The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 10/11/2016

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 10/11/2016

The next chapter in gaming history begins this week. PlayStation VR launches October 13 alongside a colossal list of new games. Get ready.

PlayStation VR empowers players to step into new worlds like never before. Compete around the globe in the sport of the future. Pilot an advanced starfighter through the depths of space. Race through gorgeous locales in high-performance cars. Or melt into a pulsating world of light and sound. With PS VR, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Because of the massive collection of new releases this week, we’re taking a slightly different approach to our post today. So read on for some PS VR highlights, followed by the full, streamlined list of new PlayStation games. Enjoy the Drop!

The Drop

New Releases: Week of October 11, 2016
Batman: Arkham VR
PS VR — Digital, Retail

Batman Arkham VR

Batman: Arkham VR immerses you in the Dark Knight’s Universe and redefines what it means to be the Batman. Experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective in an all new Arkham mystery. Think like Batman. Utilize his legendary gadgets in Virtual Reality to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of Batman’s closest allies.

PS VR — Digital, Retail (Out 10/13)


Strap into the cockpit of the Cobra — humanity’s last hope and the most powerful tank ever built — and experience first-person VR combat across neon-scarred sci-fi landscapes in an explosive campaign for one to four players.

Driveclub VR
PS VR — Digital, Retail (Out 10/13)

Driveclub VR

The roar of the engines… the screech of the tires… the scream of the crowds… Experience the wild rush of high-octane VR racing from behind the wheel of the most powerful, high-end cars on the planet.

PS VR — Digital, Retail (Out 10/13)

Eve Valkyrie

Experience the thrill of being an elite spaceship pilot in the sprawling sci-fi universe of Eve. Join the Valkyrie, an outlaw band of galactic pirates, and take up arms to claim what’s yours. Trade cannon fire for cash as you chase wealth and notoriety on the edge of space. Welcome to the next life.

PS VR — Digital (Out 10/13)

Here They Lie

Created by four industry vets and Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, Here They Lie transports players into a terrifying world from which you cannot escape, where unsettling encounters and environments come to life creating an immersive first-person experience further heightened by VR.

PlayStation VR Worlds
PS VR — Digital, Retail (On PlayStation Store 10/10)

PlayStation VR Worlds

Step into PlayStation VR Worlds and prepare to journey through five unique PS VR experiences specially created for the players. Go nose to nose with a great white shark, crawl through decaying space hulks, weave between oncoming traffic, survive a futuristic sport, or take part in a gritty London gangster thriller.

Rez Infinite
PS4 — Digital (Out 10/13, PS VR Compatible)

Rez Infinite

Prepare yourself for the ultimate version of Rez, a thrilling journey of sights and sounds and shooting action, remastered and upgraded exclusively for PS4 and PlayStation VR. Experience 360 degrees of mind-blowing synesthesia as you blast through waves of enemies and massive transforming bosses, with colors and sounds that sync and blend to the beat of Rez’s legendary techno soundtrack.

Rigs Mechanized Combat League
PS VR — Digital, Retail (Out 10/13)

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Coming exclusively to PlayStation VR, Rigs Mechanized Combat League puts you in the pilot seat of an athletic fighting machine, battling for supremacy in the adrenaline-fuelled sport of the future.

PS4 — Digital, Retail (PS VR Compatible)

Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 year Celebration

Lara Croft becomes more than a survivor as she embarks on her first Tomb Raiding expedition to the most treacherous and remote regions of Siberia. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration also includes the new “Blood Ties” single player content, VR support, new Co-op play for Endurance mode, and much more.

PS VR — Digital, Retail (Out 10/13)

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

Descend into madness. Strap yourself in for the most disturbing rollercoaster ride you’ll ever take. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a virtual reality experience to strike fear into the hearts of every trigger-happy arcade shooter fan.

