Unboxing PlayStation VR

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Unboxing PlayStation VR

Now that we’re just two weeks away from the nationwide launch of PlayStation VR, I wanted to give you a look at what’s inside the Core package. In the U.S. and Canada, the Core bundle will come with the PS VR headset and processor unit, wired stereo headphones, all required cabling and the PS VR Demo Disc, which contains 18 sweet demos — some of my favorites include Here They Lie and Battlezone, but try ‘em all and let me know your top pick.

If you missed out on pre-orders, the PS VR Core package will be also available at participating retailers nationwide on launch day, October 13.

Until then, you can always try out PS VR for yourself at hundreds of retail stores. Click here for the closest retailer near you. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Great video Sid and can’t wait to get my unit in a couple weeks. The demo disc with 18 demos was a great idea.

    • Thanks! And yeah, I was shocked to hear about the 18 demos – great way to get going on day one. I’m excited to let my parents try it!

  • JUst got back from Gamestop. I was there to pay off my Pre Order that Ive had since March (also pre ordered Valkrie and battlezone). Cant wait until the 13th! I tried VR at the PS experience and it was awesome. I have the Samsung Gear VR now and am fairly impressed with that experience, considering its just powered by a phone. I have no doubt Sony will Deliver a great experience

  • -_- I’m passing on PS VR, its just gimmick like PS Move was and its going to lose support after few years when the sales don’t do great. IF i’m totally wrong its grows to be strong with great sales and have support for more then 7 years without losing its momentum i’ll buy one then. Plus i’ll make video showing me reviewing it and using it on video game that will support it.

    • Not a gimmick. The future of gaming. If you havent gone eyes on with VR you cant really make an informed opinion.

      Pre-orders sold out 3 times.

    • Same here. It’s the latest gimmick and I can’t see this having a long life. In 9-12 months people will move on and publishers will not invest in the technology long term.

    • Youve never tried it but are talking negatively about it? Makes perfect sense…

    • Well im waiting a while until i see if sony actually care about VR and support it because im not sure if they gonna drop support on it, i mean we kinda saw it a couple times already guys but this is my opinion gonna wait to see what happens and then if i see if its worth the investment or i just pass.

    • Couldn’t agree more. If you break out the realistic numbers into target audience, this product is so niche that it’s basically a fad. It will undeniably be moved on from in the near future.

    • lol just a “few years” I wish that WAS the case… only supporting it for just a “few years” would STILL be doing a better job than what Sony did with the Vita…. that thing was literally DOA….. it got AAA games on launch.. other than that everything else from that point on was indies or ports/multiplatforms I could play on ps3 instead.

    • DUO max…

      Really? So Sony should just be developing games that cost a lot of money but barely break a million in sales if they are lucky? The Vita was doomed because it didn’t make Christmas lists. Most Christian parents would rather get their kid Mario and Zelda games than Ninja Gaidens, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Soul Sacrifice, Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified, Borderlands 2, and The Walking Dead.

      Sony marketed the Vita as an adult gaming device. That’s where they went wrong, and they had nothing to compete with the Pokemon, Monster Hunters, etc… Expecting them to pump out AAA games is idiocy. It wouldn’t have done anything except make pompous idiots come up with some other arbitrary excuse that has nothing to do with mass sales.

    • You’re right… move is dead.

      It’s totally never going to be used for like games right? Never. Especially not VR games… They certainly don’t expect you to own any…

      Face it as soon as you nay sayers play Rez I bet you guys are going to feel embarrassed about all this doomsaying crap.

      Can you guys please remember what it’s like to be a gamer? No one is paying you to fling pooh anywhere. Buying VR isn’t like buying stock.

      If VR is really just a fad, there’s more than enough justification to go to a pawn shop and buy one for $200 a few months after launch. Can’t you people at LEAST wait until the dang thing has been released and people can have ACTUAL opinions before you pretend you’re a Michael Pachter?

      Gamers are either over hyped, or ready for any sign of doom. Why can’t you people just be like “It’s interesting, I’m not sold, but maybe I’ll buy one”

      $400-500 is a good chunk of money. I get that, but if that’s your reason for not owning one, then fine. Perfectly acceptable. This junk about 7 years of support? So is that why you don’t have a PS4 you’re waiting 7 years? /sarcasm

    • I agree. VR is going to cause a lot of motion sickness episodes (or if you prefer, VR sickness episodes) and nobody has a fix for it. I can’t use VR because of that reason. I am ok for a little while but once I take it off I get woozy and have to lay down.

      This is the future of gaming like 3D was (or should I use IS for those still holding out hope for this) the future of movies. Big money flowing in at first then interest will fade as the content is not there (GOOD content not the crap like they tried to do with movies and making them all 3d.) and finally it will sit and collect dust as a reminder of a failed experiment that was fun while it lasted, well for a select few anyway.

