and gone why you ask? The rapture of course! Gee thats some mystery i would have never thought of that! I dont know anything about tower of monsters and that too bothers me i want to at least have a passing familliarity with the ip if not directly than through WOrd of mouth but more often than not i have never heard of the game and a quick investigation reveals its an indy that looks like an atari game and plays like something made for ios or android! Dont expect me to thank you for the water and breadsticks when i am paying you for the meal.

    • Some people bring up the whole it’s only $50 for 24 free games which is a deal. I don’t care, the games still suck. I don’t game online so I’m actually paying to get the games(not free because no subscription = no games). If I buy a 99cent sandwich and it sucks I have every right to say it sucks not oh well it’s just 99cents. Okay so that’s not the best analogy but you know what I mean.

    • + syntalyn on October 26th, 2016 at 9:00 am said:
      Besides, November is a horrible month to give a free AAA game, with Skyrim, TitanFall 2, COD Infinate Warfare, Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2, and Final Fantasy XV, all coming out in rapid succession.
      That’s actually a really good point. I was thinking the lineup is underwhelming, but it makes perfect sense why it is so. Why would Sony want to cannibalize sales of these big games coming out in the big game season? It just wouldn’t make much business sense. Plus, I am not really tripping that much because I still have tons of PS+ games across all four platforms (PS3/4, PSP/Vita) that I haven’t even started.

    • + Element_Blu on October 26th, 2016 at 9:04 am said:
      You’re right that people are allowed to complain. You’re wrong that people who disagree with you are “idiots”.

      Well you clearly are given your reading comprehension. People who specifically don’t think we have a right to complain are idiots, not those that disagree with me which is evident from my original post.

    • Not sure it’s one of the very worst, I heard great things of Rapture, Dirts pretty good, and Tower of monsters is one of the funniest games ive played in a long time

    • All free games of 2016 available for PS4 with PS+ (including cross-buys):

      Grim Fandango Remastered
      Hardware: Rivals
      Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back Edition
      PixelJunk: Nom Nom Galaxy
      Flame Over
      Galak-Z: The Dimensional
      Dead Star
      Switch Galaxy Ultra
      Table Top Racing: World Tour
      Tropico 5
      NBA 2K16
      Gone Home: Console Edition
      Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
      Tricky Towers
      Rebel Galaxy
      Lords of the Fallen
      Badland: Game of the Year Edition
      Resident Evil
      Transformers: Devastation
      Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
      The Deadly Tower of Monsters
      Letter Quest Remastered
      Pumped BMX+

      Do most of these suck? Probably. But I’m not paying for PS+ for free games, I’m paying for PS+ to be able to play online. Maintaining online servers costs money and resources, so of course they are going to charge. I’m surprised it was free for a while to begin with. Still cheaper by $10 than Xbox Live.
      And FYI, I do like indie games. Journey is a great game. I also love a lot of other years’ free line ups. Don’t Starve, Towerfall: Ascension, etc.

  • ohhh , good line

  • WTF is this …. S



  • The deadly tower of monsters sounds interesting. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Looking forward to The Deadly Tower of Monsters. I have heard good things about that. Letter Quest Remastered is solid, but I already have that. The vita version is touchscreen, so if you don’t like that play it on PS4.

    • It’s such a cool game! Got it the day it came out and didn’t regret buying it at all. It literally has just about every terrible and corny thing in it that makes B-Movies so fun to watch. Quick game (took me about 8hrs to get Platinum) but still very creative and worth the short playthrough!

    • If you like B movies and MST3K, you’ll love DToM.

    • For those who keep trying to say these games are part of the subscription service. even if this was true. it’s still a free game that they did not have to give out back in the day people payed 50 ish $ just to play some online games, some systems even required you to buy new “adapters”.

  • Wow…..Just wow. I was hoping for at least Watchdogs on PS4 considering 2 is coming out in November. Asia even got Saints Row 4 and we got……….meh. Wtf Atleast beat out Asis please.

    • Just buy the damn game watch_dogs is like under twenty dollars by now

    • Seriously, it’s been on sale like crazy on PSN too. Sometimes I feel like people think PS+ is the only way to get games or something.

    • Watchdogs was a free title like 3 months ago and so was Saint’s Row 4. Sorry you missed out apparently, but I’d be ****ed if I they were the games up for free again instead of some games that I’ve actually never played.

    • wwe23mega We just got Saints Row Gat Outa Hell. We really don’t need another this soon.

    • Waiting for a specific game to be on the IGC is almost as bad as waiting to win the lottery. The IGC isn’t a list that you control with wishing.

  • You’re kidding right, Playstation? The extra $10 a year seems to be getting us even “better” games! Yay!

    Come on.

    • Have you paid the “extra” $10 yet?

