The PS VR Sessions: Here They Lie

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The PS VR Sessions: Here They Lie

The PlayStation.Blog team can’t wait for October 13. With the launch of PlayStation VR in North America, we’re entering a new era of gaming — one that places players directly into the worlds that developers so lovingly create. To prepare for this amazing next chapter in PlayStation history, we all donned that PlayStation VR headset and sampled a bevy of upcoming PlayStation VR titles.

Here They Lie, PS VR

Sampling Here They Lie is a tall order — it means embracing the fear and uncertainty of stepping into a strange, terrifying world quite unlike our own. Developed by industry veterans with a wide range of expertise, Here They Lie drops players into a bleak city with the only hope being the soft voice and bright dress of a woman named Dana. What did we think of this visually immense first-person horror? Read on.

As an aficionado of all things that go bump in the night, I can’t help but feel that Tangentlemen crafted Here They Lie specifically for my own macabre enjoyment. It’s unquestionably one of my favorite PS VR launch titles, partly because it combines so many horror elements I cherish: surreal cityscapes, weird internet urban legends, H.P. Lovecraft. From a game perspective, Here They Lie is a riveting tour through a desolate, eerie city populated by mysterious entities. I felt like I was trapped in a strange fever dream or, as the game’s senior art director put it in our interview, a “digital hallucination.” The game’s use of PS VR’s 3D audio capabilities meant that I encountered trails of sonic breadcrumbs, creepy audio cues that lead me, hesitantly, to the next scare. This is one to watch if you’ve got PS VR on day one.
–Sid Shuman

Here They Lie, PS VR

Here They Lie has a brilliant understanding of its own atmosphere. Meticulously decorated and hauntingly dressed, the world of Here They Lie is both terrifying and beautiful. A strange, sick city with a glimmer of hope taking shape in a woman named “Dana.” With PS VR, the dream-like effects — a rush of strange papers, the ghostly tapping of a typewriter — take on a new degree of realism totally unfelt on a traditional display. The developers at Tangentlemen are taking bold steps in this space, and you can feel it in their footprints.
–Ryan Clements

Here They Lie, PS VR

I really don’t like scary things. Movies, games, campfire stories… it’s all a bit much for me. That said, horror VR is an experience quite unlike the ones afforded by more traditional media. Especially with PlayStation VR’s Social Screen feature, I see Here They Lie (and, by extension, VR horror titles in general) as a perfect experience to share with my significant other. I’ll play for 15 minutes or so, probably get freaked out, my girlfriend will laugh at me, then I’ll make her play and see how she fares. I might not be much of a horror connoisseur, but virtual reality and PS VR’s Social Screen could be just what I need to finally delve into a genre I otherwise tend to shy away from.
–Justin Massongill

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  • I love how Sid and Ryan give it like this articulate high praise and Justin is just like “I don’t like scary games but it’s cool because I don’t have to be alone” lol.

    Thanks for the great read guys. Between this and the interview on the blogcast I am totally sold on this game.

  • Sounds excellent.

    Not entirely related to the post, but since it was mentioned in Sid’s quote, I’ll ask here anyway:

    What exactly is this 3D audio I keep hearing so much about? I know it works with regular stereo headsets and it sounded incredible in that Until Dawn Binaural trailer from a year ago, but I still don’t understand what it is. Is it a new audio codec? Or simply the product of a new and improved method of recording audio? Is it supposed to replace surround sound, and if not, is it comparable in terms of quality? Is it exclusive to VR or can standard games take advantage of it through the DS4’s headphone jack?

    I currently use the PS Gold Headset, but in the future when playing 3D audio enabled games, should I opt to turn it off and plug it in to the jack instead of using the wireless, simulated surround sound? Some clarification would be much appreciated.

    • When using the PS VR you cannot use the wireless feature. You will need to use the cord that came with the headset to plug into the headset’s jack. The reason for this is the little box that comes with the headset does not just normal 3D audio like the PS4 does already, but it alters where those sounds come from based on the movement and direction of your head. So when there is a sound coming from behind you, and you turn your head around, it will shift the 3D audio to in front of you now, because it is tracking the headset. With the sound coming over the wireless the sound would still sound as if it was behind you, because it is not tracking/processing your head movement.

      So to recap, whatever headphone you choose to use, it will always need to be plugged into the little in line dongle on the headset to get proper 3D audio. :)

    • @Sweetblu That makes perfect sense. Thanks.

      I just did some research and some say that 3D audio can actually be superior to surround sound. So do all ps4 games already support 3D audio by plugging into the DS4? If so, I might play that way from now on instead of transmitting through the usb adapter and having to constantly recharge the headset.

  • What a great time to be a gamer! I wasn’t able to secure a PSVR preorder but I will try to show up early at my local Best Buy.

  • Ahhhh! They keep putting out vr games and I want them all!

  • Tried it at E3 and mostly loved it–but have they changed how the right stick works? Didn’t like how it turned you in increments instead of a smooth motion like in RIGS…

    • In my personal opinion people should be using their body as the right stick in games like that. That gives you full immersion plus using the right stick usually gives me motion sickness

  • so i preordered VR back in March….im not even sure i want it, lol. but we’ll see, i got a few more days to decide…

  • I tried that, but it just wasn’t for me. After a few days my internet bill was costing me way more than I was taking in, and those webcams aren’t cheap either. Add on to that it became very difficult to walk and sit with a constant soreness to my bottom and I just knew it wasn’t going to work out. But hey if you already have the setup and the lifestyle, then more power to you!

  • Thats cool but when are we getting a Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy PS1 port on Ps4?

  • Unfortunately I’m not able to afford the $300 or so for a. VR unit, so I’ll have to play without it. PS4 is THE BEST game v unit on the market hands down. But Sony’s pricing is outrageous. Nowadays, who can afford to drop one to $800 on a unit and VR headgear? Not to mention the $60 or more for each game? I’m sure the VR games will cost North of the standard $59.99. I’m an adult and I can’t afford it. I can’t see how parents will struggle to buy these items for their kids come this Christmas. Sad.

    • I know right..? As an adult I can be indulgent with my hobbies, And in Latam, at least in my country, you need to add ridiculous custom taxes, so tends to triple the devs price. A PS4 here, with 1 joysticks goes up to USD 1.2K, and new releases (physical format) USD 166….

      Still…… I wan to play this hehe

  • What a great time to be a gamer! I wasn’t able to secure a PSVR preorder but I will try to show up early at my local Best Buy.

  • Alright Blogcast powerhouse team. You sold me. BUY NOW! Oh myyy.

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