PlayStation VR is Almost Here

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PlayStation VR is Almost Here

PlayStation VR will launch worldwide on October 13 with an incredible amount of titles not only at launch, but releasing throughout this holiday season. There will be more than 25 titles launching with PS VR this month, including heavy hitters like Batman: Arkham VR from Rocksteady Studios, PlayStation VR Worlds from our own Worldwide Studios, and Rigs Mechanized Combat League from Guerrilla Games.

Among the holiday lineup is one of the most incredible gaming experiences ever conceived — the opportunity to battle against the evil Empire in an X-wing fighter in VR. Thanks to the talented teams at Dice, Criterion and Lucasfilm, Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission will give PS VR owners a chance to experience something we’ve all dreamed about. This experience will be free for all PS4 owners of last year’s fan-favorite shooter Star Wars Battlefront when it launches on PS VR this holiday.

An iconic experience like this is worth bragging about, so I’d like to give you a preview of our new TV spot — one of several in the works — that celebrates the launch of PlayStation VR in style. PlayStation VR has to be tried to be believed, but we know how it feels to be transported into our favorite gaming experiences and we think this captures that emotion perfectly.

If you can’t wait until October 13 to experience PlayStation VR, many local retailers are offering hands-on demos of experiences such as Batman: Arkham VR, Harmonix Music VR or Thumper now. Let us know what you think of our new spot!

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  • Just like Batman: Arkham VR I would love to see some gameplay footage.

    • GameSpot has a massive Arkham VR review with play through; almost spoilerish.

    • Should I get this or go on a school washington DC trip???

    • @Oste18262009

      Go on your school trip. That experience will be worth it and a one time chance. You can always catch up on VR when you get more money.

    • @Oste18262009

      I completely agree with KidCommando. You might not have another opportunity to see DC, and it’s a pretty cool experience (or at least I thought so). The PSVR is only going to get better as time goes on. That’s why I am personally waiting till next year to pick one up. The launch titles look OK, but VR is young and developers have a long way to go before these games will be fully optimized to take full advantage of the hardware. I hope you go to DC and have a good time! Cheers!

  • The main issue with this launch that I’m having is that the PlayStation store has not begun taking pre-orders for any PSVR launch titles, and we are one week from launch.

    I would rather have all of these titles pre-installed than on physical media since I assume each experience is very short, and I would like to jump from title to title without switching discs.

    • PS VR launching next Thursday, so I’m guessing on Tuesday all the games will be available for pre-order/purchase. Hopefully. I’m waiting to give them my money.

    • @Yuranium Isn’t Tuesday cutting it real close, even with digital delivery? Why would any company wait that long take digital download pre-orders? I would love to know for sure though. I need get my order in to Amazon by noon on Tuesday for them to ship it to me by launch, and that’s with Prime.

  • Got my pre-order all ready to go. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. So many of the launch games will be mine. Just one more week!

  • Yes, it’s almost here! So… where are the digital pre-orders?!

  • Just one more week!!! I’m so super super pumped. I’m glad to be a day one supporter, and I really hope that it gets the support it deserves. I understand people may be cautious to put down a bunch of money on a completely new technology like this, but if we want to see even more amazing VR experiences in the future, developers are going to need to see that people have the technology and are interested in it before they begin investing their resources.

  • I preordered mine 5 minutes after they started taking preorders, but I’m worried that I’ll have the same continuous tracking problems the Giant Bomb guys saw on their livestream yesterday.

    If we have that problem, what should we do? Is there a troubleshooting guide for the PSVR camera tracking?

    I wish I was more anticipating the games and less worried about the camera tracking making me queasy.

    • I don’t mean this to be insulting to them but there has been many issues, where they actually don’t read the instructions and then end up setting things wrong. For example, if there are too many bright lights or a window nearby, the camera will have trouble reading the headset. I have played on this thing for a while now and havent had a single issue. Just follow their instructions and you should be fine. Remember that some of these sites had the headset in hand and were still claiming that the processor unit was used to boost graphics. Sony stated in the literature that this is not the case.


      Can you post links? If so, check the link above for some good tips and tricks? :)

    • It uses blue LED lights to track their movement someone should have thought before lighting up the walls behind them in LED lights I’m sorry but I’m calling that one their fault.

  • Please please please consider making a full game out of this. It would be a sure system seller. Man the Falcon’s guns, sit in a briefing with other pilots. Walk around the hangar. It’s begging to be made.

  • Preordered mine in March I believe, so I’m hyped.
    Sony – please fix and improve the tracking. All reviews complained about the PS Move and Camera. Do something about it!

    • The dualshock and the move controllers both have motion sensors. If you set them down then the motion sensors won’t register any movement. So if the camera thinks they’re moving, the system should at least be able to diagnose that something is wrong.

      They should have it walk you through troubleshooting the tracking.

      Maybe it won’t be a problem though.

  • I’m waiting and my body is ready!

  • The problem is, there are literally no stores in my area that are offering demo stations…What can I do about it?

  • The hype is reaaal!! One more week cmon!! Got it preordered and i cant f#%@$%# waait!!

    And reading yall comments here is making me worse! :’D



    the GB crew are making me think getting PSVR isn’t worth it. very troubling issues with the tracking here.

    • So I had no issues any of the times I’ve used it and it was in different settings after looking at the video I’m going to say that the GB crew that set up this shoot are kinda at fault considering that they know the headset uses blue LED lights to handle tracking and they set up a freaking rainbow LED pattern on the wall behind them. So I wouldn’t be that quick to jump ship unless you light your rooms the same way.

  • Is it worth it to buy starwars battlefront for playing this in vr? Are the vr section single player or multiplayer?

    This game need to be made in to a full fledged starwars space game with single and multiplayer mode.

  • PS Move Sharpshooter Peripheral support please!

  • yeah and if you didn’t get PS VR, you’re kind of screwed for the rest of the year, right? Nearly all the ps4 titles have been delayed till NEXT YEAR. I mean really? What if you can’t handle VR and you get sick, what about those people? Or the ones who AREN’T early adopters? smh….

  • So I’m curious Why there seems to be almost no emphasis or coverage on some VR titles the titles I’ve seen that look the most promising seem to have no coverage accept for the Playstation Access youtube channel They put up a demo of a game called the assembly which looked like VR heavy rain (branching stories multiple endings yes please) and their coverage of Here they lie was not only quite amusing but it made me love the idea of a VR game that played with your surroundings. This close to launch and there are launch titles that seem to be getting no attention it really seems odd.

  • I’m gonna chime in and say what the crap is going on with the lack of preorders? You can get Robot Golf, but… I don’t wanna
    I wanna preorder / preload Battlezone, Robinson, and VR Worlds.

  • VR is going to bomb so hard! I’m gonna love it as Sony loses money on yet another gimmick instead of supporting the Vita.

    I can’t wait to see this. There’s no way but down for VR.

  • Wow X-wing VR Mission will be free to owners of Battlefront?…no way that is some awesome news,I hope its not only for owners of the digital version.Can’t wait…that is ma most anticipated VR game no doubt about it.

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