Tumble VR Out Today, 10 Tips for Terrific Tumbling

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Tumble VR Out Today, 10 Tips for Terrific Tumbling

Hi, I’m Tom Heaton from Supermassive Games and I’m the Game Director of Tumble VR for PlayStation VR. The original Tumble was one of the first games we developed and it’s great to bring the latest instalment to VR. As before, you’ll be solving puzzles, building towers, and manipulating items. However, this time you play in a high-tech virtual world, complete with a robot drone who is out to test the intelligence levels of humanity. He has some disparaging things to say about us as a race, so can you prove him wrong?

Tumble VR for PlayStation VR

In this virtual world, you use the motion tracking capabilities of the DualShock 4 to solve problems set by the drone. Picking up and manipulating objects in VR feels incredibly lifelike and natural. You can twist, turn, throw, or place objects with pinpoint accuracy. It’s precise, smooth, and satisfying.

There are more than 80 single-player levels. Some are recognizable from the PS3 version, some are brand new. They range from deceptively simple to brutally difficult, but if you get stuck there’s always something else to move on to.

There’s also a brand new multiplayer mode too, with a second player able to take on the role of the drone. No headset required: you simply grab a DualShock 4 and play along via the TV.

You can fire laser beams, place wind turbines, and generally do your best to disrupt the building attempts of your headset-wearing opponent!

The design team has come up with a huge variety of puzzles. There are some that require balancing and others where you have to fit geometric blocks together. Other puzzles see you bending light beams around a maze, building giant towers, constructing bridges, and blowing things up. There are also levels where you have to build in a wind tunnel and even some where an earthquake goes off every fifteen seconds.

Tumble VR for PlayStation VR

The drone also makes things difficult by giving you crazy building blocks. Some are simply difficult shapes, but others are made of unhelpful materials like glass. Some even stick together or have gravity in very unusual directions. This variety makes sure that the player has always got something new and interesting to do.

On top of all that, many levels feature bonus puzzles. These include special blocks hidden throughout the game which you’ll need to complete the game’s final level.

The team had great fun making Tumble VR. We can’t wait to see you playing it.

Top 10 Tips for Tumble VR

  1. The weight and friction of blocks is shown on the DualShock 4 when you pick them up. Think about how to use these properties and use heavy blocks to weigh other blocks down.
  2. Some awkward-shaped blocks fit together to make a combination that is much more useful.
  3. In destruction levels, it’s important to get blocks into the high-scoring zones. Look for weak points that will make the tower topple sideways.
  4. Look out for jigsaw blocks within levels — they can earn you an easy medal.
  5. If you get stuck on a particular level, look around for other easier medals in the zone. Many levels have an additional bonus level, too!
  6. Hidden blocks are essential for completing the final level and are found in levels all over the game. They can be above you, behind you, beneath you, or hidden behind things.
  7. If you are the VR player in Versus mode, going for the bonus points on offer is often the best way to victory.
  8. In Versus mode, the blaster power-up is very powerful, especially if you hit the blocks at the top of the VR player’s tower.
  9. Listen carefully to what the drone says at the start of each level. Sometimes it gives little clues about how to tackle the puzzle.
  10. Experiment and have fun. Many puzzles don’t have set solutions. It’s all about trying your own thing and seeing what works.

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