Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Crawls to PS4, Vita Tomorrow

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Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Crawls to PS4, Vita Tomorrow

Did you know this Halloween there will be no moon in the sky? It’s been 19 years since the last time All Hallows’ Eve fell on a New Moon. What could be more creepy than spending an evening exploring an abandoned mansion without the moon to light your way? Visiting that mansion’s graveyard, perhaps!

As you’ve already read, real world phenomena are important in Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, out this week for PS4 and PS Vita. This is a game that seeks to blur the line between video game and reality. When you play during a real life rainstorm, it’s also raining in the game. If you play in the evening, it’s night at Blackbird Estate, the creaky abandoned manor in which the game is set. And the moon phase outside your window is the same in the game as well. There are mysteries, rare moths, and secret passages that you’ll only encounter during certain phases of the moon. The New Moon is particularly significant.

So yes, this is your chance to spend Halloween seeking clues in stained glass windows and decrypting ancient stone etchings on the darkest of nights in a game that uniquely echoes real life. But there’s more. We programmed Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon to know what specific day of the year it is, too. And we created a little surprise that only appears the week of Halloween. While we were working on the game, we asked all of our fans for a particular type of Halloween submission, and we chose our favourite. You’ll have to find it for yourself in the sprawling Blackbird Estate, however.

Much has been made of the game’s Platinum Trophy. Obtaining it will require devotion and cleverness far beyond what you’d normally expect. You see, Halloween isn’t the only time of year that changes Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, and rainstorms and moon phases aren’t the only way that reality seeps into your game experience.

Centuries ago there was a secret society called The Knights of the Buried Chambers whose membership included key figures of the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the Order of the Asiatic Brethren. We researched this group thoroughly, and the secret society in Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon is modeled after them, faithfully depicting their rituals and customs. The game even features the cipher alphabet the Knights used to write secret messages! Doing your own research will reveal a whole new understanding of the game, explain what is afoot in the deepest levels of the story, and put you on the path to the real life mystery of the Knights of the Buried Chambers. There are certain events which only occur a few times every year. You will comprehend all of this and know how it fits into this fiendish puzzle before that Platinum Trophy is in your hands.

“I thought Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon was an action game?” you may be asking yourself. Don’t worry. It is! You don’t have to pay attention to any of this nonsense to build your own webs, tackle hornets out of mid-air, or hunt insects. You never even have to understand the story of the family that once lived at Blackbird Estate, nor learn why The Knights of the Buried Chambers built the place. A real life spider wouldn’t care, so why should you?

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  • Excellent! I have been wanting to try this game its sounds awesome! Will it be cross buy? Day 1 purchase for me than fosure!

  • Sounds awesome!

  • Seems like a perfect season for this kind of game!

    • Thanks! Personally, I could explore an abandoned mansion and search for clues in weathervanes and the epitaphs on graves any season of the year, but I guess that’s why I liked working on a game like this one. ;) Did you have any questions?

  • Wow, does this sound spectacular! I an very intrigued and being a first generation Trophy Hunter I will definitely be buying this game. What is the price??

  • Since I heard about this game a while back I’ve been intrigued. Unsure why but I really like the time/ weather concept. Kind of crept up on me in the end but pleasantly surprised that its being released tomorrow. Discount sweetens the deal but I would have picked it up anyway, especially seeing as its on the Vita (thank you).

    • Thanks! We really hope you enjoy it. You can play through the game without being blocked, but keep an eye on the weather and moon phase in real life, and when something special happens, fire up your Vita of PS4 to see some special content!

  • I love jumping spiders, and have been waiting for this one for a while. I’m there!

  • I’ll be buying this eventually but it seems to be a looong and hard plat

  • is this the same game that was out on iPhone a while ago? it looks familiar but sounds different, like you added a lot of layers that weren’t in the iPhone game.

    • You definitely want to play it on your PS4 or Vita! The game has a ton of layers, yes. When you first start, you can play it pretty casually. As you get deeper into it, you can find the harder challenges. I think if you were to visit every level in every condition, get Knight ranking scores, solve every Mystery, and gather every Trophy, you’d be looking at easily 30 hours of gameplay. And that’s if you’re insanely good!

  • This sounds so cool!
    So, how exactly does it track the weather? Days and moon phases sound much more easy to program. I’m very interested in the game, just curious as to how well this weather mechanic will actually work.

    • Neither is THAT easy. Even for day/night, we need to look up what time the sun rises and sets where you live. The way it works is that first you give it permission to look up your location. Then we use a service called Dark Sky, which is pretty excellent (I use it every day now for weather forecasts) and is location-specific down to the street address! So in theory it knows if it’s raining at your house but not 3 blocks away, and it does work often and it’s pretty magical when it does. Almost creepy, like the game is watching your house or something. However in practice, weather prediction is still a very inexact science, and if you don’t have GPS, it uses your IP provider’s address, which may be a short distance away from your actual location. So it doesn’t work perfectly. But it works about as well as anything else we researched!

  • Interesting using of dynamic weather / moon-cycle

    • Thanks, yeah! We were inspired by games like Animal Crossing which had similar mechanics. I always found it really fun to wait until night to search for certain insects, or to log in and see that it was raining and realize that meant I should go fishing to catch rare fish. But those games were very limited in how they used those features, and we wanted to push them really far and see how much interest we could get from them. Hope you enjoy it!

