Rigs Mechanized Combat League: From Idea to Action

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Rigs Mechanized Combat League: From Idea to Action

At Guerrilla, we are gamers first, and when creating games we always look for something that we would like to play ourselves. When we started development on Rigs Mechanized Combat League, it was always our intention to create an experience that harkened back to the old school arena based shooters. Those days when you would learn the arena by heart, and when a well-timed jump or a split second dodge gained you the advantage over your opponents. We wanted to create that adrenaline pumping fast paced shooter, and put you in the middle of the action.

We looked at motorsports and even mixed martial arts for inspiration. This created the perfect blend for Rigs — it has the fast paced action of motorsports while maintaining the close-quarters combat of MMA.

When designing the actual Rigs that the player will be controlling, we looked at how we could combine motorsport with MMA. It was really important that we distinguished the rigs as high-end sporting vehicles rather than lumbering war machines. This evolution started out with smaller Rigs that looked more like motorsport but on legs, but as we started to conceptualize it a bit more you can see our starting point and ending with the Mirage class.

With PlayStation VR we have been able to create an experience that truly immerses you in the game world. It really does feels like you are controlling one of the 20+ refined sports Rigs and maneuvering through purpose-built arenas around the globe, taking down your opponents.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook page for the latest on Rigs Mechanized Combat League as well as where you can go hands on, because playing is believing.

Rigs Mechanized Combat League will launch October 13 and you can pre-order from select retailers.

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  • Since we’re less than a week away, there obviously won’t be an opportunity to pre-order on PSN. Is there any chance we’ll be able to get the pre-order bonus items when the title does go up on PSN?

  • Man, I want this game to be a a ps vr seller so bad.. I really hope it’s a huge win for you guys. Can’t wait to pick up my copy!

  • The only VR game to consistently make me motion sick, despite claims of an “alternate control scheme” that no handler ever gave me as an option. Also the most pixelated looking of all the PS VR games I played.

    I still made 4 baskets last year at PSX before raising my hand to be taken out due to nausea, though :)

  • I hope the campaign is longer than 3-4 hours lol

  • I am really torn now. I want my Playstation VR but Bestbuy has a no returns police for the PSVR so if it is defective or it makes me sick I can’t return it. You can only return it if the box is unopened.

    • Why don’t you buy it at Costco or Walmart?

    • If it makes you sick you cannot return it.

      Defective it can still be exchanged though. How they will handle that situation is ubclear. Many places will have similar rules.

      All I can say is I have spent several hours on VR and have yet to have an issue and that includes PS VR. I personally have only seen one person get sick so far and that person was drunk. I think the fact that the person was using an Occulus at the time is completely unimportant to the fact that the person was drunk.

      I would also like to point out that I get motion sickness on being way out in the ocean on any sort of big boat and this still does not make me feel queasy or nauseous. However I have heard of people gettjng sick from VR, but I am unsure what might make a person probe to that.

    • *prone and not probe.

  • One of my PSVR launch games this week I’m picking up and most excited to play! Thanks Guerilla, for this unique PSVR game! Excited!

  • I hope they go to work on another KILLZONE after this! Could care less about VR…

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