The Elder Scrolls Online: One Tamriel Update Out October 18, Housing Details

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The Elder Scrolls Online: One Tamriel Update Out October 18, Housing Details

October is shaping up to be a great month in Tamriel with exciting new changes to The Elder Scrolls Online! As the Witches Festival approaches we’ve got some fantastic surprises for you on the PlayStation 4. So break out your warm woolens and see what The Elder Scrolls Online has in store for your chilly autumn nights.

The Elder Scrolls Online: One Tamriel Update Out October 18, Housing Details

One Tamriel

Update 12, One Tamriel — our largest free update to date — comes to PS4 on October 18. One Tamriel is designed to bring the entire ESO community together, allowing you to go anywhere and adventure with friends of every level. For the first time you’ll be able to explore any zone in Tamriel, in any order, regardless of your level or alliance. This new open world format will help to unite guilds, factions, friends, and fans more than ever before.

There’s never been a better time to log on with your existing characters, or to invite friends to experience ESO for the first time and take them along regardless of their level.

But that’s not all! Here’s a list of other features that will be coming with Update 12:

  • Craglorn Re-Design — You can now solo in this group-friendly environment.
  • Dungeon updates — Normal and Veteran Modes have been added.
  • Dueling — Challenge your friends or foes and test your mettle in one-on-one combat.
  • New Weapon Ultimates — Master your weapon of choice and get new Ultimate abilities.
  • Undaunted Pledge System Updates — New daily pledges and valuable rewards.
  • Itemization updates — Items will now scale to your level everywhere in the world.

Whether you’re a veteran ESO player, or a new player in search of a deep, epic fantasy role-playing experience, One Tamriel is for you! Check out our “Introducing One Tamriel” video above and get ready to join us on October 18!

In celebration of the One Tamriel launch, we’re hosting the “Trip of a Lifetime” Giveaway — visit for details, and enter to win one of five incredible trips to real-world locales that inspired some of the Tamriel areas you know and love.

Witches Festival

We’re excited to kick off Witches Festival — our first big Tamrielic holiday event in The Elder Scrolls Online — next week. Tamriel’s ancient autumn tradition, the Witches Festival, begins on October 13 and runs through November 1.

As spirits stir and the undead rise from their ancestral tombs, adventurers from all over Tamriel will be tasked with activities that will reward them with gruesome goodies, terrifying treasures, and awesome achievements, including the Hollowjack crafting motif, unique Provisioning recipes, and much more!

Housing Sneak Peek

Finished adventuring? Perhaps it’s time to return home and put your feet up, but you’ll need a place to call your own. How about a comfortable country dwelling, or a stately manor you can decorate in your own style, and equip with your own cooking fire, blacksmith station, or alchemy table?

You’ll be able to do all of these things and more with ESO’s new Housing system coming early next year. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Housing system details:

  • You’ll be able to own as many houses as you like, and house ownership is account-wide.
  • With Housing, we’ll also be releasing Furniture Crafting — you will be able to sell the furniture you craft to other players.
  • You will be able to invite friends and guildmates to your home.
  • Houses are instanced, so you don’t have to worry about grabbing the perfect spot of land.
  • Your first home is free, and you will be able to purchase additional houses for gold.
  • Houses are designed in different racial styles, and there are small, medium, and large varieties for each — you can own any house styles and sizes you like regardless of your character’s race.

Keep an eye out for more Housing details later this year!

Join us for a fantastic fall season in Tamriel with The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest update, events, and sneak previews, all coming in the month of October. And if you’ll be picking up the PS4 Pro this November, don’t forget that you’ll be able to experience ESO in 4K.

See you online!

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3 Author Replies

  • I was very excited when I first heard about the One Tamriel update. I enjoyed the game when I played it but I didn’t enjoy the linear progression while leveling. I’m glad you guys have changed that and I can now play it like the other Elder Scrolls. I was going to wait for the PS4 Pro to come out to play it in native 4k but now I may have to play it earlier to check out the Halloween event. Thanks for continuously updating this game on PS4.

