Tales of Berseria Launching January 24, 2017, Collector’s Edition Revealed

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Tales of Berseria Launching January 24, 2017, Collector’s Edition Revealed

Hello everyone! Ah, Autumn — a time of changing leaves, mulled apple cider, sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and the yearly reveal of the latest Tales of collector’s edition and release date!

This time around I’m happy to reveal that Tales of Berseria will be available across the Americas on January 24, 2017 for PS4! Which means in just a little over three short months you’ll be able to experience what many people playing the Japanese version are calling one of the best Tales of games ever.

In addition to the release date, I’m happy to have this opportunity to reveal the contents of the Tales of Berseria Collector’s Edition. This puppy comes fully stocked with the following items for the price of $149.99:

  • Exclusive Tales of Berseria SteelBook case
  • Velvet and Laphicet Chibi Kyun Chara figures
  • Exclusive 8-Bit retro keychain set
  • Special Selection Music CD
  • Hardcover prequel novel “A Witch’s Tale: A World Full of Daemons”
  • Set of Tales of Berseria trading cards
  • Tales of Berseria starter strategy guide artbook

The Tales of Berseria Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order at participating retailers. I also should let you guys know that the collector’s edition is limited to 10,000 copies and will sell out pretty quickly.

Again, a big thank you is in order for all the Tales of fans who continue to make this series a special part of their lives. We are excited to bring a whole new cast of characters to everyone and can’t wait to see what you think of them and their journey in Tales of Berseria!

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3 Author Replies

  • where is digimon world next order on vita

  • I just pre ordered collector edition
    I have question
    is there a option to choose Japanese voices in the game? Please

  • I’m excited. I beat Tales of Hearts R, Graces f & Zestitis over the summer. I’m getting this! You guys ever bringing Tales of Innocence to Vita? Keep up the good work guys

  • Will Best Buy be one of the participating retailers?

    Also, just 10,000? Zestiria’s LE had 20,000 printed off. At least give Berseria that much so people could have ample time and a fair chance to get this.

  • Nice. We gonna get more tales after? Abyss need a port on ps4.

  • Dammit sony y’all killing me all these exclusives dropping for the winter but lordy! Please spread out the games better please! K.H 2.8. and Gravity Rush with Yakuza Zero is enough in january. Then in February, Nioh, Persona 5 and Horizon something is going to take a hit. I’m supporting all of these games but i also want to play them… :( Now i need to finish tales of Zestiria before this drops :(

  • No Eleanor figure, no buy.

  • Aww, no Blu-ray or CE-exclusive DLC?

    Who cares, I’m still buying it!

  • What all retailers will have the collector’s edition available to pre-order?

  • Aaaaaaand no preorders in Canada yet.

  • Have all the localized Tales of games bar this and Zestiria.,,,need to catch up..but they take so much time to plat.

    Is Bersaria coming to PS3?

    Please bring Innocence R to the Vita…enjoyed Hearts R…have played Innocence on the DS…..we are missing out.

    • Berseria is going to be available on PS3 ONLY IN JAPAN. If you don’t have PS4, then I hope you are fluent in Japanese. Or get PC version.

  • That is a sweet collection. But man…there are so many games coming the first few months of next year.

  • Just finished, great game!

  • Preordered. I love the Tales series so much. Just wanted to chime in with the others for an Innocence R localization; even if it would have to be digital only.

  • So there is only 10,000 preorders available, yet I’m sure like always Canada won’t be able to preorder if I walk into EB games right now

  • Well fiddles… I might drop my pre-order. Yakuza 0 and Gravity Rush take priority over tales… Fiddles. But that is a really pretty collectors edition

  • Just ordered the collector’s edition from Amazon, and now it’s sold out :o

  • Hopefully the pre-orders will show up at Canadian retailers sooner rather than later, would like to add this to my collection alongside the past Tales of CEs.

  • Yay I now have 4 preordered games to pick up on teh 24th…

    Beseria, Yakuza 0, Resident Evil 7 and and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 lol I think thats the most games Ive ever had come out that I want on the same day. lol

  • I’m sure scalpers are thrilled at your pointless 10k limit! Well done.

    And why don’t we get Xillia/2 type figures anymore. Those are way better.

  • I don’t know if you are still here answering questions. But what exactly is Tales of Berseria starter strategy guide ?

    Does it do a full overview of the game, or have some important tidbits ? Is it just a walkthrough without the side quest and item info ?

  • Hey Dmitryi any info on digital pre order .. And thank you for this beautiful release date update and keep up the good work Tales series FTW!!!!

  • Will the share button be disabled again?

  • Hopefully it’ll be less predictable than the previous Tales of games.

  • any chance of offering the steelbook as a preorder bonus? also, will we be able to take screenshots wjth the share button this time around?

  • Not gonna ruin the game’s opening theme this time I hope. White Knight was awesome, and I was horrified to find out that the English version only had an instrumental.

  • Omg $150! Tales CE nowadays keep on getting more and more expensive. I woke up this morning to see news about this CE announcement and it’s already sold out in Amazon US, which is the only way I can get it from my country. I see scalpers on eBay are listing it at $300. Sigh… sad times for fans.

  • You guys rock. I want another Tales game in the way Vesperia was made. Overworld map. Flying dragon and all that jazz. :)

  • Tales of Vesperia on PS4 for the west please.

    • Man that’s my favorite tales game, I like the story and the older protagonist, not another goody two shoes and doesn’t have problems getting his hand dirty.

  • I join the requests for bringing Tales Of Innocence R for PS Vita to the west!

    I look forward to play Tales of Berseria on PS4.

    However, I refuse to buy Digimon World: Next Order unless it’s also localized for PS Vita. I heard that the Asian version of the game even already has an English translation, so it should be easy to just release that on west as well.

  • Are there any plans to have smaller special edition with just the steelbook and prequel novel? A cheaper $99 or $80 version of the game special edition.

  • The Tales series is great, glad one is coming to PS4.

  • If collectors edition is already sold out, I’ll pass on this.

  • Woohoo! Preordered on amazon <3
    That prime discount sure is nice for things like these xD

  • If you still want it, they’re available at GameStop. I know,, not an ideal option, but just the same…

  • This week got real expensive all of a sudden. I don’t care about Collector’s Editions, just picking this up – I played the demo from the JP PSN, and it plays like a dream! Its also clear that Berseria in general is another inspired entry in the series; that the developers are enjoying the stories they’ve created for Velvet, Magilou and the rest like they did for the gang in Xillia. Zesteria was fine, but it also felt more like a “we need a Tales game this year”-type project to me – it just never felt as interesting to me. This one definitely is back to being interesting – I can’t wait. But DAMN; Gravity Rush 2 moved into that week, and also Yakuza 0 is launching then? I GOTTA PICK UP 3 GAMES AT THE SAME TIME!?! Drop $180 at once? Sorry wallet… I hope some relatives see fit to gift me some cash at Christmas…

  • What about a digital deluxe edition? Any plans for the digital market anytime soon or would have to wait ti’ll dec-jan to order?

  • Just pre-ordered the collectors edition from Game.co.uk £89.99.

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