The Full List

PlayStation Music Logo

  • The Game – 1992
  • Kings of Leon – Walls
  • The Naked and Famous – Simple Forms

PlayStation Video Logo

  • The Infiltrator
  • Captain Fantastic
  • Do Over

PlayStation Vue Logo

  • The Second Presidential Debate – October 9 at 9/8c (CNN)
  • Divorce – October 9 at 10/9c (HBO)
  • Fallingwater – October 13 at 10/9c (USA)

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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  • haha i am first person to write comment in here.. I am getting Rise of the Tomb Raider and WWE 2k17. Anyone whoever getting PS VR then good for them because i don’t care about VR

    • No one cares what you care about. Have a good life.

    • Congrats on being first to comment. That is quite the accomplishment. Your parents must be proud. Maybe one day you can afford PSVR too.

    • I care and I don’t care about VR either because I cared about 3D and look what’s not supported anymore. The same thing will happen with VR someday just you wait . Just focus on making good games not presenting them in a special package.

    • It’s funny how someone got attacked for being not hyped up for ‘the next biggest thing’.

      If Sony can’t ship PSVR to everyone that wants it at launch, then it’s not ready. It’s that simple. Another explanation will be that SONY is not that confident about it after all this hype.

      But that won’t matter one bit to me cause I’m not getting it either.

    • Wow, you are the 1st to leave a comment here!!! That is the most awesome thing I have ever read. Infact, you are so lucky that you write stupidity!! Tell your mom about your accomplishments. Vr, here I come!! I don’t care if it’s good or bad, what matters is that I think it’s cool and i want it!! If it’s wack then I will take my loss but what matters here is that I think it’s cool and i want it. For the people that are not getting it, I think the reason why you are not getting it, it’s because you can’t afford it!!! If you could afford it trust me you would had bought it. So, start nagging your mom and maybe just maybe you can have it for Xmas.. goodluck

    • People are focusing on making good games. That’s why VR exists. Isn’t a good game supposed to break down barriers, engulf you in the world, and make you feel like you’re there or a part of what’s going on and resonate with you?

      Well… That’s what VR does. It can trick your mind into feeling like you are somewhere. Some people play the Resident Evil 7 demo and they feel the bugs on their hands.

      It just feels like you just wanted to diss VR. The one thing most people who are excited about VR will tell you, is that you need to try it. Once you try it, you’ll understand.

      I would be so happy if they just ported a bunch of arcade games for VR. There are so many weird games that wanted to be VR, but couldn’t be, because the technology wasn’t there yet. So bring on some of those cheesy Samurai on rails games, and the Time Crisis games. Bring it!

    • Wow, on behalf of the Internet I apologise for some of the replies you’ve had. Not all of us are awful.

      As for VR, I’m the exact same. Saw far too many peripherals fail to jump on board with this one at launch. (also, I can’t afford one so will have to nag my parents to get me psvr for Christmas, obviously.)

    • Based on the childishness displayed all over your comments, I’m guessing the real problem here is that you’re just mad that mom and dad won’t buy you one. Don’t deny it. No adult comes in saying “HAHA I GOT FIRST COMMENT BROZ!”

      I mean pre-orders for the thing sold out 3 times already. It’s obviously got a lot of interest already. Sorry your allowance isn’t enough to get you one, but you don’t need to take it out on everyone else who’s interested. It’s embarrassing and it’s not going to stop us from enjoying the hell out of it anyway.

    • Lol. Y’all are a bunch of haters, man! Who cares what the man likes or dislikes? Different horses for different courses. Another thing, it’s pretty cool that he’s first, dudes. Stop being peanut butter and jealous. I, for one, am unimpressed with the lineup of VR games. It’s a bit out of my price range, too. I’m the only one that provides in my household. So, I know the husbands in my shoes supporting a family can relate. If you can afford it, and you’re all about the hype, then go for it! I’m not gonna bash you for it, so don’t bash those of us that aren’t about that VR life. Petty, petty, petty…

  • Very excited to get my PS VR on Thursday. Good timing with that spend $100, get $15 back promo. Already have the Vive (which has been a great experience so far) but also happy to see Sony jumping in here with support for bigger devs/games!

