LEGO Harry Potter Collection Launches Today on PS4

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LEGO Harry Potter Collection Launches Today on PS4

Get ready to return to Hogwarts, PlayStation fans! The LEGO Harry Potter Collection is here and for the first time allows gamers to experience LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 remastered on one disc, exclusively for PlayStation 4 players.

Spanning the events of seven books and eight films, the LEGO Harry Potter Collection follows Harry, Ron and Hermione as they embark upon their epic journey to stop the dark lord Voldemort, all with signature LEGO humor and charm. Filled with more spell-casting, potion-making, puzzle-solving and duelling than you can shake a wand at, the LEGO Harry Potter Collection is a must-have gift for any self-proclaimed Potter fan and a perfect way to prepare for the upcoming film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

This compilation also includes both downloadable content packs, allowing you access to ten additional characters and five extra spells! Ever wanted to cast Densaugeo at Salazar Slytherin? We’ve got you covered.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection

With enhanced graphics, environments, lighting and visual effects, along with two DLC packs, there’s plenty here to enjoy for LEGO Harry Potter fans new and old. We hope you enjoy the LEGO Harry Potter Collection as much as we do!

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  • I loved both games and it’s nice that gamers that haven’t enjoyed them on PS3 get a chance to do so

  • Yes. This is great. Would love to see you bring over other PS3 Lego games to PS4 as well.

  • I generally like remasters, but sometimes I just have to ask… why this title? Is there an overwhelming demand for Lego Harry Potter right now? >.>

    • The Harry Potter franchise has a very large built-it fanbase, and this title is meant to coincide with the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” film.

  • Wow, PS4 exclusive! That is very surprising. Well done Sony! This is a must have for my son and I! Thanks for bringing this to the PS4, soon to be PS4 Pro! :)

  • Did you guys fix the polyjuice potion glitch from years 1-4? That prevented my Wife and I from getting the platinum back in the day on PS3.

    • I don’t recall having this problem when I played the game, so I just looked around a bit and found that it seems to be tied to playing the game in multiplayer when you do that mission. Probably having something to do with both players needing to “unlock” the potion in order for it to trigger correctly, but that not being possible during normal play. So, if you don’t get a positive response, I’d recommend playing up to that point, or possibly just the polyjuice mission, in single-player to avoid the glitch.
      Sucks if necessary, but it seems a majority of the glitch stories I just found were from couples playing together. This would explain why a lot of the following games have the trophies listed as (Single-Player Only) for story unlocks.

  • I have played both games on 360 back in the day and would not mind getting two Platinum trophies. I hope they bring Lego POTC too

  • I don’t get why its exclusive to a platform. But I’ll probably pick it up on sale eventually – this is too pricey for a Lego re-release

  • I have gotten my lego harry potter fix with the team pack on dimensions. But I would like you all to bring the ps2 classics of Batman 1, Indiana Jones 1, & Star Wars prequel & original trilogies to the ps4. Thanks!

  • What a shame to see even the Lego games going into the recycled fashion.I hope it doesn’t happen to the other Lego games.

    Really curious about this Harry Potter choice though…its definitely to promote something that’s incoming.Maybe that new book.

  • I’ll definitely be picking this up, but please tell me that you guys are also working on a LEGO Star Wars Complete Collection for PS4! Me and my wife played the heck out of those games, and would love to revisit them on PS4. Even if it’s just LEGO Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy on one disc, I’d be ecstatic! I didn’t even know you guys were doing LEGO Harry Potter on PS4, so this was a nice surprise! I’m looking forward to diving back into this next week (I’m chipping away at my backlog before I buy new games!)

  • Never got around to getting these on PS3, so I’m glad they’re coming to PS4. Just have to wait for a price drop, too pricey.

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