  • I remember buying the original Spider game for iphone back in 2009 for about $2. (not a sale, that was just the normal price) I’m assuming the price won’t be that cheap here on the console. Will there be substantial additions to justify a higher price? (What is the price?) The Platinum trophy is already pretty enticing, but I would also assume the game is much bigger now, and the graphics overhauled for a more modern era? I do remember the original being a decent little game and having fun with it. I’m interested in seeing what changes have been made to change it from a simple mobile game to a more developed console platforming indie. Cheers.

    • Oh man, yeah. The original Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor seems SO CUTE and TINY compared to this game. I just watched a horror movie the other day, Lights Out. Ever hear of it? It’s pretty good, very scary. And then I remembered that it reminded me a lot of a 2 1/2 minute long short on YouTube I watched a few years ago. Turns out, it was the same director! He upgrades his 2.5 minute short into a full feature length movie. Well, that’s pretty much what we did with Spider. Updated our cute demo game into a fully grown console game. The first took about 1.5 person-years of effort. This one took 9 person-years!

    • Here’s what you can expect in Spider:

      – Dozens of collectible insects, each with its own dynamic behaviors and tricks for trapping them.
      – Different types of webs you can build.
      – A huge world map of Blackbird Estate, featuring 7 different buildings to explore, including a windmill, a ship, and more!
      – 7 Mysteries you can solve by collecting Clues and being super clever.
      – 30 levels, each of which has 4 different variations on gameplay for Day/Night and Rainy/Clear.
      – Almost 50 trophies, including one Platinum!
      – A story told without words of the family who once lived at Blackbird Estate and the secret society with a mysterious hidden agenda who build the place.
      – Competitive leaderboards for each level, and brand new ways to get ever deeper into the scoring system. 4 ranks to achieve with your points: Searcher, Keeper, Scholar, and Knight!
      – Bugs that can fight you, levels seen from overhead, secret passages you can discover, rare moths that only comes out at certain times, slippery surfaces you can’t climb, moving surfaces that snap your threads, strong insects that break your webs, … the list goes on!

      Thanks for enjoying Spider and we’re sure you’ll love this one even more!

    • Awesome! Thanks for the thorough response Randy. Yea, sounds like I’ll really like this one.If not right now, I definitely will pick it up soon. :)

  • So what happens if you live in the desert, like Arizona where it only rains like 2 days a year? How do you complete the game?

    • We get this question a lot! The best answer is that there is a Weather Device in the game that will change the current weather for one hour. It gets recharged every moon phase, which effectively means you can use it once per 3.5 days. Another answer is that if you decline to use the locational features, the game will use the location of Blackbird Estate in real life. It’s a secret where that is, but it definitely rains there more than it does in Arizona!

  • Any chance of World of Final Fantasy PSN page getting fixed for Vita?

  • I just wanted to say that I thought Waking Mars was really great. I’ve been waiting for this to come to console. Buying now!

  • Who did the music for this game? Absolutely amazing soundtrack, love that it changes every few minutes. Never get tired listening to the same thing when stuck figuring out a level.

    • Thanks! I just sent the musicians and audio designers a huge email of appreciation the other day while testing. It’s so good, right? We have a handful of professional indie musicians we are proud to collaborate with on our soundtracks. Check them out here – https://tigerstyle.bandcamp.com/

  • So I ended up picking it up. Downloading now. I gave up on IOS gaming years ago, even though the wife has an iPad. For me, I like the options of playing with buttons and joysticks if I want to. I can’t stand being restricted to touchscreen only controls. So for me, the Vita and PS4 (but mostly my Vita) will be the ultimate way to play this game. I’m assuming I can choose switch standard & touchscreen controls? Thanks again for your help Randy. I saw all the wonderful reviews from the IOS version last year, so I had to pick it up!

    • Thanks! We appreciate your support and hope the game exceeds your expectations. Email me at randy at tigerstylegames dot com if you get stuck or anything. :D

    • Yea, np! Lovin it so far. Placed lucky #13 on the first level, on my first attempt… but I know I can do better. ;) Of course we have the DRYEST summers here, but you literally released within the first week and 1/2 or so of our rainy season, so my spider is soaked! Haha! The illuminati mystery thing is something that intrigues me. I’m an American now living in Portugal, and there is some CRAZY history of that type here, especially the mountains, palaces “quintas” of Sintra nearby. I won’t get too much into it here ha. You guys could seriously visit here and inspire for a future sequel. ;)

    • You’re speaking my language! Also very impressed with your scoring abilities. Did you check out the gameplay tips to learn how scoring works? Written here – http://www.shroudedmoon.com/SpiderTips.html Video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxlonLIXyk4

  • Maaaaan! I absolutely loved Spider back in 2009. Out of the literal hundreds of iphone games I purchased around that time, it was easily one of my favorites. I have since moved away from mobile gaming in general, so seeing a Spider sequel appear on the PS4 last night meant an instant and feverish purchase for me. The original did some truly unique blending of really fun mechanics and thoughtful/macbre world building. I have really enjoyed my first hour with the sequel and it has become quickly apparent that this game is starting to go some really banana places…and I love bananas! Thanks Randy and crew. Also, Waking Mars is dope.

    • *Deep bow* Thank you for the compliments, and please continue to enjoy Spider. It goes very deep, in fact! Pretty much as deep as you can bring yourself to follow.

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