Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Out Today, Everything You Need to Know

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Out Today, Everything You Need to Know

One of the year’s most anticipated multiplayer betas will be available starting today on PS4! We’ve worked with Infinity Ward and Activision to collect the most relevant information for your reading pleasure, below — enjoy the beta, and stay tuned for more Call of Duty news and announcements.

Beta Content

How big is the Beta file?
The Beta is packed with a lot of content, with the expected file size weighing in at approximately 20 GB. Download times will vary based on location, server traffic, and connection speed.

Will any Campaign or Zombies content be available in the Beta?
No, the Infinite Warfare Beta is specifically focused on competitive multiplayer.

What maps will be included in the Infinite Warfare Beta?

  • Frontier: Frontier is a small section of a giant space station that is in orbit around the planet Neptune. The action is funneled down a long, central corridor with side paths offering an element of strategy and a constricted lower lane for players craving chaos.
  • Frost: A research facility set atop the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Ample opportunities for vertical combat and rapid encounters around sleek modular elements highlight this frozen battleground.
  • Throwback: This throwback 1950’s “Main Street, USA” locale sits on a giant, rotating, torus-shaped space station. A large circular lane rings the perimeter, while a large center square with multiple avenues of approach and two opposing windows offers a wide range of engagement opportunities.

What game modes will be supported in the Beta?
Fan-favorite modes including Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed will be rotated throughout the Beta, along with some surprises like the new Defender mode:

  • Defender: A high-stakes game of “keep away.” Your team must grab a drone and defend it, gaining points while holding on and keeping it out of enemy hands. Teamwork is essential here in order to make sure your points add up until the drone resets and the cycle starts again.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

What are Combat Rigs, and how do they impact competitive play?
One of the biggest additions to Infinite Warfare Multiplayer is the introduction of Combat Rigs. These are combat systems, or suits, chosen and worn by the player that provide a customized suite of tactical options. The Rigs are inspired by six distinct playstyles and are swappable mid-match to help you take a different approach to the game as it unfolds.

Each Combat Rig can be equipped with one Payload and one Trait. Payloads are weapons or abilities you can activate mid-match once earned, and they bring an immediate boost to your Rig. Traits are persistent passive abilities that open up strategic gameplay opportunities based on your playstyle. You can unlock three Payloads and three Traits on each Combat Rig as you progress through the game.

What Rigs will be included in the Beta?
When the Beta kicks off, you will be able to get your hands on three of the six different Combat Rigs that will be in the game at launch on November 4. The Beta will include the following Rigs:

  • Warfighter: Designed for a mid-range assault-style player, equip the Warfighter rig to support the team by getting fast kills, quickly getting to an objective, and always being on the offensive.
  • Merc: This imposing suit is equipped with payload options designed to clear enemy threats quickly and with authority. Its focus is heavy defense and suppressive fire.
  • Synaptic: A C6 Class remote-operated droid optimized for speed and close quarters combat.

What are Mission Teams?
Mission Teams bring a metagame to Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. By completing missions while enlisted in a team, you will earn a team rank. Complete those missions with honors, and you will earn extra experience towards your rank.

Each team has a unique commander who will deliver missions to you, and comment on your success or failure. Ranking up will give you rewards from that team, including calling cards, camos, emblems, unique Rig cosmetics, as well as specific prototype weapons that are only available from that team.

Will I be able to experience Missions Teams in the Beta?
In the Beta, players will get to experience two of the four Mission Teams, and will be able to enlist in the JTF Wolverines when they start the game. Their motto is “First in the Fight,” and this team and their commander favor aggressive combat. Also available as players progress will be the Orion Initiative, who go by the creed “Vigilance to Victory,” and bring their organized strategy to objective based missions.

Will I be able to use Create-A-Class in the Beta?
Yes, you’ll be able to customize your equipment loadouts across multiple classes in the Beta.

As the Beta progresses, will Infinity Ward roll in any new features, modes, or the like?
Certain surprises may or may not be in store, we can neither confirm nor deny. Let’s just say that you’ll want to play the Beta through its entire run through October 17, and jump back in the second weekend from October 21 to October 24.

Beta Gameplay

What can I look forward to in Infinite Warfare’s competitive multiplayer?
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Multiplayer mode features Infinity Ward’s take on the momentum-based fluid movement system of Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It rewards players for utilizing their surroundings and applying strategy in the heat of the moment.

Maps are designed to immerse players into fast, fun, and frenetic gameplay that players have come to expect from Call of Duty. With its new approach to play, multiplayer will bring innovative gameplay that challenges players to achieve their goals in creative ways based on their specific play style.

What resolution and framerate will the Infinite Warfare Beta support on PS4?
The Infinite Warfare Beta on PS4 will target a native resolution of 1080p and a framerate of 60 frames per second.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Accessing the Beta

How do I participate in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta on PS4?
You can get a beta access code by pre-ordering any edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare from a participating retailer.

Each retailer will have a limited supply of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta codes, and will be available while quantities last.

You can also pre-order or pre-purchase Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare through the PlayStation Store to be automatically registered for the beta. No access code is required. If you already pre-ordered, you can start your Beta download from here.

How long will be the Beta be active on PS4?
The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta will run today through Monday, October 17 with a second run from Friday, October 21 through Monday, October 24. Look for more information to be released throughout the week.

Will my progress from the Beta carry over to retail?
No, progress will not carry over from the Beta. Infinity Ward’s focus is making the final game the best and most stable experience it can be, and they will be working on balancing and other fixes leading up to launch.

Where do I redeem my Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta code?
Head over to and follow the instructions on the page to reserve your spot in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta.

