Save a Beautiful Floating World in Tethered, Out October 25 on PS VR

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Save a Beautiful Floating World in Tethered, Out October 25 on PS VR

Hello, PlayStation peeps! We’ve waited a long time to share this news with you, and finally the word is out! Your quest to save The Peeps from perpetual despair can officially begin on October 25!

Tethered is a simple, unique, and totally immersive strategy game in which you play the part of a Spirit Guardian as you strive to restore balance to your world.

Evil has consumed your world. The Spirit Guardians have been imprisoned inside the ancient, collapsed Totems; only you remain free. The once beautiful floating islands of your universe now drift unguarded — ravaged by creatures of the night. You must wield your elemental powers and gather enough Spirit Energy, a mysterious source of power that permeates everything, in order to release the entombed Guardians and restore balance to the land.

To accomplish this quest, you’ll need help from the island’s inhabitants: The Peeps. Devoted, but overwhelmed by the evil that surrounds them, give them purpose; give them hope. Without them you’ll surely fail in your task, and without you they will inevitably succumb to despair. Your fates are “Tethered.”

Beautiful Archipelago
Tethered boasts 13 lovingly hand-painted sky islands for you to complete — each one hiding secrets, puzzles, and challenges. Gather enough Spirit Energy on each of the islands to fill the Totem and release the Spirit Guardian imprisoned within. Immerse yourself in the wonder and beauty of a magical universe, carefully crafted to allow you to escape reality.

Tethers Are Purpose
Simplicity is at the heart of every action you take as a Spirit Guardian. In Tethered, you control everything through our unique Tethering mechanic which allows natural and instinctive control over the world you inhabit. A Tether is a physical representation of “Purpose” and creates a contextual, ethereal bond between two things. Tethering is as intuitive as looking at two things you want to interact with.

Prepare By Day, Survive By Night
During daylight, command your Peeps to gather Spirit Energy and resources to improve your industry or defenses, for at night the resource-hungry creatures emerge from the island’s dark underbelly to feed! Each dawn represents a new hope; a chance to rebuild and continue your quest to gather Spirit Energy. Use everything at your disposal to protect your settlement and survive the night.

Wield Elemental Powers
As a god-like Spirit you can control many things, including the weather. Tether sun, rain, ice, and wind clouds to help your Peep’s population grow strong, or use the elements to smite your foes with fiery wrath! Replenish resources, freeze water, or even try Tethering weather to your Peeps — unusual effects can happen!

Sir, Yes Sir!
Your Peeps are more than just your loyal servants. Each one possesses the ability to be promoted into a specialist profession. Once your civic buildings have been constructed, new opportunities open up for you and your faithful subjects. Farmer, Woodsman, or Hero are among the types of promotion you can offer your Peeps — choose well for them!

Infrastructure begins small and simple, a Farm here or a Moot Hall there, but all building types can be upgraded and improved. Build an Armory and you can promote Heroes, then upgrade an Armory to a Pyromancer and you can arm those Heroes with explosive ranged projectiles!

We’ve focused on providing a unique, challenging, and totally comfortable virtual reality experience that will take you on an amazing journey across our beautiful sky island universe. If you want something different, something original, that boasts more than 8 hours of gameplay that’s been built for VR from the ground up, then look no further!

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  • Oh man! I’m loving my PSVR and am really looking forward to Tethered!

    There is something intensely satisfying about 3rd person games in VR (eg. Playroom VR — Robot’s Rescue). In fact, I think I enjoy 3rd person VR more than 1st person VR! With that said, Tethered, here I come!

    • Agreed. Playing Wayward Sky at the moment and the 3rd person aspect is pretty special. Tethered is on my radar.

    • Yeah, I’m playing Wayward Sky at the moment as well! Do try “Robots Rescue” in Playroom VR (a free download from the Playstation store) it is magical if you are a fan of modern 3D platformers..

    • Oh indeed I have played Playroom VR. Got the platinum last Friday night. Great experience for couch co-op, Robot’s Rescue was my favorite of all the mini games.

    • Playroom VR was bananas! I played with a friend and we truly loved the experience! The 3rd person platforming game was awesome too. If Tethered is anything the same, it should be a fun game.

    • +four24twenty That’s awesome! I think I’m going to trying playing Playroom VR with my significant other! I only have one controller, but just remembered that some of the multi-player games can be played with only one controller!

      +Mosqutus Playroom VR is so special. It’s amazing that it was a free download! I do hope that they consider spinning some of this content off into full-fledged games. I love the characters, the world, and the creativity!

  • Looks cute! But how does VR make this a better game? (That sounds snarky – it’s not. Genuinely curious.)

    • The VR helps you feel like an actual God amongst the Peeps. From what I’ve heard, PSVR does ‘scale’ well so you’ll actually feel like you’re above these little minions.

    • It will feel like you are controlling the behaviour of autonomous toys in a miniature world. Really. VR in 3rd person is enchating!

