PS Experience 2016: Collectible Cards Are Back

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PS Experience 2016: Collectible Cards Are Back

We know gamers love collecting stuff but… sheesh.

When we announced the PlayStation Collectible Cards program last year, we thought it would be a fun little diversion for fans attending PlayStation Experience 2015 in San Francisco, CA. Little did we know that people would become completely obsessed with finding all the cards peppered throughout the show. Attendees interrogated event staff, created deep Reddit threads, offered up their life savings and/or unborn children… all to find and nab as many different cards as possible.

We wrapped up Series 1 of the PlayStation Collectible Cards with #36 (given out at The Road to Greatness tour) and #37 (E3 Experience). Now we’re ready to kick off Series 2 with cards #38 through #74, to be released at PlayStation Experience 2016 in Anaheim, CA, on December 3 and 4. These cards are limited edition and have spot foil printing, and you’ll never find the same ones anywhere else.

We’ll give out PlayStation Trophy cards for accomplishing certain tasks during the event. You’ll find out how at the show via the PlayStation Experience app. And hey, you will get a Bronze Trophy card just by showing up — look for it in your gift bag.

You can get other cards by visiting certain locations and booths on the show floor and playing game demos. Which locations/booths/demos? That’s for you to figure out (outside of the three we previewed above). But please, no need to empty any bank accounts here. The cards are free for any PlayStation Experience attendee, while supplies last.

And if you’re late to the card-collecting party, don’t fret. At PlayStation Experience 2016, we’ll be selling a limited number of Series 1 deck reprints, only without the special foil overlay that the originals have.

Everyone going to PlayStation Experience 2016 will also receive in their gift bags a special tuckbox to store their cards in. Our design team went above and beyond to create a really slick design for the deckbox this year.

One last thing for the seriously serious collectors out there: make sure you stop by the merchandise booth at PlayStation Experience 2016. Besides Series 1 reprints, the store will be selling special PlayStation-branded binders to show off your obsession… er, collection.

And don’t forget, tickets to PlayStation Experience 2016 are available now! See you at the show!

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  • That Last Guardian card is seriously beautiful. I love that Sony does little things like this, but sadly i only have the e3 PlayStation Experience card.

  • Now how can those of us not fortunate enough to fly to CA get in on the fun? I want some of those goodies too!!

    • Series 1 will be on sale at PSX for those who didnt go last year, but it looks to be only at PSX 16′. So if you know someone you could probably get them to get you a set.

    • Unfortunately the PlayStation Experience cards are only available at the event itself. We do, however, also offer cards at the E3 Experience events, as well as Road to Greatness stops!

  • U wouldn’t mind this popping up in theaters like e3…just my 2 cents

  • is PSN down? i cant connect online, anyone having the same issue?

  • Will there be a Hatsune Miku card

    • Trying to keep as many cards a secret as possible. Part of the fun is discovering all the cards in the set :)

  • Sony why Cant PS experience be in NY switch it up for Next year dammit

  • Can you just sell the cards on the PS Store? I’m sure there would be plenty of customers that would be willing to pay for them. Just think of all the fans that can not attend the event.

    • They could in the future, but think of it like pins for PAX. They want something fun for the people who do attend and want to make them collectible for the people who spend the money to attend the event.

  • Hi Guys, any plans for a PLAYSTATION EXPERIENCE on Central America. I’m from Guatemala and I’ll love to see one on the future! :) Keep up the excellent job PlayStation!

  • Need me a Hideo Kojima card.

  • I have all of them and have created a custom binder for them already. Can’t wait for PSX 2016 to grow the collection! Pictures of all of them and the binder soon to come. Check them out! @digitalwolf

  • 2 questions Michael: will the reprints from series 1 just be the bronze ones or include the platnum ones as well? And are there platnum variants of the next 36 cards or no? Collecting all the platnum variants last year was a pain and took the fun out of collecting them.

    • the reprints have blue instead of bronze or platinum. they said no reprints will have any kind of foiling.

    • quikblend is correct about the reprints of Series 1. You’ll be happy to know that we’re removing the two variants of each card for the 2016 set, though. Everybody will receive the platinum version :)

  • Wish you would just sell the cards.

    Sony, your merchandising game is weak. Extremely weak. Take notes from Nintendo, you can’t go anywhere without seeing licensed Nintendo stuff. Pajama bottoms, shirts, toys, stuffed animals, whatever.

    Best thing I’ve ever seen related to PlayStation were candies in little tins shaped like the PSP.

    • lol, cry some more.

      I’ll be at PSX grabbing some sweet loot.

    • They will be selling the series 1 cards, just not with the foil, and only at PSX. If you know someone going, just ask them to buy you a set. This is mainly because it will be way cheaper than what Ebay people charge.

  • Gamers LOVE play games not collecting cards, like those Vita Owners without support ….

  • I hope next year it will be on the east coast!

  • Sony.. PlayStation…

    seriously stop doing everything in California and the West Coast…

    not everyone can travel across country all the time…

    you guys need to show love for the rest of America…

    start doing more PlayStation experience and events on the East Coast…

    and I’m not talking about New York…

    there are plenty of other great cities that would have amazing turnouts… Philly, Baltimore, Annapolis, Boston…. etc, etc…

  • My only wish is that the PSX event had a digital trophy attached to it. The cards are great and all, but I would have loved to been able to display my bronze, silver, gold and plat trophies on my account from last PSX. With the companion app for the event and the check list to get rewards and cards it makes it’s own “trophy list” to 100 percent and plat the event.
    Will we ever get digital trophies that correspond to the cards?

  • Hope psx comes back next year where it all started las vegas nevada.

  • I almost wish you guys wouldn’t post these kinds of things, where more people will read the blog post than be able to participate.
    “Hey guys, just wanted to show you what most of you get to miss out on! Woo!”

  • Trophy cards again?

    Why don’t you give us actual trophies on our profile?

    You’re asking us to link our PSN accounts for really no reason(the rewards were actually tied to the NFC chip in our badge, not our PSN account), The PSN account name was not used for anything other then it printing on the badge and whatever data collection benefits you got.

    Give us actual PSN trophies on our profile for attending, checking out booths and a platinum for knocking off the entire checklist.

    Come on now, there’s no way several people internally hadn’t thought of this themselves already. Whoever decided against doing this is wrong.

  • Also, give everybody two of every card when they go to a booth. Trading will be a lot better if everyone had trade fodder.

  • I’m glad I wasn’t alone being obsessed over the cards.

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