    • Yeah, i’m right there with you dude! Thursday can’t come soon enough! PS VR only is great for VR in general, because now more devs are going to want to make VR games!

  • Hi Ryan, friendly note: You should have separated the VR games is a separate list. It’s a tad confusing to wave through.

    For future, it would be cool to have the official PS4 trailer links beside them. I’m pretty sure most of us check out these on YouTube every Sunday but a direct link would be helpful.

  • MGS V Definitive Experience : great game but no thank because i never want support god damn Konami

  • Yay duke nukem! Hail to the king baby!

  • Well this is the biggest drop I’ve seen in awhile, the only thing I’m getting is Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni tho

  • Trying to read through the list of games to find the normal, non VR games is literally giving me a headache. You should have separated the VR and non VR games, or even done two different Drop posts, especially with so many games for VR coming out later in the week than the usual Tuesday.

    Also Eiyuu Senki came out Digitally for the PS3 last November, so why is it listed here?

  • Wow, look at this miserable attempt to make psvr games outshine the others.
    Look at this dirty company trying to make their new accessory a thing worth buying.
    Andrew house, you really trained well your dogs. But the Vita is still here, and we know for a fact how an accessory gets abandoned shortly after it was released. That’s the case for the Vita, Vita TV and… VR. It’s just a matter of time.
    “The VR doesn’t require any proprietary memory card.” – Oh yeah? But it does require that you own their (poor excuse of a) console. I’m gonna stop here. Thank you sony for the lack of support.

    • How dare they promote their own products, right? I love how the competition drop their supporters the moment they decide it’s time to move on (Nintendo) and force you to rebuy the games on a new console (lack of crossbuy) and the other was ready to force you online until they received major backlash (Microsoft) but Sony is dirty for charging you less for a more powerful console and doing what every other developer does. Promote their product.

      Seriously, why are you even here?

    • Seriously, stop whining about the Vita. Nobody wanted it, nobody bought it. It’s dead. Get over it. If there’s anything I hate about this place, it’s that the twenty people who actually bought a Vita insist on invading every thread. Seriously, just go away. Nobody cares.

    • @clupula668

      The Vita isn’t dead and has an active fanbase who loves it and wants it to succeed. It’s mostly Sony’s fault that people didn’t buy the Vita, and you know it.

      Don’t toss baseless lies.

      Oh yeah, and it has games! A large collection of them, too.

    • Why do you guys even bother replying? Guy came here to make a point, not be convinced otherwise.

    • Sitting here playing Darkest Dungeon on my Vita while waiting for the PSVR to release so I can buy the hell out of it, and having a good laugh in your face about it.

    • Xbox fanboy anyone?

  • Will get battlezone, driveclub vr, ps vr worlds, job simulator and thumper. Also tomb raider if I can get the artbook edition. Next week I’ll get until dawn rush of blood, rez infinite, and of course batman.

  • Not even slightly interested on PS VR.

    From the list I’m only getting this week Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni and Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors.

    I’ll buy the Vita version of Dragon Quest Builders and the Big Score DLC for Payday 2 later on when they are cheaper.

  • PlayStation what the actual hell is up with the PS2 ports.

    1 game a month at best or maybe 2.

    Just can the project like the Vita if you aren’t serious about it.

    This is absolutely absurd.

    Look at the release dates yourself and see how all of a sudden these ports are going to a full dead stop.

    1 game in July
    2 in august
    1 in September

    There’s thousands of games on the ps2, giving one or two games a month is absolutely unacceptable.

    5-10 would be ideal, but honestly at least an update post or some made up excuse of why you are being incompetent with porting would be nice.