You will be required to log in with a Call of Duty account and enter your Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta code. You will also need to have your gaming account linked to your Call of Duty account. If you need help linking a PlayStation account to your Call of Duty account, check out Linking Console Accounts on a Call of Duty Account.

If you do not have a Call of Duty account, you can create a free one. After creating your free account, you will be sent an account verification email to the address you provide.

I’ve pre-purchased my copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare through the PlayStation Store. Where can I locate my code?
You don’t need one! Code redemption is not necessary for pre-purchases through PlayStation Store. You are automatically validated to participate in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta.

When the Beta opens, you will be able to download it immediately.

I’ve pre-ordered my copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare through a participating retailer. Where can I locate my Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta code?
In most cases, the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta code will be printed on the retail receipt or sent to you via email in an online receipt. If you did not receive a beta code, can’t locate your code, or your code is illegible, please contact your retailer to recover it.

I entered my Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta code, but it didn’t work. What should I do?
Please verify that you are entering the correct code. Please also check your status at

If you are receiving an error message stating that the code you entered is invalid or that your code has already been redeemed, please contact Activision support. Ensure you have a digital copy of your pre-order receipt ready to upload.

Is the Beta available worldwide?
Availability of the Infinite Warfare Beta will vary by territory.

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  • Many hours waiting for the tiny update to make playable, followed by even more time spent in a lobby. If you aren’t going to matchmake us, then give us some more stuff to look at in the menus. I see people level 4 and I wonder, How? My controller has gone inactive seven times after the one time I managed to play a game…

  • Everything I need to know: bleh followed by foo. Every times I did put up with their **** when I got cod game. But this is it. Crossed line was destroyed and so my excitement. But BF1 beta made my year

  • Same problem here………17 hours spent downloading, and although it loaded the game menu and video perfectly , NO GAMEPLAY at all. I’m where I should be……and the text in the bottom right corner keeps saying that it has “Intialized”….”Weare ready to go” clearly not. Sooooo frustrating

  • Do we have an update yet?

  • 16 hours still cant play “oh cant wait till release date “said no one .the disappointments from day one continues as beta testing still doesnt work 16 hours into release of just the beta (elflopo) will this team be the team that ends the cod franchise i think they are 80% there cant wait to float around waiting for an original idea and make it playable again bye cod maybe a flop is all it will take to get a playable game

  • So far I have had two full games, and those matches were great, but I’ve been waiting all morning. I really hope IW extends the beta because this game is fun so far, I just want to play more. From the two games I did play I can say it feels pleasantly slower than black ops 3 or advanced warfare more of a belabored pace but not quite as heavy as killzone, I like it.

  • I turned my system off and on again…..
    Got in right away.

  • Still cant play once i go in to a lobby after 5 seconds sends me back to find match menu

  • This beta is horrible cancelling my pre order right now really wanted this just for cod4 since I loved that game. This whole space and gameplay is just nonsense and I will not get on board.

  • I played a match last night, it feels like Black Ops 3 but kinda worse. It’s clearly the new Infinity Ward making this cause it just feels odd to me. The graphics look worse than Black Ops 3, it just feels more floaty to me.

    To be honest the beta killed my hype a bit. I’ll try to play a bit more to see if I like it anymore but based on initial impressions, Black Ops 3 plays, handles & feels more solid than Infinite.

  • So when will the announcement people want happen?
    The one where they say we can buy the game people want without this $60 pay wall.
    I got money waiting for cod4 when they figure this out.

  • Not to happy spent 100.00 of the game and this is what I see hope it gets better or will be the last call of duty game I buy

  • Wow did u really delete my opinion of this game just because I said that I put up enough with their shyat?

  • I know your nor supposed to judge beta as a game but this is awful. Pre-order money wasted. I only wanted mw1… Now in going to have to boycott this series. Titan fall for me

  • Only 5 minutes till I get to play infinite warfare will it be as good as people say it is (not)

  • Sorry Sid Shuman, but I already know everything about the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare beta. It’s a beta for the next entry in the Land Before Time sequels of FPS games.

  • Sorry Sid Shuman, but I already know everything about the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare beta. It’s a beta for the next entry in the Land Before Time sequels of FPS games.

  • I liked the gameplay and graphics, however the load times are horrendous. I hope they fix that

  • I was hoping for less ability to cover 100 yards in 2 seconds, that’s down the drain. Looks like quick scoping is back…that sucks. I will never understand how someone can be getting shot, and get off a quick scope. Ppl jumping all over, sliding around, more of the same that is killing this series. The only thing going to save this series, sadly enough, is MW2. How about this, I’ve heard more excitement about the old game being re-released, over the new game. Yet still, more exo crap with every new installment. I’m really saddened by this, and it’s getting old.

  • The over all game is terrific. The load time for multiplayer match ups are very slow and restart multiple times before the match begins. Also once matches are over, game sends me back to start screen or kicks me from current group of players to start match ups all over again… hopefully Infinity works it out before next beta weekend. Game needs a shooting range. I miss that from Advance Warfare. Hopefully, Ward does not make us pay for random boxes to receive new weapons from DLC.(lets not be so money hungry guys.) I did pay $99.99 for the game.

  • So does anyone know if there going to Remaster Black Ops for the PS4? (Like they did with MW1) I would love to see them do that, who else would, what are the chances, and has anyone heard any rumors if its in the works?

  • So disappointed in this game ……….. I’m just thankful I didn’t buy it yet, this is horrible.
    The graphics suck, the main screens suck, everything is a lesser version then it was on cod3. Can’t believe it’s this bad I’m just shocked they went so far out and ruined a great game series now I’m going to have to go to battlefield 1. At least they are staying on point.

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