PlayStation Blogcast 225: Rise of the VR

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PlayStation Blogcast 225: Rise of the VR

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Today’s the day! Virtual reality is now a reality, thanks to PlayStation VR. On today’s show, Sid and Ryan get silly, discuss PS VR highlights, and speak to Rich from Crystal Dynamics about Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration on PS4. There’s no time to waste, enjoy the show!

Stuff We Talked About

  • PlayStation VR!
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • Overwatch
  • Paragon
  • Battleborn
  • Spoooooky
  • More PS VR!

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Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan Clements

Sid Shuman – Director of Social Media, SIEA
Ryan Clements – Sr. Social Media Specialist, SIEA

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  • Very happy with the quality of PS VR! Good job Sony even though PS4 is 3 years old now. Love the blogcast, keep up the great work! (PS. also playing through Rise of the Tomb Raider again even though I already beat it earlier this year…just feels right to play Tomb Raider on Playstation!)

  • Thanks for the Farm Fresh VR talk…Now to convince one of my close friends to buy it. Mwuahahaha!

  • if you want an overlooked horror movie for halloween watch Oculus. it has Amy Pond from Dr Who and an evil mirror, shall say no more. surprisingly good and creepy.

  • I’m late to the post! I’ve bee playing PSVR pretty much non-stop…

    My favourite experience on PSVR has been (without question) Playroom VR’s Robot Rescue and it is 100% FREE for owners of the PSVR. This is one VR mini-game that has gotten next to ZERO press, but is an INCREDIBLE look into what a 3D platformer could be. It is ADORABLE, the sense of scale is amazing, and I would easily throw down $60 for a full game.

    My wife (who doesn’t play games at all) was able to complete the level and loved it as well. It’s so cute and fun!!

    Playroom VR’s Robots Rescue not without its faults (the controller tracking needs to be re-centered periodically), but the problems are minor.

    Please, please, please try this game if you haven’t already. It is quite amazing!

  • It probably wasn’t ready for release when the press got their units, but I agree. It’s awesome!

  • Thanks for my weekly dose of PlayStation goodness.

    Since I seem to be one of the rare people who is not ready for the VR revolution, I was happy to hear all the Tomb Raider content this week. The last game was amazing, and this one sounds like they have thrown some awesome multiplayer experiences into the mix as well. Really looking forward to that one.

    …and a quick shout out to an old game I finally got around to beating today, Wolfenstein: The New Order. Turns out that all the fans and critics were correct, this game is awesome!

    • I returned my psvr i know alot of people have tried returning them but once you open it you cant return which is kind of shady from sony but if i returned it i got lucky they let me and a friend of mine also returned his which i never return anything im a hardcore gamer i just got nausea and after that i said not for me i feel like you cannot enjoy that helmet and be on it for hours like you can on a t.v. with friends on m.p. its just a gimmick unfortunately and i had big hopes for this but no i cant picture the helmet on someone for hours on end….

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