    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying the latest update! The Witches Festival is going to be a lot of fun with chances to get some really cool items, and utilizing one of the event items will even grant double XP!

    • Bad news for you, PS4 Pro, doesn’t have native 4k anything, it is 1080 native upscaled to 4k ( based on Sony’s own statements)

    • The people that make this game said it would run at native 4k on the ps4 pro, not Sony.

    • Wow, now what is the difference between ESO & FF? Houses will be on separated map and cost thousands of gold or crowns to rent. You already took pets and mounts, in fact the only difference between you is the raids of world bosses that require almost a whole servers participation to beat. You even just copied weapon spell aka limit break. I came across to eso as i love the explore open world theme there has always been. You are losing the 1 thing that got you this far. Originality! You dont need to mimic the competition.

  • I can not wait til One Tamriel to drop! So excited I love ESO and the way the game has been updated in a timely matter with new features and content! Can’t wait til next year to see what you guys have in store! Also, I first started playing Elder Scrolls with Morrowind, and I would love to go back to Vvardenfell :P

  • I can’t wait to play TESO in 4K on the PS4 Pro. I have loved this game up until now but I have to admit I mostly play it as a single player game. I’ll do open world group content if others are around, but I’ve never got into doing dungeons.

    Really excited that I’ll finally be able to experience Craglorn. Also note to self: Start saving gold for a bigger house!

    • Hey, playing solo is fine! The dungeons are really cool if you have a chance to check them out, but there’s a lot to do above-ground too. We’re really excited about housing; some of them are pretty large and spectacular to see!

  • This is what I’ve wanted since the game was launched for PS4–my own house, like in Skyrim. With chests to store our stuff, instead of in the bank? Hire butlers? Build a farm?

    In Skyrim, I had 3 houses and I moved my “family” to one to get rid of them. Those adopted kids were so annoying!

    How will we keep other players out of our private homes and still be able to invite friends in?

    I already explored Craglorn, solo, and I ran into a lot of people who did that. It was pretty dicey, where some giant bug who was a lower level than you, but could easily overwhelm and kill you. Definitely not balanced.

  • Buys for $60 plays like Free-To-Play! Disappointing, couldn’t pass level 8

    • you sure sounds wise. please tell us how a game without a subscription is supposed to play like “buy to play?” you sound like afool bud

  • This is awesome, been waiting for the housing for a very long time. ESO is getting better & better with every update!

    • Thanks! We’ve been really busy creating new content, and trust us, we’ll get into all the details about housing as we get a little closer to its launch. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

  • For those who want to see housing, I compiled early available pictures:

    I can’t decide if I want Altmer or Orc!

  • So how much is the actual “Housing Feature” in crowns? Sure, once you buy the feature, you can get your “free” house and other houses with gold, but how much is it to buy the actual feature a.k.a. DLC? Come on now, we’ve seen all the marketing gimmicks to build hype before, be honest or you’ll end up with a NoManSky reputation when everyone is disappointed because the crown cost isn’t mentioned until a day or so before release.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a free update similar to One Tamriel. I don’t think they’d hide such an often requested feature behind a paywall., especially considering it’s probably hard to really tell some story around it so you don’t just sell that one feature as a DLC.

    • One Tamriel was not a “free update”, it was a game overhaul, obviously they can’t charge customers for changes in game mechanics. Zenimax is not known for putting anything in the game that doesn’t have a price attached, and I don’t believe they plan to with housing until I actually see everyone enjoying multiple houses with no crowns spent.

    • You’ll also note Gina Bruno hasn’t come here to either confirm nor deny you will have to purchase a housing in a DLC, when she has replies all over this thread.

    • Housing feature will be free for everyone. It’s not a DLC. House can be bought with Gold or Crown.

    • I see you, a player, saying it will be free. I do not see Gina or a dev saying it will indeed cost no crowns for the feature. Sorry, ZOS is known for too much doublespeak to just “trust” how they word their ads anymore.

