Warhammer: The End of Times – Vermintide Delivers Gothic Combat on 10/4

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Warhammer: The End of Times – Vermintide Delivers Gothic Combat on 10/4

The End Times are near — the team has been hard at work to deliver our slice of the Warhammer fantasy world to the PS4. I’m Leo, Community Manager at Fatshark, and let me tell you that we’re really excited to finally bring the highly anticipated cooperative first-person melee shooter Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide to your PS4 on October 4.

Vermintide is known for being particularly challenging, so I’m here to bring you some tips to get you started in your quest to restore order to the gothic streets of Ubersreik and repel the Skaven invasion — or at least try to.

Get to know your tools.

Each of the five unique heroes have various types of weapon, capable of dealing damage to the vile rat-men in their own special ways: from huge cleaving strikes to direct assaults against one foe. Try different combinations of ranged and melee equipment, and be sure to coordinate with your group over which benefits you are bringing to the party to ensure maximum efficiency.

Blocking isn’t for the weak.

It’s for winners! Always be mindful of your surroundings and be sure to never have the block button out of reach. Some of the smaller enemies in Vermintide can be pushed – so if things get too spicy you can get some breathing space by shoving the Skaven away.

Dodge. Dodge. Dodge.

Some of the bigger guys can’t be pushed or blocked entirely, and this is where becoming artful at dodging comes in handy. Dodging heavy attacks or special attacks is a must and is a skill well worth having in your arsenal.

Stay together or die alone.

Don’t get brave — going lone wolf isn’t a good idea! Stick with your group and work as a team. The most common cause of being overrun comes from the group splitting up. It just takes one hero headed in a different direction to bring everything crashing down and ultimately getting the group killed. Don’t be that hero!

Watch that friendly fire!

This shouldn’t be a too big of an issue when you start out as the easier difficulties have friendly fire disabled, but over time you’ll become familiar with this as you ramp up the difficulty. We find it’s best to always expect friendly fire to be on, just in case you join a match with the those difficulty settings. Practice also makes perfect (or so we have heard).

Thanks for checking out our tips for Warhammer Vermintide. Rest assured, the Old World will fall, so why not be there with your friends when it happens?

For more information on Vermintide, follow the game on Twitter.

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