Battleborn: New Story Mission and PVP Mode Out Today on PS4

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Battleborn: New Story Mission and PVP Mode Out Today on PS4

If you’re new to Battleborn or haven’t been keeping up with it, there’s been a lot of changes since the game launched back in May. In fact, today marks one of the biggest content drops since launch. What’s out today, you ask?

In addition to a whole update stuffed with character balancing, adjustments, changes, bug fixes, all-new Spooky hero skins, and more, this pass also includes the first DLC Story Operation, the new Competitive Multiplayer mode Face-Off!

The October Update begins rolling out today at 2:00 PM Pacific. Be sure to tune into the Gearbox Software livestream to check out the new content and changes starting at 3:00 PM Pacific today at

Keep reading to find out more about these updates, plus all of the changes and content additions to Battleborn over the last several months!

DLC Story Operation

Join the Battleborn hero Attikus as he relives the third Thrall uprising that sparked a revolution within the Jennerit Empire. Play solo as any Battleborn hero or co-op with up to two buddies as you fight your way through the streets and rooftops of the Tempest slums in “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion.”

All five of the upcoming Story Operations are included in the Season Pass and Digital Deluxe editions of Battleborn. If you’re not already on-board for the DLC, each Story Op can be purchased individually for 700 Platinum at the in-game Marketplace.

Check out this post for an in-depth look into the first Story Operation.

Open Beta Players: If you played on PS4 during the Battleborn Open Beta back in April, then you get the first DLC Story Operation “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” upon release, and a hero key when you purchase the retail version of Battleborn!

New Competitive Multiplayer Mode

The brand new free Competitive Multiplayer Mode, Face-Off, also arrives today in Battleborn! Fight against the enemy team and the invading Varelsi forces in this intense, multi-phase mode.

Hack, slash, blast, and crush your way through Varelsi and pick up the masks they drop. Deposit the masks for points. The first team to 500 wins. Of course killing Varelsi makes them mad. Prepare for the Varelsi to get tougher and boss battles as they attempt to throw a wrench in your plans.

Face-Off is free for everyone who owns Battleborn. Learn more about this new Competitive Multiplayer Mode in this post.

Patch Notes: There have been a number of changes, adjustments, and additions to Battleborn, including removing collision between allied players, character balancing, bug fixes, and adjustments to Story missions just to name a few. Check out the full patch notes here.

Spooky Skins

Have a scarily fun time with these new Battleborn Spooky Skins! Available later today in the Battleborn in-game Marketplace, these skins for Alani, Deande, Pendles, and Reyna will be the highlight of your monster mash.

What Else is New?

Since Battleborn launched back in May, we’ve been cranking away at new content. So far we’ve released new heroes, more PVP maps, in-game events, and all sorts of hot fixes and adjustments. Below is a quick recap of what’s already been released:

  • Three free new heroes — Alani, Pendles, and Ernest — with two more on the way! That brings the total to 30 playable heroes for everyone who bought Battleborn.
  • Special experiences like Hardcore Spotlight and Chaos Rumble.
  • Broadcaster tools.
  • 3 new PVP maps, one for each mode: Monuments (Incursion), Outskirts (Meltdown), and Snowblind (Capture).
  • Lore Challenge updates.
  • Hero balancing.
  • Weekly hot fixes.
  • Ongoing matchmaking adjustments.
  • Battleborn Marketplace with tons of new skins and taunts.
  • Double XP, Double Credits, and Play with the Devs events.
  • Shift Codes for skins and loot packs.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up next:

Free DLC
-Two more heroes, bringing the total to 30
-Kid Ultra
-Battleborn #30
-Another new PVP mode

Premium DLC
-Early Access to Kid Ultra & Battleborn #30 Early Access, each with a hero key
-DLC 2 Story Operation “Toby’s Friendship Raid”
-DLC 3 — 5 Story Operations
-Each DLC Story Operation release includes new, unlockable skins, taunts, and titles

Marketplace Content
-More skins and taunts
-Consumable XP Boosters

Take a Deep Dive

If you already own Battleborn, snag the Season Pass to get access to the “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” today and the next four Story Operations upon release.

New to Battleborn? Dive in with the Battleborn Digital Deluxe edition to get access to “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion,” the next four Story Operations, hero keys to unlock Battleborn 26 — 30, and of course the base game and all of the free content available to everyone who owns Battleborn.

Pick up Battleborn for PS4 in the PlayStation Store.

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  • F*** YEAH!! I’ve been looking foward the first story DLC! Such an awesome underrated game!

  • I have been wanting to check this game out. So many games and not enough time!!

  • Have they unlocked all the characters? I found that as a bit annoying after paying full price for the game I then had to grind using characters I didn’t really like to unlock the characters I wanted to play. Also the co op voting system prevents you from playing the next mission you need to progress. I ended up playing the first mission multiple times in co op which is also annoying when trying to get through them all. Just wondering if any of these issues have been addressed in the updates since launch.

    • Last time I checked its impossible to do story with random because will the same mission almost every time.

    • I had the same issues with this game.. Hated the character grind and boring objetives to unlock each..
      also the story missions.. the same! really annoying cant unlock some characters because I couldnt do the f$#ing required mission.
      That killed the game for me and never touched it again

  • As someone who has played Battleborn from the start and greatly enjoyed while also defending it from people who never even tried it I feel a combination of excitement and disappointment. It’s been a while in game time with all the stuff that has dropped this year and though Battleborn is a great game, it just seems like too much work to log in just to search for a game match for 20 minutes (while friends complain because they could have matches in all games multiple times) and remain optimistic that someone won’t quit early or you won’t end up against a whole set of level 100 people. And while other games cranking out multi-player modes, characters, and maps; your team seems to be happy putting themselves on the back with the small drip of content you’ve released over time. I was really hoping for a big update or drop to bring the game back and bring people back but I doubt my friends will get excited for ONE new two player story mission and some spoopy skins. I understand game development is time consuming and hard but maybe don’t release your game with content missing or content coming a year later.

  • I played a couple of time in the new Story Op and it’s awesome! the new skin are great and there’s a lot of replay value. It’s looking really good for the 4 next Story Ops.

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