Join Us at the PlayStation VR Midnight Launch in NYC

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Join Us at the PlayStation VR Midnight Launch in NYC

Want to be one of the first to experience the future of gaming? PlayStation fans in New York City are invited to join us for a special midnight launch of PlayStation VR at Sony Square NYC (25 Madison Ave.), where they can pick up the PlayStation VR headset, as well as select peripherals and VR games, including PlayStation VR Worlds and RIGS Mechanized Combat League.

Fans can begin lining up at 7:00pm ET on October 12. The first 300 people in line will be able to purchase a PlayStation VR headset starting at midnight.

PlayStation VR

We can’t wait to share the future of gaming with all of you! Whether you’re exploring the depths of the ocean or battling aliens on a distant planet, PlayStation VR games will transport you to vivid virtual worlds that most of us have only dreamed of.

Not based in New York? Fear not. Hundreds of GameStop and Best Buy locations across the U.S. will be opening their doors at midnight on October 13, so check your local store for details.

PlayStation VRPlayStation VR

Purchases made at the Sony Square NYC event are credit card only. For the safety of all of our fans, bags are subject to search so it’s better to leave backpacks at home.

PlayStation VR requires PlayStation 4 system and PlayStation Camera, sold separately.

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  • You do know that midnight is the last moment of the day, right? Do you mean 12:01AM?

    • There’s something I noticed using the DS4 in motion control games on the PS4, they’re gittery.
      It wasn’t like that on the PS3, it was flawless on the PS3. So I believe it is a software glitch that needs to be fixed. I do believe you’ll be able to patch it really quickly.
      When you play Sports Champion on the PS3. The controls are so precised and accurate, we can’t really say the same when it’s on the PS4. So please do patch it.
      Also, if you were to remaster Sports Champion on the PS4, that would be great, don’t bother with the rest.

    • @commandingtiger

      I do not have this issue. I have 5 different DS4 controllers. Have you tested this on another DS4?

  • You are incorrect. Midnight starts the day (00:00:00 AM).

    • @SharkFynn: You might want to do you research. :) The day ends at midnight, and always has. Computers are not able to use this exact definition w/o significant coding, thus computers start the day at 00:00:00, but that is not the real start of the day.

    • You are both right. It is just a matter of a glass half full or half empty. It’s half.
      Anyway, will the Sharp Shooter be supported for Farpoint?
      I don’t want to use the Aim controller.
      If PS Move controllers work then there shouldn’t be a reason not to.

    • @Kaelum: You’re only partially correct. Midnight is an *instant* in time that signifies both the end of the previous day and the start of the next day. You can think of it as neutral. Based on the blog post, 23:59.59.999 on Oct 12 would be the end of the day, and 00:00:00.001 would be the start of Oct 13.

      Saying ‘midnight’ on its own is meaningless, and requires pointers to convention or context. That is why the blog post says “…line up at 7pm October 12, then at midnight…”

    • @siriusbee: Midnight by definition, is the last moment of the day. That is fact, and is an international standard. It is absolutely not 00:00:00. In computer time it is the equivalent of 24:00:00, which does not exist. There is a 24 hour difference in the 2 meanings, which is why ALL public notices and legal documents never use the term midnight, they always use 12:01AM. You can lookup the legal consequences of using the term midnight.

    • @Kaelum: I’m looking at ISO (International Standards Organization) 8601, *the* international standard on time. What are ‘standard’ are you looking at? Google it:

      (From various sources on ISO 8601)

      “Midnight is a special case and may be referred to as either “00:00” or “24:00”. The notation “00:00” is used at the beginning of a calendar day and is the more frequently used. At the end of a day use “24:00”.
      “As every day both starts and ends with midnight, the two notations 00:00 and 24:00 are available to distinguish the two midnights that can be associated with one date.”

  • As much as I wish that was true I don’t think it will be as I believe the Aim controller has a second analog nub on the rear handle which the Sharpshooter does not.

  • If you live in Hawaii will they start selling the VRs at 6:00PM Wednesday? Gamestop is supposed to have limited supply for those who didn’t preorder right?

  • Nobody cares about PSVR, its just a fad.
    Just give us a PS4 port of Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy.

  • i wonder how long will this PS VR last? Last gen they introduce “move controller” but the fact is how many games that were compatible with the move controller has come out? “Sports Champions” was good everybody was talking about it. But when “sports champions 2” out, no one seems to care.

  • @commandingtiger: It all depends on if the nav controller will work on the ps4. i have not tried it yet but I will give it a go today to see what happens.

  • Will be at a different midnight release for it, but definitely going to a midnight release. I have tested multiple time and enjoyed all the games I have played on it. Cannot wait.

  • But how much is the VR.. it’s at all at reasonable price????

  • I just want to give playstaion and tacobell for giving me a free VR headset. You guys rule!

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