      I haven’t and doubt anyone else has either considering that it’s a subscription and most of us haven’t had to renew our subscription.

      Not only that but you can still purchase subscription cards for the old price.

    • Let’s reflect on achievements following the $10 yearly increase. PS Now was brought to PC, PSVR was launched, PS4 Pro is ready for shipment on Nov 10. If we continue to look at all changes to the service a year from the price increase, that $10 will already be more worth it than it is. Looking at games alone is so small minded. You are paying for more than games, and the games alone are still worth far more than $60, even if you only have one of the three devices getting free games.

    • You thought the extra 10 dollars a month was for better games…. hahaha
      You are still paying less than a dollar per game for these titles. Believe me, youre lost if you think you deserve better titles for the pocket change you are charged for each game.

  • Wow I’m so happy they’re giving away deadly tower, that game’s amazing.

    • I know! And so few have played it so I’m glad more people can try it out and see all the fun it has to offer!

  • This has to be a trick so when do we get our treat

  • terrible lineup

  • Not even a box game…

    • Decent lineup this month. Don’t knock Deadly Tower of Monsters until you play it. It’s far better than you probably think. The Vita lineup this month is bad while the PS3 lineup is just ok. Hope the December lineup is better.

    • You are certainly right but i’m not rally into platform games.
      I’m happy with Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (typically the game u don’t want to buy but u want to try) but i thought it would be the “second” PS4 game and we would have a AAA with it (even a old one like Watchdog, The Evil within, Sleeping dogs, Killzone, etc…)

    • I played tower of monsters. It’s controls are bad, it’s bosses are a pushover, the mechanics have been dune a million times before and better. The Game is bad.

      But hey, at least it has a personality…..kind of.

  • I want the person in charge to be fired

    • For what?

    • I want the person in charge to be fired…

      …like a rocket to the top of Sony’s corporate infrastructure for his wise decision making and acute knowledge of the business!

    • Maybe a bit severe to say. But there should be some kind of system or a list for what members really want. I’m not the only obe who think this month’s plus games are bad. Last month and September’s weren’t bad

    • Really you guys are botching about not getting bigger games from a service you pay 60 bucks a year for which mind you is the price of the a game why should Sony give us games that are the same price we pay a yearly fee of they would be losing money grow up stop being entitled asshats it’s people like you that ruin stuff for other people

    • You can’t even name the person in charge or know the process that goes into getting games added to the IGC. Don’t download them and cancel your PS+, that’s what you control.

    • So I can put “I want the person in charge to be fired” on this blog but when it comes to making fun of Shinra or now even TJ the admin doesn’t approve it

  • I’ve been looking forward to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Will there be any added features for the PS4 Pro?

  • Absolutely shocking lineup. Will there ever be a AAA game!!?? Was so optimistic for this month but we have been let down YET AGAIN!

    • I think that as long as games are selling, the developers will not want to make the game free. AAA titles tend to sell a lot longer and PS4 is only like three years old. I suspect that closer to the end of the gen we will start getting more AAA, once everyone who wants them has bought them, but of course they will be AAA games from early in the gen.

  • Well, this is a drop compared to last 2 months, but wanted to try everybody’s gone to the rapture, which makes me stay positive but certainly doesn’t worth price increase. I am trying to get rid of cursing habit so hopefullly next month will be decent


  • Another r.i.p to the November PlayStation plus game rumour about a AAA game for November

  • Granted I’m not hugely excited with this lineup (I’ve already played Rapture) but if there’s going to be an off month I think November is the time to have it since there are so many new game releases to keep me busy..

  • 1 game i aready own. Better this month.

    – Everybodys Gone To The Rapture (aready own got it on sale boring waste of money)
    – The Deadly Tower of monsters (WTF…)
    – Dirt 3 (been meaning to get this game thanks sony)
    – Costume Quest 2 (Got it free on xbox 1 might as get it for Ps3 lol)
    – two vita games eeh oh well at least we get 4 games this month on Ps4 lol

    Still missing the day one indies instead of this

  • Wow! Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture was my FAVOURITE game of 2015 (note: Bloodborne was in the running) — it has a powerful and deeply introspective narrative, and a beautiful environment! What an amazing free title!

    I’m looking forward to trying The Deadly Tower of Monsters! And the Tomorrow Children just went free to play (and World War Toons soon will), which makes for an outstanding lineup of free games this month!

  • Nice list, all except maybe BMX. And heck, I only own one of these (Costume Quest 2), so I’m happy with it. Especially the PS4 offerings, good job.

  • That really doesn’t tell me anything about Tower of Monsters. I don’t even know what kind of game it is based on that description. Still at least I don’t have any of these games. Never played the original Costume Quest.

  • solid october line up and then back to the typical garbage lineups for november.

    not sure what the ps+ price increase went to, but it obviously wasn’t the monthly game lineups.

