The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Launching October 18 on PS4

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The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Launching October 18 on PS4

Fall: that magical season of wearing scarves, watching scary movies, and convincing yourself that you enjoy paying money to pick apples. Well add another thing to look forward to this autumn: the all-new, pumpkin-flavored Jackbox Party Pack 3! Available October 18 on PS4.

We here at Jackbox Games are extremely proud of this latest pack. We think our third installment is easily our strongest yet — which, let’s face it, doesn’t always happen in a franchise. (We’re looking at you, The Odyssey.)

We’re especially excited that Trivia Murder Party, one of the five games in Pack 3, is here in time for your Halloween parties. It’s more than just your typical trivia game show hosted by a deranged serial killer. Just like a great scary movie, it mixes horror and comedy to create a fun and suspenseful game that will hold your attention captive until the very last question. As much fun as it is to fondle grapes and pretend they’re eyeballs, we think Trivia Murder Party is going to be a much more exciting way to spend an hour or five at your Halloween party.

Seriously, we put so much love and time into it that it could easily be a stand-alone title, but it’s just one fifth of this pack! You know how you come up with your best ideas in the shower? Well let’s just say our team had a lot of productive showers this past year. Perhaps we should rephrase that, but we won’t.

Making a much-anticipated return to Jackbox Party Pack 3 is Quiplash 2, a new-and-improved sequel to the beloved franchise. In addition to an all-new final round, you now have the ability to create custom prompts and censor audience/player answers (because apparently people on the internet can say terrible things — who knew?).

We could’ve easily just phoned it in after these two wildly fun games, but we’re insane workaholics. And while it was a massive strain on each and every one of our relationships, you lucky gamers get to enjoy the fruit of our labors. There’s Guesspionage, the survey game that shows you just how weird your fellow human can be; Tee K.O., the t-shirt battle game where your hilarious creations do battle; and Fakin’ It, in which you can accuse friends and loved ones of being deceptive cheaters unworthy of your trust.

Each game is wildly different but equally fun. We could go on and on about each one of these games but then we’d sound like one of those parents who brags about how wonderful all their children are. And that would be almost as annoying as going apple picking. Almost.

So please check out what we consider to be our strongest and most balanced Party Pack to date. We busted our tails off to get them to you before Halloween. It’s only $24.99, so you’ll still have room in your budget to dress up as a sexy Jackbox head!

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  • Ah, awesome. Didn’t know this was coming. Got the first pack and loved it. Skipped the second, but this looks like one to jump back in on.

  • Would be great to have a mix and match pack where we can choose from all of the packs. Or an all in one pack.

  • Can you put Drawful 2 on sale next week as a bonus game for this, since it’s not included in this Jackbox? Great games BTW.

    • Thanks! We do participate in various sales throughout the year. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter @jackboxgames, we announce when those sales occur. Thanks for playing!

  • Nice surprise, this is great news, I loved the other ones specially when playing with friends/family, Now I know what I will be playing(streaming) on Extra Life day, can’t wait!

  • We own Party Pack 1 & 2 already – definitely worth the price, with the whole family laughing and enjoying themselves. Great games to play together.

    Combine the hours everyone spends, and cheaper than a lot of games – not to mention going to the movies together, or bowling together, and definitely cheaper than trivia night at the local bar (which I can’t take my teenagers and pre-teens to, anyway). We may still wait for a sale (there’s a lot of fun left in the first two party packs), but once my kids see this, I’ll have to pick it up. So, nobody tell them it’s out, yet, okay?

  • You could basically name your price. My famaily has gotten so much enjoyment from the second pack and Drawful 2. Day one purchase for sure. We love showing these games off to visiting family, etc.

    • In that case, PP3 is $1.2 million dollars. On second thought, it sounds like you have a nice family so we’ll stick with the original price. We’re glad you love them!

  • The whole family had a blast playing Jackbox 1 & 2 over Thanksgiving (Canadian) last weekend. Will be picking this up for sure.

  • Any chance this will have Have a Platinum Trophy?

  • It will not have a platinum Trophy, but there will be bronze Trophies.

  • Any of these games two players? The wife and I don’t know a lot of people so we like to play together but the majority of Jack box 2 was 3 players and up.

    • Yes! Trivia Murder Party is for 1-8 players and Guesspionage is for 2-8 players.

    • You can also play online with other people too. I don’t think there’s a search mechanic, but people on Twitch and probably other places stream their game and you can join in too. Just beware of the video delay compared to your device.

  • I love this series. It’s too bad I don’t have any friends…

  • I can’t wait guys! I picked up the first one on a whim and have gotten every release since! Good work guys

  • Will this have online multiplayer? Or is it local only?

  • YES excellent news!! These are so much fun to play when company is over! Are there plans to combine Party Pack 3 and Drawful 2 into one pack, if we have purchased them both?

    • We’re glad you enjoy them! We currently do not have any plans to roll standalone titles like Drawful 2 into existing packs. Thanks for playing!

  • Love these games, great to see another come out! Any chance for an earwax 2 with greatly expanded sound effects? That and drawful get lots of use at our place! Can’t wait to see what party pack 3 has in store.

    • Who wants hot dogs?! Us, always! However, we don’t currently have plans to make an Earwax sequel (but that doesn’t mean we never will).

  • The Jackbox party packs are awesome, without a doubt, they are the best party games out there! My friends and I have had the most fun with Fibbage…Thanks for #3, I’ll be buying it for sure.

  • Well, I’m happy. Now just to wait for a good weekend where everyone isn’t busy to get together and play it.

  • Awesome! I always liked the Jackbox games! You better do another YDKJ, I own every single jackbox game. Is it in the roadmap to do some translation in french? I’m living in Quebec Canada, and sometimes we don’t play some game because it is in english only.

    See ya

    • Man, you Quebecers and being Francophone. The rest of us Canadians put up with learning French throughout school. You can’t just play a video game in English?! ;D

      PS: I went to Montreal in the summer and loved it. Didn’t have to exercise my French knowledge though.

    • There are no current plans to translate our games in French. The good news though is that our writers don’t know too many big words.

  • Just read this today. Super excited for the new pack. Disappointed I can’t have it for this weekend. Can’t wait to get it on Tuesday. Been addicted to You Don’t Know Jack since the first one was released many years ago. Still have troubles with the Gibberish questions. Hopefully Cookie Masterson is returning in at least one of these.

  • That’s AWESOME! We love JBPP & JBPP2 when have friends over for game night! They’re both on my PS3 in the living room…but I see that JBPP3 is ONLY on PS4 (which is in The Man Cave)… seeing as they are PSN games (and I already paid for the first 2) is there any way I can redownload the previous 2 onto my PS4 so that I can have them all on 1 system? Thats the only thing holding me back from purchasing JBPP3 today. If so that would be super convenient.

  • Are there any plans to make PP3 compatible with PS3?

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