PS Experience 2016: Collectible Cards Are Back

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PS Experience 2016: Collectible Cards Are Back

We know gamers love collecting stuff but… sheesh.

When we announced the PlayStation Collectible Cards program last year, we thought it would be a fun little diversion for fans attending PlayStation Experience 2015 in San Francisco, CA. Little did we know that people would become completely obsessed with finding all the cards peppered throughout the show. Attendees interrogated event staff, created deep Reddit threads, offered up their life savings and/or unborn children… all to find and nab as many different cards as possible.

We wrapped up Series 1 of the PlayStation Collectible Cards with #36 (given out at The Road to Greatness tour) and #37 (E3 Experience). Now we’re ready to kick off Series 2 with cards #38 through #74, to be released at PlayStation Experience 2016 in Anaheim, CA, on December 3 and 4. These cards are limited edition and have spot foil printing, and you’ll never find the same ones anywhere else.

We’ll give out PlayStation Trophy cards for accomplishing certain tasks during the event. You’ll find out how at the show via the PlayStation Experience app. And hey, you will get a Bronze Trophy card just by showing up — look for it in your gift bag.

You can get other cards by visiting certain locations and booths on the show floor and playing game demos. Which locations/booths/demos? That’s for you to figure out (outside of the three we previewed above). But please, no need to empty any bank accounts here. The cards are free for any PlayStation Experience attendee, while supplies last.

And if you’re late to the card-collecting party, don’t fret. At PlayStation Experience 2016, we’ll be selling a limited number of Series 1 deck reprints, only without the special foil overlay that the originals have.

Everyone going to PlayStation Experience 2016 will also receive in their gift bags a special tuckbox to store their cards in. Our design team went above and beyond to create a really slick design for the deckbox this year.

One last thing for the seriously serious collectors out there: make sure you stop by the merchandise booth at PlayStation Experience 2016. Besides Series 1 reprints, the store will be selling special PlayStation-branded binders to show off your obsession… er, collection.

And don’t forget, tickets to PlayStation Experience 2016 are available now! See you at the show!

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