  • So can i get Letter Quest on PS4 even if i don’t have a Vita? Not familiar with cross buy

  • This really doesn’t make my subscription feel anything even remotely close to value for money.

    • Just curious, but what were you expecting for $5 per month on top of online game play, online game saves, and auto-downloading of pre-order content?

  • LOL what a joke. Between the poor offerings, the choppy online service that almost never works now, and the price hike to $60. I won’t be renewing anytime soon. Thanks Sony, for making me realize that, I just needed the extra push.

  • Pretty decent month IMO. Definitely interested in Deadly Tower of Monsters and Pumped BMX, will probably check out Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture as well. Letter Quest Remastered is actually a great game too, hopefully most people don’t over look it!

    Please don’t take all these negative “Not even a box game…” and “why no AAA?” comments too seriously. Indie games are awesome, please always keep them in the mix like you have this month!

  • this really has been a disappointing year for PS+, I think the best offering was probably Rebel Galaxy… And that game is a B- at best.

  • They are free, you pay $60 a year and get 100’s of dollars in games and discounts. If they gave out uncharted 4 you would all cry that you already own it. Cant make everyone happy so shut up. Or tell them what games you want and maybe sony will listen

    • you pay 60$ for a service that is supposed to be FREE (online multiplayer) to justify your purchase, they give you the games, now that it is risen to 60$ a year, we expect better games lineup, not to mention the fact that PSN GOT TAKEN DOWN AGAIN! after raising the price, it is dissapointing and you know exactly why, stop being a fanboy and say what you want, stop protecting a company for a bad decision they made… they should have given out, like Watch_Dogs and a bad Indie game that doesnt sell well at all… or something like that, with the price of 60$ you expect a better service…

    • If you have to pay money to access the “free” content then it’s not free. It’s part of the service you’re *paying* for. Buy one get one free offers aren’t giving you a free item otherwise you wouldn’t need to buy the first item. You’re buying two of the items at 50% off.

    • Passing sixty bucks means it’s free? What mentally deficient logic is that?

    • + yarinn4n That recent PSN outage was due to a DOS attack on a service Playstation uses, not Playstation itself. Twitter and PayPal were down too, along with other services. DOS attacks get everyone. Blame the people performing them, not the companies that fall victim. As for the $10, Sony is putting it to good use. We just got PSVR and now we are getting PS4 Pro. PS Now was also moved to PC. Continue to watch what else Sony accomplishes over the year following the price increase. I am sure your mom’s $10 investment will be satisfied.


      Why do you bring up everyone’s mom when you feel threatened? You got mommy’s issues?

  • Its agreat month for The Deadly Tower of Monsters alone. Will also pick up the 2 “vita” selections

  • deffinetly not a BAD lineup compared to the ohter stuff beforehand BUT now that we pay MORE for the service, and it still gets taken down pretty easily, we expect a good lineup, not this… Very dissapointed

  • I have been using Playstation Plus for about 5 years,
    and i must say this has gotta be the worst game lineup yet. What ever happened to “Vote To Play” program?

    • @OrdoAdChao-8
      People didn’t like it for a number of reasons. For one, it’s a vote so right off the back your disappointing the 30-60% of the voters who wanted the option that didn’t win. Second, it sorta ruined the surprise of the big “headline title” for the month.

  • This is a joke right? I have playstation plus just to play games online. Which by far isn’t worth 60$ a year. It was hardly worth 50$ but you know a couple free games a month and I figured you know what they upped the price to add some decent games to the free lineup. I was absolutely wrong. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut for months now. Thinking. Oh next month they’ll give us a good game nahh it’ll be next month. Honestly I used to get excited to hear what games were in the line up. But anymore I just wonder how the games are picked..I’m afraid this is done intentionally. Haha it’s hilarious honestly. And I can garauntee some Sony entertainment fanboy is gonna be like ohhhhhhh your tots wrong G those are good games. And to that individual I envy your ignorance.

    • you my friend, speak the truth, althought in the PS4’s lifespan there were some pretty good months (like 3/4 months in more than 3 years!!!) the 60$ is a joke, and the IGC needs to be better, every month, especially when they up the price to an absurd 60$/year and the PSN gets taken down by hackers every 2months or so, the pricing is a joke, the security is a joke, the games are a joke, the concept of paying for online gaming is a joke… unless we are going to see an increase in quality after the 60$ price tag (like there was for the months of Sep/Oct), people will stop purchasing the subsciption….

    • So, according to you, if someone actually enjoys the games that are given out this month, they are ignorant? Gee. That’s a pretty self-centered view. Not saying anything about the quality of the games here, just your general attitude.

    • ” I’ve been keeping my mouth shut for months now.”