    • There were actually 2 on July (Metal Slug Anthology and The Warriors):

      en . wikipedia . org/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_2_games_for_PlayStation_4

      But yeah they are taking so long with them! i get that it takes like 2 to 3 months to implement trophy support for them according to what a Sony employee said some months ago on Twitter but still there are doing so well on sales that they should hurry up with them! at this pace we are going to have just a couple of PS2 games more before the gen ends :-/

    • I was going off memory, but minus the initial 8 games they had at launch they have pretty much 20 games since last year.

      I think the total is barely at 30?

      They release games nobody really wants like puzzle quest, hot shot tennis , fantavision, kinetics.

      Not saying they are bad games, but if the release schedule is this excruciatingly slow release games like Castlevania, Mortal Kombat, Crash Bandicoot, SSX Tricky, you know games people actually would buy the crap out of.

      Hell release Mega Man anthology, Mega Man x collection like you did with metal slug

      It’s October you’d expect silent hill or fatal frame etc.

      I’m very disappointed, this is such a major let down and proves Sony starts projects and then abandons them.

      What a horrible track record and imo company if it keeps being this unfair to consumers.

      Like I said an update would be nice or something

      Also I’m pretty sure the Sony representative said it takes a month not 2-3

      And they should do a big drop once a month, 10 new ps2 games

      Because the ps2 collection had about 5,000 games or 3,000 and at this rate we can see 100 maybe in 4 years

    • Yeah, the trophies for Red Dead Revolver popped up on Exophase a few weeks ago, but it still hasn’t released yet. I’m a big fan of these PS2 emulated games since it allows me to play a bunch of games I never got to back in the day (especially exclusives since I had an Xbox). They also haven’t done it with PS1 games yet. It’s also interesting to me that these releases are for PS4 only; give them to the Vita! (And no, remote play doesn’t count, I’m talking about direct offline play).

  • Seriously it has been like a month since the last PS2 game on PS4, when are you going to release the next one? :-/ they are doing well on sales so I don’t get why you take so long with them, I get adding trophies takes quite a while but still…

    psnprofiles . com/forums/topic/33146-wish-lists-ps2-games-on-ps4/

    • Off the top of my head I’m hoping for Simpsons Hit and Run (if that’s the GTA styled one) and the Star Wars Battlefront games (can you imagine lol).

  • No Super Hyper Cube for the VR Launch? :(

  • WWE 2k17 and Gears Of War 4 on my Xbox1.
    I dont care about PlayStation VR sony will just kill it in about a year like they did with PsVita, PsMove and PsTV

    • And like Microsoft did with the Kinect? also the PS VR pre-orders were mind blowing and they run out of stock in a matter of minutes, and since bigger games like Resident Evil 7 will be PS VR compatibles I’m sure this device will have a lot more success than the Vita, Move or Vita TV.

    • Lol i didnt even mention Kinect and i never even owned Kinect damn you sony fanboy get all hot and heavy when someone brings up Mirosoft.

    • Microsoft*

    • You didn’t have to mention Kinect, but let’s not all pretend that Sony is the only perpetrator here. You attack Sony on a Sony site and don’t expect anyone to speak a word against you? You also mentioned you have an Xbox One, and that was enough for him to comment.

  • LOL @ VR haters. If you’ve never actually tried VR you can’t really have a valid opinion of it. It literally requires you to experience it to know what people are talking about up until that point you are only going off of what you have seen and heard which is absolutely nothing of value compared to a first-hand experience

    • So it’s fine to hate on it, as long as you’ve tried it out at one of the many demo locations?

    • I am getting:

      1000ft Robot Golf
      The Assembly
      AFC: Volue 1 & 2
      Batman: Arkham VR
      Dragon Quest Builders (Vita)
      Eve: Valkyrie
      Harmonix Music VR
      Here They Lie
      Job Simulator
      Mantis Burn Racing
      PlayStation VR Worlds
      Rez Infinite
      Rigs Mechanized Combat
      Rise of the Tomb Raider
      Super Stardust Ultra VR
      Tumbler VR
      Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
      WWE 2K17

    • Yup then you can hate on it because at that point your opinion would be valid. Thats like saying a movie you havent seen is bad just cause someone else said it is, or saying a game you never played is bad.

