Dare to Rise in Eve: Valkyrie, Launching October 13 on PS VR

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Dare to Rise in Eve: Valkyrie, Launching October 13 on PS VR

Hello future pilots.

It’s just over a week until the launch of Eve: Valkyrie on PlayStation VR. The studio here at CCP Newcastle is buzzing, even the Autumn weather can’t dampen our excitement.

Just a few short days from now and our game will be out there in the hands of brand new PlayStation VR owners. Ships will be chosen, squadrons formed, missions flown, alliances made and broken. The Eve: Valkyrie community is standing by to introduce all you new recruits to the things that make Eve: Valkyrie special: the terror of deep space, the glory of flight, and the joy of a hard-won kill.

So what better way to mark the occasion than a Double XP Weekend? From October 14 through October 17, Valkyrie pilots will receive Double XP from every mission they fly. And that’s Double XP for everyone, including our veteran PC players — Eve: Valkyrie is the first ever virtual reality game with full cross-platform play between PC and PS4. Of course, our PC players don’t get the exclusive PlayStation VR content we announced last week, so they might be in a vengeful mood… be careful out there.

If you’d like to know more about the game, or meet our team of VR developers, head to evevalkyrie.com and join the conversation on our forums, or follow Eve: Valkyrie on Twitter.

See you in the next life.

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  • I pray this is better than Dust 514 was… it at least LOOKS it.. but looks can be deceiving.

    • I recommend reading this blog post if you’re interested in knowing about the game and about how we’re continuing to evolve and grow:


      It explains a lot of the (free!) content we’ve added since we launched on PC, in response to community feedback. Joint Strike was actually the second of two major free updates, and we’ve got more planned.

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  • Will you need playstation plus for this? I assume you will for the multiplayer parts but what about for the single player?

    • Lol this question is so old… I swear if you can spend 400+ tax on an accessory whos 90% of games libraries are games that arent even 3 hours long…. then theres no reason you cant, dont, wouldnt and shouldnt be able to pay 60 bucks a YEAR on PS Plus

    • @DuoMaxwell007

      Most games are longer than 3 hours long these days especially at 60 dollars. So there is the first problem with your statement. The Second problem with your statement is assuming that a person who spends 400 dollars for the headset didn’t scrounge together every little penny, nickle, and damn trying to save up for this thing. 60 dollars is an expensive ask. That’s the cost of one game, a weeks worth of groceries for some. These are the same people who chose the cheaper alternative to playing 1,500 dollars for a glorified gaming rig to do the same thing.

      So ya 60 dollars is a bit of an ask. I know I have no issue paying it, but then again I have a subscription built up to 2020 between discounts, freebies, and credited time, so I don’t have anything to worry about. I do hate that it is a barrier to entry and that individuals who may buy 2 to 3 games a console generation who are willing to put forth for the extra peripherals are asked to keep paying just to play online.

    • @Kaze

      Im sorry but if I have to scrap up 400 bucks for a luxury item that we’re not even sure is gonna succeed or be supported… then a) something is wrong with me because Im literally gambling 400 dollars on something that may not pan out and b) if I need to scrape up 400 bucks for headset then Im sure I dont need it as Im 100% certain I have much more vital things that 400 dollars could and should be going too, like a bill, its called prioritizing.

      Also who spends 400 dollars on a console just to buy 2-3 games its entire gen? Thats literally a waste of money, you’re better off just sticking to your ps2 or 3 until ps4 is 100 bucks… If i spend 400 dollars on somethin you best believe that thing is getting used like theres no tomorrow…. that would be like me paying 100000 for a car and only driving it twice…. yes there are idiots out there who do that but Im not that wasteful with my money, if Im throwing down that kinda money you can rest assure that car will be driven as often as breathe air, otherwise that 100000 coulda went towards something more important like a house, or paying off my rent for the next 10+ years

    • Lastly did you READ my post? I didnt say GAMES in general weer 3 hours or less, I can name HUNDREDS that are longer. I said VR GAMES are that short… name me even ONE VR game that takes 8+ hours to beat? 400 sounds like a bit much to play games that are about as long as a standard movie right?