    • Those who think VR is a gimmick are some of the biggest idiots. They’re people who would’ve said the wheel is a gimmick, I’ll keep carrying heavy shiz on my back. Gun powder rifle is a gimmick, I’ll keep shooting arrows at you while I die. Motorized vehicle is a gimmick, I’ll keep using a horse and buggy. Telephone is a gimmick, I’ll keep mailing letters and wait for a response via horse. Touchscreen is a gimmick! I don’t want to have a touchscreen because my sausage fingers don’t permit me to precisely press on the screen. I don’t even want a phone! All gimmicks. You want technology to stagnate. Technology advances by trial and a lot of error. Instead of writing VR off immediately, why don’t you try it first? Or don’t support it, then you’ll contribute to it failing, thus accomplishing your goal of no innovation. Keep sitting on your butt playing your games while shoving Doritos and pizza down your fat throat. I bet you’re also the people who can’t use a PS Gold headset w/o breaking it due to your fat head and stupidity. Keep living life while trying to exert as little effort as possible, thus allowing all those calories you intake to store in your pathetic, sloppy body.

    • @jose213jose As much as I love playstation, I’m skipping this as well. It is a fad that will fade(although I would love to see it set sail) just like pokemon Go. Played it for a few hours at my local hours and couldn’t see myself get more than 45 minutes of gameplay home, take it off and the go back to my tv and controller. This is pretty cool though.

    • Sorry man, it you couldn’t be further from the truth.

      Sony is investing a lot into this. It’s essentially a new console. This thing is booming already and it’s not even out.

      Also, VR has to be experienced. Otherwise you’re literally spouting nonsense. Sorry to say my friend but you sound salty towards new tech. All my friends that oppose the VR (who never even tried it) are just upset they don’t have they money.

      Don’t be like them.

  • And let’s not forget high sales is no gurantee for long term success – Kinect sold more than 20 million units and was hyped as a revolution, still it flopped hard.

    • Hyped as a revolution? Yeah real revolution when there’s video game footage of someone holding his arms out in a racing game not moving for 2-3 minutes and you watch the car bounce off the walls and aim itself down the track and the guy gets 3rd place, or when you look at footage and notice that the game is starting an action in the rafting game before they even jump…

      Everything about the Kinect was a lie. The best thing about the Kinect was that you could yell at your Xbox to do stuff, and prank people, and log in. That’s about it. What games were there that were as fun as Sorcery or Deadmund’s Quest? 2 super gimmicky non dancing games. At least they showed some magic.

  • HDR ??

    It’s great that PS VR is here!

    Is that nice OLED screen also an HDR screen that will take advantage of the HDR capabilities of the PS4?

  • I have a question about the VR Launch Bundle that comes with move, vr worlds etc

    Does it come with updated accessories like the new camera you showed at E3 or does it come with original launch accessories?

  • I really wish there was someone within 100 miles of me that has a PSVR demo….

  • Stop playing with my emotions! i want one!

    Also, i was gonna ask why the processor box wasn’t updated to look like the slim PS4 revision but then i noticed you slide the side thing back.

  • Ahhhhh! Don’t do this to me Mr. Shuman! The two-week wait is hard enough as it is!

  • I’ll just hold out for the PSVR Pro.

  • I know a lot of people have had a chance to try PSVR in stores.

    Can one of you answer a question. We never see real details of the headset in videos. I’m wondering what kind of adjustments it requires? Like do you have to set the distance between lenses to match that of your eyes? Are their any options to change the focus (I ask because I wear glasses and wonder if the visor can compensate for the flaws in my vision).

    In general I’m wondering, if you’re passing the visor around between friends or family members, is there a bunch of adjusting you have to do each time a new person uses it?

    • With the Samsung gear VR, I can use that without glasses, because u can adjust the focus with a wheel on top.

      With the PlayStation VR, u cannot adjust the focus in similar fashion – however, u can wear glasses while using this product. The adjusting that u CAN do with PS VR is incredibly quick and easy to do, and does not use Velcro, unlike the Gear VR. I hope that helps answer your question.

  • I love how people say PS VR is a gimmick because PlayStation is not the only VR machine on the market. But some how it’s still a gimmick OK. When the Developers for PC VR want to make there game on PS VR we will see. I think there are over 250 game studios making games for PC VR and PS VR + mobile. Oh that’s right let’s not forget Mobile VR and how many Smart phones are out there???

  • As far as the PS Camera goes, was there ever an extension cable longer than 2 meters released? Important for people with setups like projectors or where the PS4 is a long way from the TV.

  • Looks cool and all, but i lived through the whole virtual boy and all the other early 90’s VR craze. So I will give this some time before I run out and buy it.

  • I just want to know one thing and I can’t get anybody to answer it anywhere:

    Will PS VR games play in 5.1 or even 7.1 if I have surround sound? I don’t want to have to wear headphone or earbuds just to get “3D sound”. I don’t care how good a pair of headphones get, they will NEVER be as good as my 7.1 system.

  • Looking forward in getting mine and the demo disc with 18 games is great.

    My only thing is that I wear glasses and when I demoed PS VR in the stores there was a bit of blurriness to the visuals; has anyone heard/read of if PlayStation is going to support a software IPD adjustment to focus in the lenses to avoid blurriness or tips of how to get the visuals on the two lenses to line up correctly?

  • Will Launch Bundles be available in a limited quantity at launch?

  • Pre-ordered this the day it became available to do so. Cannot wait. Can’t wait for more horror titles in this too. Here they lie will be a day 1 purchase.

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