Snow Beta Hits the Slopes October 25 on PS4

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Snow Beta Hits the Slopes October 25 on PS4

Nearly two years ago I had the pleasure of announcing that Snow, our free-to-play, open world winter sports game, would be coming to PS4 as a console exclusive. When this announcement was made, we had just launched our PC Alpha and have since been working through a long list of new features and content that we wanted in the game for Snow’s launch on console. We’ve been working together with our incredibly supportive and insightful community to develop the game into the experience we believe best represents the sports and the majesty of the mountain — and we’re nearly there.

So without further ado, I’m proud and excited to announce that on October 25 our massive, open-world mountain will be open to skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobiles in the PS4 Snow Beta!

Since we first announced Snow on PS4, a lot has changed. Sialia, our open-world mountain, is now full of unique areas to explore, including a cargo plane wreckage, an ancient castle, and a mountain observatory — to name a few. There are more than two dozen drop points on the mountain, each with a distinctive look and gameplay elements that provide countless new challenges. Perhaps the most significant change to Snow is the addition of snowboarding and snowmobiles, which offer new ways for players to ride the mountain and define their own unique style.

When it comes to unique style, choosing your sport is just the beginning. Thanks to partnerships with the biggest brands in winter sports, we boast one of the largest number of apparel partners of any winter sports game! No matter who you are, there are skis, boards, and lots of other clothing and equipment waiting for you in the in-game store!

In addition to the PS4 launch, we have also been working on another surprise. For the first time in nearly 20 years, the Winter X Games is coming to console! We’ve partnered up with ESPN and have been working closely with their team to recreate the exact course from the 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen. The mountain includes the Slopestyle, Super Pipe, and Big Air courses, all accurately reproduced for your riding pleasure. Players who successfully complete all three X Games events with Gold Medals will unlock the exclusive in-game X Games hoodie. So keep an eye out for players wearing this on our Multiplayer servers — they know how to shred!

The Snow Beta will cost $19.99 and gets you a lot more than a chance to see the game still in development. By joining the Beta, you will receive the Founder’s Pack, consisting of more than $30 worth of clothing, equipment, and exclusive items. This includes two full outfits (including skis and snowboard) of the latest clothing and equipment from the biggest brands. The bundle also includes two PS4 exclusive items: a gold snowmobile and a gold drone — both of which will only be available on PS4 during the Beta this fall.

Those of you with PlayStation Plus are in for a treat. In addition to the Beta items described above, you will receive another exclusive outfit — dedicated to the 80s! This one-of-a-kind outfit is a complete look, including skis and snowboard. If you love the 80s like we do, you’ll want to rock this rad outfit while you shred the gnar!

So that’s it — Snow is launching on October 25 on PS4 and we can’t wait to experience the mountain with all of you! There haven’t been any winter sports games released on this generation of consoles yet, so we’re proud that we get to be the first with Snow.

See you on the mountain!

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  • Love SNOW on Steam, so I am looking forward to this!

  • Is there like, a trailer or gameplay footage running on PS4 I can check out anywhere? I’m interested in checking this out.

  • Charging for a “beta” is not a great direction for consoles. If your game isn’t ready, but you need help testing, either pay people or do a limited free beta. If you have a completed product, stand behind it and patch as you need to.

  • Will the beta include Playstation VR support, or will that be included for the full release?

  • Ubisoft’s Steep team: “Oh it is ON now!”

    It’ll be interesting to compare the $60 (I assume) Steep to this $20 beta.

  • Hello Alexander,

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of this. I think the Founders Pack and PS Plus exclusives are great.

    I wanted to ask if you would consider doing some scenic Dynamic Themes for the PS4. It would be great to have one of the cool mountains and see people skiing or snowboarding down. Maybe have several Dynamic Themes for free and for a low cost.

    Also please consider some free and paid Avatar pictures as well.



    P.S. Would you consider doing some developer Twitch or YouTube play and chat videos in the future?

    • Yea wat he said 4 the uk as well

    • Alexander Bergendahl

      Hi Rob! We can definitely look into Dynamic Themes and Avatar pictures in the future, great idea! We’ll try do some live streams around the launch on PS4 :) If you want to chat with our developers we have a Discord channel that we hang out in during the day – come say hi!

  • Can you walk in this game?