      Every movie or game i think is bad ive actually played or watched first

    • My problem with VR is that Sony has a long, sad history of dropping support for many of their peripherals, and hardware like the Vita. So I don’t even want to try it out. Chances are I’ll want it, but it’s way too much money to spend on something that is only going to be dead a year or so from now. For the present, I’ll keep playing games the old-fashioned way with a controller thank you very much.

    • While you are 100% correct. Lets be fair go look at vita and move and telk us how much they sold. Why would Sony waste time and money supporting something that half their userbase didnt even buy? If osvr is the same way then yes it wont be supported either. But if it sells like hell Im willing to bet everything that theyll stand behind it, theyll have a REASON to

    • I tried it out. Felt too gimmicky for me to really get behind. I’ll jump aboard when they start to make a full VR experience like you’d see in a Sci-Fi movie.

    • So youll jump in 1000 years from now? Ummmm you do know how long a human life span is right? Also to humor you lets say they brought something like that out tomorrow. Ummm you know a Buggati would be cheaper to buy right? You must be loaded

  • It would have been nice to get a description of new PS4 games too…

  • Some people only come here to complain about things that are releasing, and things they aren’t even getting. What pointless posts.

    Anyway, i’ll be getting RIGS and Batman, though RIGS will hold all the attention.

  • This is easily the biggest week in the history of PlayStatiion Store for me. I absolutly can not wait to try out PSVR for the first time. I am buying nearly every game, and look forward to the next evelution in gaming. After 3 years of feeling let down by this generations lack of 3D and Move support, I finally feel like the next generation has arrived.

    I am also very excited to try out all of the VR video apps that are coming. I hope the brwoser gets a VR and 4K overaul with PSVR and PS4 Pro comming.

    Now I want to see you guys use your new partnerships with Vue, to bring us VR Sports from MLB, NFL, Fifa, and the rest of the major sports. VR will be the ultimate way to watch live events in the future.

    To all the haters out there. Please don’t ruin this like you ruined mobile by not supporting the Vita. We had the oppertunity to have an amazing future in mobile entertainment, but now we have Android vs iOS. Lets make PSVR the standard for VR, and let Sony bring out the best VR experience across all content.

    • I think VR is a cool technology. Personally I won’t be investing in this, at least not yet. The headset isn’t designed for people with glasses (I did a demo), and besides I just prefer good old 2D gaming on a TV. It wouldn’t be worth the price of another Playstation for me, anyway. If Sony continues to support it, though, and it becomes more mainstream, that would be cool. I think the long-term future of VR could bring some awesome things to gaming.

  • PS VR looks interesting but I’ll wait for the 2nd gen while they perfect it and get rid of issues (motion sickness, etc),

  • Can’t wait until Thursday!!! I took the day off to get in some VR action. Preordered Eve Valkyrie, Driveclub VR, and Until Dawn Rush of Blood. Think I’ll wait for the retail release of Here They Lie,but that looks cool as well. Anyone know the price for that one?

  • HUGE drop this week! Though they weren’t featured today, I’m eager to try 100ft Robot Golf, The Assembly, Headmaster, Nobody Explodes, Thumper, and Tumbler VR once I get my hands on my own PSVR headset :-)

  • Always try things before you judge them

  • Happy PSVR launch week! I’m in!

  • I’m eagerly awaiting my shiny new PS VR! I would have pre-ordered the games that I am definitely getting if they were available. I am sooo EXCITED!

    Just 4 more days! ARRRGH!

  • Ryan. Dude. Why you no have PS Blogcast last week prior to PS VR’s launch?

    Although I’ve never been able to try it for myself (no demo retailers near me!), I can’t wait to get mine come launch day.

