Good Times and a Sticky Floor in SportsBarVR, Out October 13 on PS VR

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Good Times and a Sticky Floor in SportsBarVR, Out October 13 on PS VR

Hello from the SportsBarVR dev team! During the development of SportsBarVR, something that has surprised and delighted us is discovering just how social VR can be, and how mixing that social feeling with insane, bottle throwing, chair smashing fights is pretty much the best thing ever.

We are super excited to announce SportsBarVR, co-developed by Cherry Pop Games & Perilous Orbit. We’re bringing an awesome set of bar games, an incredible pool simulation, and a sports bar overflowing with fun and silly interactivity to PlayStation VR this fall.

You may know us from our past title Pool Nation VR, and we’re excited to bring everything great about that game, plus a whole new truckload of features into SportsBarVR. We have the same great pool physics, but now we’ve added six-player, multiplayer VR hangouts and more than seven pub games in the bar with more to come in future updates.

We’ve had some intense air hockey matches around the office, and while I’ve lost every time, it’s nice to be able to relax and play a game of chess in VR with a friend in a quiet corner of the bar.

One thing we keep finding again and again is how entirely wonderful it is just to be able to hang out in a virtual bar doing “real things.” And since the virtual drinks are free and the janitor seems to not mind cleaning up countless shards of broken glass, it’s all good fun. In both single- and multiplayer, there’s something awesome about having your own carefree, grounded, and immersive VR space (even if the floor’s a bit sticky).

Having a full range of games in the bar really lets you explore a lot of VR interactions and levels of gameplay intensity. Focused turn-based games like chess, checkers, and our staple, pool, let you take a calm but still physical approach to VR gaming,while games like Air Hockey provide fast back and forth fun.

At launch date we have:

  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Air Hockey
  • Skeeball
  • Shuffleboard
  • Chess
  • Checkers

With more to come after launch!

During development, it’s been awesome to see players and testers invent new games inside SportsBarVR… from impromptu baseball (by swinging at bottles with pool cues), to tower building competitions with books, chairs, and dominoes. It’s been awesome to rapidly react to what we see players wanting, and we’re so excited to continue learning from our players and improving SportsBarVR post-release as we have our previous game. Seeing six players all in a fiercely precise game of darts, or everyone heckling one another in a heated match of skeeball just continues to show us the power of social VR and how one player’s fun brings up the level of enjoyment for everyone around them!

We’re proud and crazy excited to be a part of the first wave of PS VR titles when we launch on October 13 and can’t wait for you to try out SportsBarVR!

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  • This looks really cool. Love this idea. Dumb/Quick question: to play with, let’s say, 6 players, all 6 people need a VR set, right?
    Is it just local or online too? Thanks!

  • All these VR announcements always seem to leave out the price….

    • was revealed earlier and it’s the same as steam release, $20

    • Yeah, this is a pet peeve. I’m definitely eager to get this game, but it would be nice to have game prices to help with budgeting. Going to drop $500 CAD on launch day titles.

  • Hi there! How long can i be in there till i get brain damage, because by the look of it im gonna be literally livin in that bar xD


    • We don’t charge by the minute so play as long as your heart desires as long as you [take frequent breaks per the official comfort guidelines].

  • I played Pool Nation on the Rift and it has been my very best VR experience to date. I 100% recommend this game to anyone buy a PSVR next month. Don’t sleep on this game. If you are getting a PSVR feel free to add me. Congrats on the PSVR release of Sportsbar VR!

  • Cool, it would add to the atmosphere if the TV’s in the bar plays live sports, but i will definitely check this out

  • It never occurred to me that getting to play “out of bounds” of a normal game of pool, is part of what makes playing live so much fun. So being able to manipulate things like bottles and other objects, that are given realistic physical properties, sounds like a really neat extra dimension. Not essential for gameplay, obviously, but something that can add to your overall enjoyment of the experience.

    • One of the awesome things with turn based games in VR is that there’s a lot of fun to be had ‘messing around’ while you wait!

  • Interesting. So when you are playing with the headset on, I assume the way you see the other players is just the hat and move controllers, like shown in the trailer? I wonder if that gets confusing when you can’t see the rest of their bodies. It’s like invisible man sports bar, but kind of cool!

    Also, can you move around the virtual bar wherever you want to go, or are you restricted to the space where you play each game? And can you have multiple people in the bar but each playing different games at the same time? I guess I’m interested in whether its like a real bar where everyone can go and do what they want, or if it’s more like a bunch of mini-games that all players do at the same time.

    Either way, it looks fun!

    • You have full freedom in the bar! We have a teleport mechanic that you can use to either bring yourself directly to other games, or any position you point to. Or… you can just walk around within your playspace!

      We’ve been really delighted with how much character and personality comes through with the PSVR headset and move controllers. So yeah, you see the other players headset, move controllers, and any customization’s they’ve added to their avatar.

  • Love the hats! I hope we can buy DLC “themes” for our bar like saloon and dive, actually this base bar would be a rad PS4 dynamic theme too!

  • 5 minutes into the game–
    “Sorry, but for vandalism, we’re going to have to ask you to leave, get out of here before we call the VR cops.”

  • I’d love to know if this has online multiplayer. Looks like my friend and I would have a blast.

  • Looks sweet.. I was going to pass when it was just pool, but now, sold.

    Also would be sweet if you guys added ping pong. That would be the best.

  • Holy****… Day 1 for me!!! I have Pool Nation for Vive but none of my friend can afford Vive so I’m always playing alone :/

  • Is this going to be a free thing? or how much will it cost CAD?

  • Looks cool. I’ll probably git it a try.

  • Thanks for the response to my earlier comment – that’s very cool that you have freedom to walk or teleport around!

    One thing I wish that I wonder about for PSVR is how well you can move around using PS Move controllers, when there is no analog sticks. I haven’t gotten to try a lot of VR games yet, but this seems to be one of the big limitations I would think PSVR has compared to the other 2 big VR platforms out there. Hopefully the teleport mechanic feels natural as I imagine a similar thing will be used in a lot of games.


  • Curious about the motion controller (gloves) we read about here while back. I am still waiting for Sony to develop full body motion controls haha. Now that would be awesome.

  • There are some interesting possibilities for VR, but strapping a $500 helmet on to visit a virtual bar seems ridiculous compared to just going to a sports bar and drinking while playing pool/skeet/darts/etc and catching a game…

    • That is not the only game at the launch day,there are other 50,and i think 20 of them are the same as this.

  • Will you be able to cross play with people using a htc vice and a oculus rift?

  • Is this will be released in the Japanese market?

  • When wil you add it to the playstation store ? I want to pre order SportsBarVR

  • When is the pre-order going up on the PSN store?

  • So wanted the vive just for this game, now I don’t need it being my pre order should be in my hands on Thursday. Can’t wait for this game! Will it play like the vive ver?

  • How do you play chess, checkers, and shuffleboard???

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