      10/10 Would experience those months again.

  • so you jack the prices up and still give us **** titles and your servers are still ****….

  • This line up is pretty solid. I’ve heard good things about tower of monsters. Can’t wait!

  • Every mount pay fot this stuped games? Wtf!!!

    • If you can’t even spell “stupid” right while accusing Sony for being one, that doesn’t help making people to agree with you. /just saying

  • Enjoy what? Have I ever fantasised about being in a B movie? No. I have fantasised about picking off the idiot that chose this crap with a sniper rifle though. When I bought my PS4 i couldn’t transfer my PS3 games over even though I paid hard cash and the games are now playable on PS4.. If I want to play a past game I have to pay a premium. If I want to get ripped off then I carry on with PS Plus. I don’t think so. Thank you and goodnight, Sony.

  • Come on PS. Try a little harder. I havent even heard of these games before.

  • Looking forward to the PS4 titles.

  • Was expecting massive disappointment.

    Was not prepared for this level of disappointment.

  • I’m done with PlayStation Plus not going to renew when it comes time who in there right mind thinks hey let’s have this for free for are PlayStation Plus Subscribers. If nobody bought when you had to pay for it then just why you might get a few people that well but the majority of PlayStation plus subscribers want a major title for free this is why it’s called Plus got to sign up if you want to play. Last month was awesome resident evil and transformers I can behind that but this month just a waste of my time better off getting Xbox live at lease they give you games you want to play.

    • What game are those?

    • They give away two games per console.

      It is factually impossible for them to, even if you count among all six, release a title that would appeal to everyone. Which means that no matter WHAT games they pick, someone is going to not like the games each month. Which means eventually it’ll be your turn to not like them.

      It is inevitable. Sorry.

  • Mamaste Sony, es pura caca, debería haber una opción que te deje elegir un juego de los anteriores meses, a cambio de los del mes.

    • Not a bad idea, having the option to get an older free PS Plus title in exchange for one of the current offerings, but I don’t think that’s feasible. Sony has to compensate publishers and developers because they don’t own the games they give away, and I believe having titles always available would drive up costs too much.

      It’s a business after all, and if Sony loses money, EVERY PS gamer’s situation is going to be worse.

  • Excellent lineup, several games I’ve been close to picking up on multiple occasions. Nice to see them in the instant collection.

  • I’m extremely happy with the ps4 offerings this month. I never picked up Everbody’s Gone to the Rapture and likely wouldn’t have experienced it without this service. The Deadly Tower of Monsters caught my eye months back but, again, I wouldn’t have played it without PS +. I agree that in some months, the games suck but this is not a month I’m willing to complain about. AND even if the games aren’t the best, we’re paying less than a dollar per game.

  • Take away whether or not these line-ups are good they will never compare to what XBox is doing for their users. I am starting to wish I had a Gold subscription because every game from Games with Gold is available on the Bone… Playstation offers these free PS3 games which take up spots on the Plus list but you need your PS3. They have got to get rid of PSNow and just find out how to get backwards compatibility working. These lineups would become so much better if you had one platform to access all of them.

    PS: I am kind of disappointed about Watch Dogs not being here. I fell into the hype of rumors swirling that it would be free. My fault I guess.

    • Same here man/or madam. Same here…….

    • Sadly, it is not possible.

      I mean from a hardware perspective, it is genuinely not possible.

      It sucks, absolutely. But the unique, proprietary hardware they used in the PS3 means that they can’t just run the games, they’d have to emulate a PS3. Sadly, that is extremely resource intensive… and as a result, the PS4 is simply not powerful enough to emulate a PS3 AND run the game.(even modern top end computers struggle to do that, if we’re being honest, and the PS4 is not nearly as powerful as that)

      Whereas the Xbox 360 was basically a PC already. It ran a version of Windows on it, albeit kind of pared down. And the XBO is using a version of Windows 10… so the two interface fairly easily and thus the backwards compatibility is much more feasible.

      Fortunately, since they went with a more traditional pc-style architecture for the PS4, that means that any future consoles should be able to be backwards compatible. So there’s that. If we have another generation, backwards compatibility may be possible. But not for this generation. Sorry.

      As far as it goes though, my house isn’t so cluttered that I can’t fit a PS3, a PSTV and a PS4 on my console stand. So I’m okay with this.

  • I want to give my dislike on youtube!

  • I think PlayStation should give up and shutdown the whole service what a rip off always under maintenance always getting hacked and they make you pay £39.99 a year to be able to play online keep getting **** games every month!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nothing for me this time, but as long as they keep putting out a steady stream of PS VR titles and providing some mild PS+ discounts to them along the way (as in the case of Here They Lie), I’m not too disappoionted. There’s plenty to keep me busy with PS VR for a while at this point.

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