  • Dragon Quest Builders is a must pickup for me! Also gonna be eyeing Tomb Raider 20th real hard while I’m at Gamestop…

  • I know I will be getting Hatsune Miku vr right away its only$15. I want to play the demo disk, but right now im leaning toward battle zone or rigs, I am so tempted to buy Starwars Battlefront for the vr bit its only $39, maybe rez. I will easily spend enough to get the $15 credit. Oh and a want a good VR puzzle game.

  • Thumper out 10/10? Everywhere else says 10/13

  • We can’t even get Solitaire or Atari Classics on the Vita? Come on!!

    • Cos they won’t make money doing it.

      It’s funny how people can get so forgetful, cheering for ‘the biggest evolution in gaming history’ while the same company is letting its handheld device die off quietly.

  • I don’t care about PSVR either, but i am post 30 .. Now that’s an accomplishment, okay now someone bash me for not caring about PSVR.

    Me and post numbah one have alot in common, wwe and they was post numbah one and im post 30. That’s what i call an accomplishment, what are the odds of having 2 people who couldn’t care less about PSVR? Okay, now someone analyze my post and bash me.

    • If you don’t care, that’s one thing. Insults like “VR is dumb” and “why are you coming out with PSVR” are another.

  • I have been dying to play “Rise of the Tomb Raider” since the last game, so I can’t wait to finally play it. As for VR, I’ve done a demo of it and, though the tech is cool, the headset is not designed for people with glasses. I would either have to let it squeeze my frames against my skull while still being able to see through the bottom of the headset, or take off my glasses but be unable to see anything. Of course, I’m not excited enough about VR to begin with to pay the price of another Playstation for it, so no loss for me.

    • Actually it states right in the FAQ on this blog that the headset is designed to accommodate for people with glasses that’s why there is a knob you can turn that adjusts how close to or far away from your eyes the lens are

  • Dragons Quest Builder this tuesday for me and in 2 week World of Final Fantasy :D

    • Already downloaded DQ: Builders. Super pumped. World of FF isn’t looking appealing to me, but I do hope it is good.

  • Eiyuu Senki’s been out for months. Go play it, though. It’s great!

  • please sony don’t do to vr like you did to vita. if there were to be a dark souls 3 vr i would be sold but . . .

  • Psvr is actually very good in my experience. No its not the V!ve or R!ft but it is good for a 1st gen vr headset from Sony. Remember neither the V!ve nor the R!ft are first gen. There have been multiple iterations of both. As for the games I will be getting worlds, eve Valkyrie, battlezonejob simulator,keep talking, and tomb raider. I will wait for batman to drop in price considering it’s so short.

  • Not really interested in VR, but good luck to it, I guess.

    As for me, it’s Rise of the Tomb Raider time.

  • Bummed that Dragon Quest Builders didn’t get more of a mention, but oh well. Glad to finally be able to play the full game. Demo was a lot of fun.

  • The PS4 needs more JRPGS, way too many indies lately.

  • I canceled my VR pre-order the other day. After thinking about it, I came to realize I don’t want to pay that much for something that has to use six year old technology. If VR actually catches on for mainstream gaming, I’ll get the next generation of it.

  • was hoping to see the price for Mantis Burn Racing, guess I’ll have to wait until Tuesday

  • Can someone clarify something for me please as I may have dreamt it! But is there a function to play current non-VR games within the actual VR headset? Meaning the screen would be effectively like a cinema screen? Obviously you wouldn’t turn your head and it turns in game but the screen works.

    Have i made this up in my own head like a crazy person??


  • Very excited about the launch and looking forward to getting my unit on Thursday. Frustrated and disappointed though on the review embargo on a number of key titles.

  • Do you know if assetto corsa or gran turismo sport will be included to play with VR?

    • Yes gran turismo sport is supposed to be vr compatible. Not required tho. As for assetto I haven’t heard anything about them adding support for vr.