  • Thank you for your assistance but you still didn’t answer the question. I don’t have playstation plus and was wondering if it will be necessary for the single player aspect of the game.

  • Oh! Just realized what you were saying. Since it’s only 60 bucks I might as well go ahead and get it regardless. Sorry. Brain isn’t working at full capacity today. Good idea. Thanks for the advice!

    • exactly…. if you already have PS Plus then worrying about whether or not a game can be played without it wont be an issue, and since 60 bucks a year is 6 times cheaper than PSVR, if you can afford PSVR then you can afford PS Plus so just get it and thus you can buy any and every game without ever having to worry about that again.

  • Looks fun, i’d just like to know a few things:
    – Is It multiplayer only
    – And what’s the difference between this in Gunjack
    – Why is this at retail and and Gunjack isn’t?

    • Thanks for the questions! In order:

      * Valkyrie has single-player too, there are single-player missions which we reckon will take around 4 hours for an average playthrough. However t e multiplayer is where the game really comes alive – and I say this as someone who is not usually big into MP gaming.

      * While they’re both set in the EVE Universe, the two titles are very different games. Gunjack is a fixed turret shooter where you’re defending a very large vessel (a mining rig called ‘Kubera’) from waves of attackers. It’s single-player, and will give you that magic ‘Arcade’ feeling. Valkyrie is a dogfighting game, where you control a small ship totally independent of any other vessels. It’s primarily multiplayer, and combines shooting and flying (and teamwork, and deep space, and a great story – but the main bits are the shooting and the flying).

      * Valkyrie at retail: the physical PS4 version is actually published by our friends at PlayStation. It’s a full AAA game so it deserved a disc version… and the PlayStation guys are expert at that. Gunjack is a more compact experience, so best suited to download.

  • Crossplayyy!!! I love you guys :’D putting my pilot helmet already!!

    • Thank you, we’re really proud of the cross-play – Sony have been really great working with us to make this happen :)

  • From what I’ve seen/read, Gunjack is essentially an on rails game. You only control the gun turret (I think with head movement) where as in Valkyrie, you control the movement of the ship as well.

    • Yup, you’re exactly right – Gunjack has head tracking (like a modern fighter jet, so the tech is real!) and you’re in a fixed-position turret on a gigantic mining rig. Vaklyrie you have full control of your ship. They’re both EVE Universe, but very different experiences.

  • Still can’t pre download

  • Not to dismiss the importance of cross play but it seems the PC crowd will have a huge advantage as this is the first Eve game on consoles. Can you specify who you want to play with?

    • First EVE game on consoles? Dust 514 says hi.

    • Valkyrie is very different to EVE Online – they’re set in the same universe, but the gameplay isn’t the same at all. Anyone who has played EVE Online will know some of the backstory to EVE: Valkyrie already, but they won’t have a gameplay advantage.

    • I say hello to Dust and remind it that it was an FPS TPS, not a space shooter. Furthermore, people have been playing space shooters on PC a lot longer on PC since they are not as popular on consoles. So my concern still stands.

  • I’m unable to pull this up in the PSN Store at all, so I take it preordering digitally is out . . . ?

    Actually, I did have a question: What is the retail price on the game, both digitally and in physical form? I’m seeing two WILDLY different prices (as in some venues showing its physical price as $59.99 but a digital price of $19.99). So . . . how much is the game actually going to be?

  • (I think I found my own answer (for Post #10). Amazon is showing the digital code as $19.99, but as soon as you try to actually preorder it at that price, it gives you an error that it’s not available as a digital code preorder in the U.S. and kicks you right back out. I’m assuming this means it’s a standard $60 release, physically and digitally, though Amazon Prime still gives discounts.)

    • Yup that’s correct, the price is the same on both the digital and physical versions. The contents are also the same, so you’ll get the Founder’s Pack content whichever preorder route you choose.

  • I pre-ordered this game as soon as it went live so i could play Day 1 (plus I basically brought PSVR for this game!) the payment went through but the download never worked, Sony have not yet come back to me… anyone else having an issue and know of a fix??

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