Celebrate Halloween With 13 New Games on PS Now

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Celebrate Halloween With 13 New Games on PS Now

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is right around the corner, which means a month full of jack-o-lanterns, crazy costumes, and too much candy. Celebrate Halloween all month long with PlayStation Now and Shocktober by streaming these fantastic horror and action games to your PS4 and Windows PC.

Celebrate Halloween With 13 New Games on PS Now

We’ve got a great line-up of thirteen freshly-added games this month including Castlevania Harmony of Despair, Silent Hill HD Collection, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, The Darkness, and The House of the Dead Overkill (Extended Cut), along with our existing catalog of blood-curdling survival horror classics and edge-of-your-seat action titles like Resident Evil 4, Infamous Festival of Blood, Dead Island, and The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season.

If serious frights aren’t quite your cup of tea, you can still get your Shocktober on with newly-added games like The Witch and the Hundred Knight or Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime, or games from the existing PS Now catalog of 400+games like Costume Quest 2, Darkstalkers Resurrection, and Earth Defense Force 2025.

If you haven’t given game streaming with PlayStation Now a try, you can play all of these games and more with the 7-Day Free Trial. With 400+ games, including shooters, action adventures, survival horror games, RPGs, fighters, racers, and more, there’s never been a better time to join!

PlayStation Now Shocktober Theme Titles

  • Castlevania Harmony of Despair (new)
  • Silent Hill HD Collection (new)
  • The Darkness (new)
  • Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (new)
  • House of the Dead 3 (new)
  • House of the Dead 4 (new)
  • The House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut (new)
  • The Witch and the Hundred Knight (new)
  • Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime (new)
  • Deception: Nightmare Princess IV (new)
  • Bladestorm: Nightmare (new)
  • Burn Zombie Burn: The Diarrhea Bundle (new)
  • Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed (new)
  • Costume Quest 2
  • The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season
  • The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1-2
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection
  • Devil May Cry 4
  • Dead Rising 2
  • Dead Rising 2 Off the Record
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Dead Island
  • Dead Island Riptide
  • Escape Dead Island
  • Final Exam
  • Resistance 3
  • The Last Guy
  • Darksiders
  • Darksiders 2
  • Infamous: Festival of Blood
  • The Last of Us
  • The Last of Us Left Behind
  • Bioshock
  • The Darkness 2
  • F.E.A.R.
  • Siren Blood Curse Episodes 1-12
  • XCOM: Enemy Within
  • Lone Survivor
  • Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 1
  • Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 2
  • All Zombies Must Die
  • Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunter
  • Falling Skies: The Game
  • Twisted Metal
  • Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon
  • Earth Defense Force 2025
  • Bloodrayne: Betrayal
  • The Wolf Among Us
  • Zombie Tycoon 2

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4 Author Replies

  • RE4 – Best in the bunch!

    • That’s one of my favorites too

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    • Yessss tnx Sony

  • I have been wanting the Silent Hill HD collection, but it is always around $30. Might have to try PS Now on my Vita.

    • I have PS now on my vita and it is awesome,map the L2 and R2 to the front touchpad and it works great. I use it all the time to play PS3 games. Definitely worth the money for PS now if you have a vita.

  • Thanks very much for The Darkness, but rest of new games are not top notch.
    I hope we obtain Castlevania: Lord of Shadow, Demons Souls, Brutal Legends, Condemned 2 and Silent Hill Downpour in near future…

  • Thanks to PS Now, I was able to play and finished God of War and Flower. Games I always wanted to try but never did. These aren’t all new titles posted here, but with my first year about to end, I hope I stay locked in with that $99/yr tag I started with. I still have the rest of GoW to go, Uncharted series, Last of Us, Resident Evil 6, and as long time Castlevania fan, any and all Castlevania games.

  • Nice additions this month. Would love to see PlayStation All Stars added. While not as deep as Smash Bros it was still a really fun game that would love to play on the service.

    • I second the movement of adding Playstation All Stars, also I hope you didn’t give up on it. PS4 needs a solid brawler. It’s on you now sony! ;)

  • Will I be able to use my PS3 saved game file for Silent Hill with PS NOW? I saved the file before my PS3 died and would be great to continue the game on PS NOW.

    • If you have the save file in your PS+ cloud you can copy the save file from the PS+ cloud over to the PS Now cloud once you get into the PS Now XMB.