  • I don’t care about VR. Tried it at Best Buy. It was ok and all, but I get motion sick from some FPS games regardless.

    Even with that being said, I live alone. Why would I want to close off my ability to know what’s happening around me. Sounds potentially dangerous. Besides I don’t play games to be immersed. That literally doesn’t matter to me at all. I play games for the challenge involved, interesting puzzles, and gameplay mechanics. Graphics and story are not top priorities. Immersjon is not on my radar.

    My point is that not everyone is going to care. And some not be physically able to play VR. It was cool and all, but how about we not focus all on that on this blog while there’s still consumers who actually want to know more about non VR stuff. They were virtually ignored this week (was that a pun?)

    As to comments Ive seen here today about people who arent buying it only because they can’t afford it. That’s ignorant. That’s the only reason you will accept that someone isn’t rushing out to buy the Wii… I mean PSVR? I find the technology doesn’t add anything for me to a game. And I’d rather spend 400+tax on more games that I actually care about than for one item that doesn’t interest me even a little

  • I’d rather have a 4k UHD bluray drive than a pair of VR goggles for my Playstation 4….

  • I love how people just assume that the players who aren’t getting PSVR can’t afford it, I’m not getting it, and have plenty of spending money. The thing is, I haven’t even tried it out. Maybe some of you have, or are just taking a chance on it. Regardless, this community is usually very respectful, with minimal controversy, but I am seeing a rapid increase of ignorance and name calling. You little boys need to grow up and grow a pair, gain some respect and quit assuming. Personally, i am waiting for a demo in myy area for PSVR, until then, I’ll not buy it.

  • Just adding to those who would really have preferred having VR and non VR games in separate lists.

    I kind of feel bad for an PS3/PS4/Vita titles that launch this week.

    I wound up canceling my PSVR pre-order on Sunday. There’re too many great traditional games to play right now; I don’t have time for all of them let alone a whole new system. I’ll re-consider after the holiday rush is over and when I’m feeling that “Damn, wish I had something new to play” funk.

    Now I’m just really looking forward to PS4 Pro. That pre-order will definitely NOT get canceled.

    For this week, though:
    Dragon Quest Builders (demo was a ton of fun)
    Rise of the Tomb Raider (buying now to get that 100,000 credits if you play this week, then it’ll go on the shelf until PS4 Pro arrives)

  • How will the Playstation VR play out for people with glasses? I want the PS VR and I wear glasses will I be able to adjust the VR headset so I can see through it with glasses on?

    • Every review I’ve seen says that it fits over glasses pretty well so unless you have bifocals or trifocals it shouldn’t be a problem (and even then, maybe not). The FAQ says the focal point is 8′ so in theory it’d be like looking at something eight feet in front of you, so depending on your eyesight you might be able to ditch the glasses.

    • Ok cause if I have to take off my glasses to use it I’d have a hard time since I can’t see that well without them

    • I tried PS VR at Best Buy with my glasses on, and it worked beautifully while the headset was on. DH said he was getting some fogging of his glasses, though. AFTER taking off the headset, I also had to clean a lot of smudges off the glass, which made me think I needed to sanitize my entire head and face! So I’d conclude that it works fine, but it works better if you are fastidious about maintaining clean hardware.

    • I also wear glasses and I tried the headset at Best Buy. I can say that regardless of my comments and disinterest in the VR system it wasnt a terrible experience. It was comfortable even with my glasses on. There’s an adjustment you can fiddle with until you find the best fit. Overall the technology seems to work very well and is actually surprisingly comfortable. Even though I don’t have interest in it personally, I can’t say that I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who is excited for this style of interface. Its definitely no Virtual Boy. Lmao!

    • Ha yea the Virtual Boy was a disaster!

  • You’re missing Sportsbar VR and SuperHyperCube. The Sportsbar VR team were interviewed by this blog September 29th and they said it comes out on launch day:

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