    • You really should try the “Robots Rescue” in the Playroom VR. It’s a little short, but if you see it, you will understand how this game could benefit from VR. You have to see it to understand. It’s like an apple. You can describe how it looks all day, but try describing how it tastes.(Besides sweet)

  • Was missing this game at launch, but glad to hear it’s on the way.

  • Sony, you’ve got a good device. Don’t let it go the way of the Vita.

    • The PSVR practically already has much more support than the vita ever had and it’s still just the launch window.

    • I agree 100% with Silent_Shadow. I know we’re not even a week after launch and its a bit premature to ride Sony on their support of PS VR, but Sony has struck GOLD with the PS VR and I really HOPE that devs continue to develop for it with creative games and fresh ideas (built from the ground up for VR) over the 3-5 year life of the device before we get PS VR2. I think most of us who are nervous about a possible lack of future support are the ones who are most passionate about PS VR and want it to succeed since we enjoy the experience at such a high level and plus we have invested a lot of our time and money into it. I’ve never bought so many launch games for any system as I have with the PS VR launch (so far I have bought 2 $60 games along with 6 $20-40 games just in the first week of owning the PS VR. With the PS VR I have finally become excited for gaming again.

  • So many games that I want!

  • Will this include a sandbox mode? This is one of my most anticipated PSVR games and I’m really looking forward to a VR “God game”, but I can already tell I’ll be purposely trying to stall each level as long as I can if there’s only 13. A sandbox mode where you could just try to survive as long as possible would be an amazing addition that would vastly increase replayability.

  • Please let there be a demo. I think I will like it. I find for now all psvr games should require a demo to test for motion sickness.

    • Many of the demos are just too short. Eve Valkyrie is a good example. Rez is really short, but gives a good idea of how it will make you feel. Rush of Blood does the full game no justice.

  • I did not want this game!! I thought it looked boring, and then………………..I went from mild irritation to “I want it NOW!!!”. I was hoping it would be a launch title, but after the huge demo disk, Eve, VR worlds, and here they lie, I havent completed any of them yet. This one is mine on release tho.

  • looks cool, what’s the price?

  • Day 1 for me, I love my PSVR, and this gives me hope of devs reviving my most beloved genre for consoles, RTS

  • They need to make Playroom VR’s robot rescue into a full game. I was just in ahh when i went through the first cave and the vines hit my face. Tethered is definitely something I want to try.

  • If Sony takes this stuff seriously, they should make an ENTIRE GAME from the “Robots Rescue” found on PlayroomVR. It is obviously inspired by a certain plumber (mushrooms? Coins?) but if done correctly, nobody would remember who that plumber is! So if this game is anything like that, I am seriously happy to see it. I also hope to see some fantasy games with dragons and medieval themes.

    • Robots Rescue is MAGICAL. It is simply incredible, and my favourite PSVR experience to date. I would absolutely LOVE a full game. I agree, it would offer an experience that would give any other platfomer a run for its money (including a certain franchise staring one Mr. M)..

      I’m looking forward to tethered. I love 3rd person VR. I just completed Wayward Sky. It was very simple, and somewhat short, but I really enjoy staring down at a miniature world that I’m interacting with!

  • One more thing…I am starting to feel a little worried about “Look how high in the sky we are!” clones. Yeah, it is effective once or twice, but DO NOT ABUSE IT.

  • So awesome! I can’t wait!

  • My PS VR is stifled by the unavailability of the PS Move :(

  • Loving PS VR. I feel like this is not a gimmick and it enhances gaming experiences with truly immersion

  • Sounds very cool!
    October-November are extremely expensive months for me (PS VR, PS4 Pro). The amount of hardware, accessories and games I bought is huge.

    Make sure this game is highly rated and you got yourself a customer!

  • Looks great and a must buy just like Wayward Sky (as others have already mentioned). I think these 3rd person or perspective type of games are pretty awesome in VR since there’s a low chance of getting any VR nauseousness (at least for me and the way my body reacts to VR). Its great to see variety and all of these different types of genres of games coming out for PS VR. At first I was a bit worried that the majority of games for PS VR would be FPS or just first person perspectives but I’m really happy to see the contrary to that. Now that I think of it, it really doesn’t fully surprise me that there is variety in the types of games that are coming out for the PS VR launch as Sony has historically been very good with mixing it up and keeping it fresh.

    My only other wish for PS VR would be for a Valkyria Chronicles VR game to come out or at the very least an announcement of such to keep me hopeful. I would gladly pay $59.99 for that.

  • Hi, I have a question and I hope someone can help.

    I have a 2TB HDD currently installed in my PS4, when I get a PS4 PRO, can I put that 2TB HDD in my new PS4 PRO????

  • Played Tethered last night. The game is a stunning success. It’s unique, challenging, and fun. Congratulations, Secret Sorcery. I’m so glad we have games like this for PS VR.

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