Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Revealed, What We Know So Far

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Revealed, What We Know So Far

You guys. What a show.

I’m at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas this weekend, where Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida took the stage moments ago to deliver the event’s keynote address and share some amazing news: details on the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood, due out in early summer 2017!

The keynote opened with a brand-new teaser trailer (and tons of cheering) that gave everyone a glimpse of what’s to come to Square Enix’s massive MMORPG.

The Warrior of Light — who seems to have once again opted to change his main job — goes toe to toe with a mysterious woman in red during an intense training session. As Yoshida revealed during the presentation, this area is actually one of the new hubs that players will visit as they venture to Ala Mhigo, the backdrop for Stormblood.

As the liberation of Ala Mhigo will be taking center stage in the new storyline, it was revealed that XIIth Legion Legatus Zenos yae Galvus, ruler of the occupied Ala Mhigo, will be one of the main adversaries to be faced during your adventure. He looks pretty intense…

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

There was a plethora of additional gameplay updates laid out during Yoshida’s presentation. Not only will the level cap be raised from 60 to 70, but the addition of multiple new jobs was also revealed! While Yoshida didn’t make any firm declarations today, he teased attendees with more news coming at the Fan Festivals in Tokyo and Europe.

Yoshida also touched on the staples of Final Fantasy XIV that will be returning, including new dungeons, challenging high-level raids, alliance raids, as well as new gear. But one of the most well-received announcements was the increase to player inventory size, which was met with a deafening cheer.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

To close the presentation, Yoshida announced that with the launch of Stormblood, support on PS3 for Final Fantasy XIV would come to a close. At the same time, a PS3 to PS4 upgrade campaign is planned, which will allow PS3 players to seamlessly join in the battle for Ala Mhigo at launch!

As a final treat, Yoshida shared a stunning piece of artwork from legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano, which you can enjoy below.

See you in Ala Mhigo.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

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  • Can. Not. Wait. I guess I should get finish getting the last 3 jobs I don’t have to 60….. Here’s to more OP Warrior skills! :)

  • Soo a level cap raise and expansion every 2 years it seems, in that case if they raise the cap to 99 like FFXI then we can expect to see this at least another 10 years. Guess that means theyll be moving on from PS4 to PS5 and 6 soon lol. Lets hope dropping PS3 support means we’ll finally see a vast change this expansion cause so far with the exception of flying the game wsnt changed much, just new areas and dungeon, no new battle systems or modes, whereas FFXI changed the game every year…. Dynamis, Salvage, etc etc, were all very different gameplay experiences, not just the same thing with a different name.

    Oh and maybe this time theyll do what they said about Heavensward and give us open world enemies that can actually kill us. Sure the HW enemies were harder but never once when fighting one did I feel like I would die or come close to it… and even if I did…. just run 10 feet away… so really it hard to be scared or death when its so easily avoidable.

    • Well, there are the A and S Rank hunts, but yeah, other than that, you’re right. The game has no sense of danger at all and that’s probably its biggest fault. There are no places, like in XI, that are actually a challenge to go through, where there’s a real danger of getting your butt kicked. That would be great to see again, I really miss that.

    • They confirmed that battle system changes are coming, including a revamp of the cross-class system.

    • This isn’t FFXI. I keep seeing these comments, albeit less frequently, as most FFXI players would be in their 40s or 50s by now (and probably doing other things, like raising their family, for example) … yet, these very same commenters WOULD NOT PLAY FFXI NOW. That game is still supported, available on the Windows platform, and yet, ironically, while they’re nostalgic about that game, don’t want to play it.

      People … FFXIV is a different game. Live with that fact. FFXI is still available to play if you really want.

  • Free Ala Mhigo! Free Ala Mhigo!

  • Can we please get trophies this expansion!? Please :)

    Side Note: At this rate I’ll be starting Heavensward by the time Stormblood comes out lol.

  • Any chances of a Final Fantasy 13 trilogy remastered?

    • So off-topic. You can use social media or even email them for questions that aren’t relevant to the discussion at hand.

  • It’d be nice if the new release could support some of those fancy MMORPG mice available for PC on the PS4. Those extra programmable buttons do come in handy. I’d like to get the game on PS4 though, as I’d much rather play on my living room TV than my gaming laptop.

    • Give the DualShock 4 controls a shot for couch play — I was skeptical at first but can’t imagine myself trying to play the game with a KB/M setup now.

  • They’re still releasing updates for this?! Game’s such a generic mmo, can’t believe people pay to play this.

    • It’s almost as weird as someone ignorantly trolling a post for a game they don’t seem to have an interest in! It’s such a strange, confusing world we live in, isn’t it?

    • How exactly is this generic?? FFXIV has been in the best top 10 MMO’s since its reintroduction as a realm reborn in 2013! With a subscriber base of around 5 millions and roughly 600k active daily players, I would dare to say, that yes people still play this! Hence there will be updates releasing for it.

    • I think they’re still updating it because by doing so, they can profit handsomely from adding welcome new content to a game that a lot of people love. But still, your incredulity is noted.

      However, I do take broader issue with the “generic” part. Can we all please just flush that dumb idea from gaming culture? There can be elements of game design that are worthy of being repeated, refined or reimagined. To do so is not a failure to innovate. It’s just a sensible approach to the medium.

      You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to design and build a great car and you don’t need to create a revolution to make a great game.

      Oh, look at me on my soapbox!

    • It’s an amazing world we live in where you have a choice of games to play and are allowed to hold diverse opinions. You’re free to think this game isn’t your cup of tea, but please don’t insult the people who actually like it.

  • Nice looks beautiful

  • Wonderful, truly I am so excited….. one question remains though…. New race? Vieras maybe ‘^’?

  • Does anyone notice North East of where Ala Mhigo is the Garlean Empire? We will be at the enemies door!

  • Is it to late to start playing from the beginning?

    • Nope. Going through the main story is like playing a great single player JRPG where you run dungeons with others that the game matches you up with. It’s incredibly easy to get into, I see new people running around all the time.

  • I really want to get into this game ever since it came out years ago. This was actually one of the reasons I switched to the ps4 but never thought it had a sub. I tried the trial version of the game and loved it but it was kind of grindy and felt sorta dead without friends to play it with. I’m not a huge final fantasy fan but this game is one of the only good MMORPGs on the playstation 4. I might consider picking this game up plus all the expansions once this one comes up, for now I really just want to make friends who are willing to start fresh or just play the game through.

    • It’s MMOso yes grinding. Most RPG are grinding also. It’s enjoyable game. In 3 months 3.5 drops about 3 after that 4.0 drops. So you get something every 3 months. Also DNC looks awesome. Should be fun new job.

  • Is it gonna’ be like Heavensward and only add one new tank, one new healer, and one new dps? And what about new equipment? Is everyone gonna’ have the same thing like we have so far or are we gonna’ get a wider variety of gear?

    • Here are 3 main points to remember about FFXIV:

      1. This game is an MMORPG title, sharing a common lineage with other such titles as EverQuest and World of Warcraft.
      2. The party system is based on the triad system: tank, damage and healing.
      3. Because of Point #2, the gears available adhere to the needs of the system, and the classes that use the gear.

      In other words: yes, yes and no to your questions.

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