  • This and BF1 will give me a good reason to renew my PS+

  • In skyrim u could store some books and gear at your house,will be the same with eso?also when housing will be available?
    cant wait for tomorrow’s festival start,plz hurry with the update :p

  • hello world, Sony,

    My name is Raul, im 23yrs old, & I am happy to hear the new update changes as well as the #OneTamriel trip of a lifetime promotion. As a gamer, I immediately entered for the contest, bought ESO Plus and invested countless of hours in tamriel. i really appreciate all the hard yet well deserved work the developers & creators/engineers invested in the game. I will continue to play/promote/recommend your game with and everyone that also plays video games.(ESO). Thank you for your time and please have a wonderful evening. =)

  • Do the houses come with displays for the trophies and or collectibles you gather? How about more storage space and organization abilities? Will the items in my home be safe from my “guildmates and friends” pillaging them? Inquiring minds wanna know…

  • I wish we could plant our own garden at the house with alchemy mats. That would just be the icing on what looks to be a very good release with the housing. Who wouldn’t plant their own garden of alchemy mats to farm? Lady’s smock? check. Cornflower, check. <3

    It can be so tough farming for alchemy mats against the Chinese bot farmers. Us regular players at times just don't stand a chance.

    I love all of the new updates – and cannot wait to see what all next spring's update holds for us!

  • I have been playing this since launch, mainly soloing. There are so many great written adventures (and fully voiced) to be had. I can’t imagine finishing anytime soon. Orsinium is awesome, can not wait to see how it looks when I get my PS4 Pro. Congrats to the entire ESO team on creating a game you can play however you want! I am really impressed with the amount of quality content in there and the DLC’s are all fantastic!

  • Still upset with them not letting me transfer my Imperial Edition over from PC, they had some small window of time to do it and the game was NOT even out for PS4 yet.

  • This One Tamriel update sucks! This was my favourite game and I could play it all day. Got 8 characters on PS4 and 2 on PC. 4 characters at Champion 531. Now the game sucks with this update. If I want to duel, I’ll go PVP, don’t want constant battles around me which cause even more lag than there already was and constant duel invites. All my Craglorn progress has been reset, my Unresistable damage glyphs have been changed to some sort of crappy ones and they’ve made enemies everywhere scale to my vet level, even in Stonefalls (Ebonheart Pact)! The normal trials are now pointless and it’s so difficult to get a team good enough for vet trials. This is the worst thing to have happened to ESO and I’m seriously looking at stopping playing both on PC and PS4 and of course ceasing my subscription. No more Elder Scrolls games for me after this. My last year and a half progress has been a complete waste. Destiny did the same with year one upgrade and I never played that since. Best I can hope for is if enough people complain, that they consider changing it back but probably won’t happen. Almost all my gaming friends were playing this and since One Tamriel, most of them have stopped playing it too.

    • I respect and understand your opinion on some points “rugby”, I lost a lot from my high level account as well and was Def set back at first with the changes to the research abilities… but there are some thing I really don’t agree with as well as some that I don’t understand.
      The biggest thing that struck me is your whining because things scale up to your level in former low level areas. I can’t speak for anyone else, but REALLY?!? Lmao… I love that it’s a challenge anywhere I go, the mere fact you complain at that baffles my mind. The mere thought that a champion level anything is upset that he/she can no longer run around one hitting things over 200 levels below you is both sad and funny… if you want to kill things without a challenge go be a superhero and hunt frogs! Lmao
      Most importantly, the greatest thing in one tamriel is telling fact that guilds can now work and travel together no matter where we are or what level we have achieved. This opens up for much more social ecmxperience as well as making it easier for the true veterans ( you know, the ones who love the game and want to help others get good at it so we can all enjoy it together) to train the newer players to get the most they can at it.