    • No you cant walk in snow but ask the development team of snow to add walking and a camera mode to take snowfies lol selfies

    • Alexander Bergendahl

      Walking is something we’re looking to add for the full release or shortly thereafter. Until then you have a snowmobile to get around the mountain quickly :)

  • LOL at the skier in the trailer.

  • Also Snow The Game known as snow WILL be out in the eu/uk the sameday on 25th october 2016 i read a tweet from the official snow twitter page saying that NA/UK getting snow on 25th the same day not 2 or 3 days later everywhere 25th snow the game woohoooooooooo and greetings from the uk :)

  • That many people interested over a snow game that cpst money just for a beta???

  • I am the only one who thinks a “Beta” shouldn’t cost money?

    • I can agree, but you can think of it as buying into early access before the game comes out. Similar to how Paragon launched.

    • Alexander Bergendahl

      For a free-to-play game this isn’t uncommon. If you’d like to get a better deal than you would in-game this is the opportunity. Also, we’re a team of 7 developers and are self publishing the game. Supporting the Beta is directly contributing to the development of the game!

  • Coming out the same day as Infinite Air…. Well played. I’ll still be picking up Infinite Air. After playing this on steam and playing that as Gamestop Expo. Infinite Air has a bit better control scheme. I’ll be looking forward to exploring both games!

    • Alexander Bergendahl

      Hope to see you on the mountain. We have lots of improvements coming to the game this fall and winter and will keep working with the community to create the game everybody wants. Would love your feedback, so please come say hi on Discord!

  • A paid beta? For a free-to-play game?? Just bring back SSX please, I miss it. This screams PTW. NOPE

  • This is silly.

  • Wait what? $20 for the beta but Early Access is free on steam? Well then, ill go and download it on steam right now.

    • Alexander Bergendahl

      Just like on Steam, the game is first released as a paid game to offer our community an opportunity to get some exclusive and cheaper content. The game will then go free-to-play for everyone else. As a small team of 7 that is self publishing this game, supporting our beta directly contributes to the game’s development. Hope that makes sense!

  • The balls on Poppermost to think it is reasonable for people TO PAY for a BETA. Why would I as a consumer pay money to beta test your game? That is absolutely absurd. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Alexander Bergendahl

      As I stated above, this isn’t uncommon and used as a way to give our core community something exclusive. As we are a small, self financed team, we rely on the support of our community. We don’t have a publisher, so supporting the Beta directly contributes to the game’s development. I hope this makes sense and to see you on the mountain!

  • $20 Beta….yea get F#!@ed?

  • So we can’t have early access Ark but we can buy this beta?

  • >Free to play game,

    >beta costs 20$

    Also, i dobt know why people say the in-game store, its still gonna use the in-your wallet money.

    I rather pay 15-20$ for the whole game, instead of this bs

  • Will snow be a free to play

  • Do you have a dedicated youtube channel, or Twitter for discussion?

  • Why are we paying for the Beta? It is free on Stream. I was looking forward to this but now, no thanks. You will piss a lot of people off with this decision.

  • Shame shame shame on you. I really liked the look of this game and would have bought it. Not looking for free-to-play, I don’t mind paying for games that are worth playing.

    But now, no thanks. You really have a cheek to think you can charge for this beta. I won’t even try the free to play game now.

    Shame on you

  • i got no problem with a paid beta but why is there no trophy support at all? no list is showing up in my trophy section. bummer.

  • having slept over it, i am opting for a refund. i think i got a pretty good case there because a game without trophies on psn is unheard of and clearly a deal breaker. i switched the game off immediately after realizing that there will be no trophies. so playtime is about 10 minutes. thanks for nothing, whoever had the idea to put a game without trophies on psn and even charge for it. and what is going on with sony that they are allowing this?

  • Really funny: I asked for a refund and they stated “because i downloaded and started the game i can go away now, i will get zilch”.

    That there was no sign anywhere that this game will have no trophy support as a sole example in the psn – the support doesn’t care.

    Okay, devs.. thanks for that. Now i will have to consult a lawyer. Which will cost me way more than the 20 bucks. But i don’t care. I feel actively misled as a customer here.

    A game on psn without trophies is a dealbreaker. It is sad that it will need a lawyer to tell the Sony support that a deal was broken. The support still doesn’t give the slightest F. Why should i?

    Again, thanks, developpers of snow. Way to drive a loyal customer away.

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