    • Hi Rudetoy,
      I checked on this, and technically it is possible. You will need to take your PS3 save data, load it onto another PS3 with your PSN account, and then upload that save data to your PS Plus cloud storage. Then on your PS4/PC, log into PS Now and then integrate the cloud save into the PS Now version of the game.
      And hopefully your save data is from the latest patch version of the game, otherwise it may not work correctly. PS Now uses the latest update for every game.

      Hope that helps!

    • @Brian Dunn subscribing to two of Sony’s garbage services isn’t the right answer.

  • Thanks to PSNOW and The Darkness, we can now use a PS4 to stream a PS3 game that lets you stream two entire movies!

  • When will we see more Sonic The Hedgehog games come to ps now, i was really looking forward to playing them

  • Waiting for another $99/year deal. Great service though!

  • I pay for this service would it count towards the spend $100 get $15 back?

  • Why and how are these PS3 games on PS Now but not digitally on the PS3 PS Store? Thanks.

  • Ha ha yeah no. I’ll just play SH1 and Shattered Memories on my Vita, then play 2 through Homecoming on my laptop, then complain I can’t find a copy of Downpour to put on my PS3. What happened to Haunting Ground, or Rule of Rose, or Fatal Frame, or Aconcagua, or Michigan Escape from Hell, or Hellnight, etc etc &.?

  • Does Harmony of Deapair have all the DLC?

  • Pretty nice update. Would have been cool if the Saw games were added. i know they’re bad but I enjoy them and the atmosphere.

    Been waiting forever for Resonance of Fate and 3D Dot Game Heroes to come to Now. Really still waiting since its release :/

  • How come Silent Hill HD collection is on PS Now, but not PS store?

  • Can you play with the Move for House of the Dead games?

  • My dreams have come true. I was like man I wish Silent hill would be on psnow, but I know that will never happen and now, I can’t wait to get out of work. If you can, please see about condemed 2: criminal origins.

  • …do I have to pay for the same game I have on ps3 again? Not as if your redoing any art work or even a new story on it but your still going to charge me for a game every month… I really hope you die in a damn fire.

  • Hey Brian, question!

    First off, fantastic service, getting better each and every update! :)

    I know the focus is now the Windows PC and PS4 App but, is there any possibility of a direct link to PlayStation Now on the PS3 XMB, under PlayStation Network category, under PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Store as opposed to being featured in What’s New or starting up PlayStation Store and navigating to PS Now – It’d be nice to just select that and be ready to access PS Now Subscription Area and get started on PS3.

    Though, PS Store is still problematic on PS3, not sure if there are plans to improve that or a separate PS Now app with similar UI to PS4 version.


    • I second what @Digital-MooseMan said. Going through store is wonky at best. Plus takes forever to get it to load then navigate to game then wait again to load PS now game. having XMB app would be great. The interface on Sony Blu-ray players is better than PS3.

    • Can’t even use the PS Store long enough to pick a game from PS Now. Crashes all the time. I don’t even have the PS Store installed on my PS3 anymore, there’s no point when I can’t do anything in it.

      A dedicated app for PS3 is needed desperately.

  • I like the newest games added, but I would like to see more twisted metal games, also spyro if possible

  • So…….when can we see the Silent Hill games on the PS4 system? Love the fact I have the older and new ones of the Resident Evil franchise on my system, but miss the Silent Hill stuff dearly!!

  • No Demons Souls, or Dark Souls 1?? What kind of Halloween list is this??

  • Great lineup, thanks Sony.

    A little off-topic, but is there a form or something we can submit to make a game request for PS NOW? I’m hoping that we can get Yakuza 5 added to the service so I can finally play it; had my PS3 die on me sometime ago and never replaced it and would love to play that game as I’m a huge fan of the series. Thanks.

  • Hello PS Now, can you add Sonic and Sega all star Racing to North Amercia PS Now. Iike have a good kart racing to play that still have player Online. I love playing PS Now app on Alienware Alpha desktop the games are Awesome.

  • Ikr we need some more Sonic title’s on PS Now, its a really great service i’ve tried it last month an really enjoyed myself just which their were more Sonic title’s on there.

  • Would love to see some Need for Speed or NCAAF college football games added to the PlayStation Now that would be awesome


  • how come there are no new game for ps now for this mouth

  • Why are there no new ps now gakes they usually have new ones but none right now what gives

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