  • I agree Rugby . This was my favorite game. It was a good mmo. Where you could grind low levels and prep for higher levels. The reason a cp would complain about not being able to one shot everything is because my 310+ cant even kill what used to be a 6 or 7 npc. Now i have to worry about if im gonna have a hard fight when im quest grinding or just trying to help a low level out. Some times i liked to wonder about the low level areas and QUICKLY finish quests or delves. Because i had worked HARD to level up so the it would be easier! THATS THE POINT OF LEVELING !! Now leveling is pointless. ESO just lost alot of followers. Pvp was my favorite. Wondering around what was vet rank areas with little to no people around was nice, and more challenging. Now with two thirds of the players being able to roam free ihave to worry about a newb stilling my what used to be high level kills!!! Sorry TESO. But if you dont fix this soon im done with it. And to think i was excited about houses. Ive spent soooo much money on this game too. :’(

    • @Lucavose The point is, I want to be overpowered in some areas. That’s one of the reasons why I spent a year and a half carefully building all my characters and I think I’ve earned that right! My writs now hardy drop anything decent. I did 4 lots of all the highest level writs yesterday and today and no gold mats. Instead I got Iron Hide and Iron Ingots. WTF am I supposed to do with those?! Not even a survey to go get mats I can actually use! They nerfed the trial drops so no point in normal trials and trying to get a decent group for vet trials is near impossible. Not whining bud, I am complaining. As a paying customer, I am entitled to do. I have paid a lot of money into this game. Yes I’m also annoyed about the scaling as it seems completely pointless. They added daily Fighters and Mages Guild daily missions which had me go do all Stonefalls Dolmens at scaled levels, so significantly tougher and the reward was a soul gem, a white crappy weapon and a couple of other equally useless items. I’m all for a challenge and would have no issue if it was actually more rewarding… but it isn’t. So you can laugh your ass off all you like, I really don’t give a damn. I’m annoyed and have good reason to be!

    • Exactly, I don’t want noobs running around with me. When they have put in over a years work, then maybe they’ll have earned that right. lol

    • Maybe the real reason that players who spent a year and a half playing playing this game are upset that newer players can now run in the same PvP areas is that nothings more embarrassing than getting killed by a player who has only played for a week. It would be proof that they are not that good of a gamer. I also think some high level players just enjoyed lording it over lower level players or ‘noobs’ as experienced players often call less experienced players in a derogatory way. Being snobbish over a video game would seem to indicate to me some bigger psychological issue is at play here. Like compensating for some shortcoming in other areas of life. Video games are supposed to be a leisurely distraction , not a full time occupation, unless your the one creating them.

  • Ive been a massive fan of ESO, and thrilled to see all of the new updates in eso!Im looking forward to the witches festival an love the one tamriel free update.Thankyou for addding great things into Eso making it even better.

  • Great game wish you would have sent me activation so i can sign in and buy dlc but i guess no hope for me. This is my second try had to start new email and new PlayStation account with PlayStation plus and still no activation access

  • Hi, could you confirm that Elder Scrolls Online will alow PS4 Pro users to play at 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution?

  • One Tamriel sucks bc of the scaling, anoying bc of low levels running everywhere now and kinda defeats the point of advancing in the game and pvp everywhere now. Lag, lag everywhere in every city and for what if i want to do pvp i’ll go to pvp area not Wayrest.

    • i’m a fairly new player myself (about 4 months) i haven’t even played all 3 alliance quest but now i can just skip to end of it. It’s like starting a movie and fast forward to the final battle. It is even more annoying bc i wasn’t in to a game like this for a long time

  • Firstly, I personally love the game. I have been living a second life, for nearly a year and a half now.
    Overall Eso is a fantastic achievement! Ok, there are and always will be, things to moan about. Yes things get nerfed, things change.
    I for one, welcome the constant updates, the tweaking, the rebalancing and the extra content.
    The constant changes are for me mostly welcomed. There are some niggles, sure, but do I really care if noobs are running around naked, jumping on and off the same signpost for hours, or a favorite skill gets nerfed into something not worth the time of day? no not really. Are the changes game breaking? Really!! The game feels alive and the updates keep it fresh and interesting. People all too easily forget the huge amount of work and attention to detail, that gets poured into this amazing world by normal people such as you and I!
    To those people I would like to say a huge thankyou.
    Ive been doing this since Morrowind and I love it.
    If you dont agree, thats fine, I get that, but you could always go and play CoD

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