Driveclub VR Out October 13, Upgrade Details for Season Pass Owners

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Driveclub VR Out October 13, Upgrade Details for Season Pass Owners

Hi everyone! Following last month’s announcement about the impending arrival of Driveclub VR and seeing the great response from fans who managed to get hands-on at Gamescom, we didn’t want to keep you waiting around much longer for a release date.

We’re proud to announce that Driveclub VR will be available exclusively for PlayStation VR on October 13 this year. The game will be available as both a physical Blu-ray release and a digital download via PlayStation Store. The digital download via PlayStation Store will be priced at $39.99.

Because Driveclub is and always has been about the community that surrounds it, we’ve also included a digital upgrade for existing Season Pass owners as of September 28, 2016, priced at $19.99.

Driveclub VR

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there for their continued feedback and support. There has understandably been a lot of questions about how Driveclub VR was developed and there’s clearly a lot of respect for the development team at Evolution, so I’d like to clarify how we made the game.

Recreating Driveclub as a standalone VR title was a huge task. As you know, Driveclub had a vast amount of content, so reengineering the game to render everything in stereoscopic 3D, natively at 60Hz and then adding the head tracking with 120Hz visuals took a long time. In addition, the team added several VR-specific features and made the game look every bit as amazing as you would expect.

The majority of the game was completed by Evolution, with the remainder carried out by a dedicated team comprised of Evolution Studio veterans, several of which now are also members of the WWS Immersive Technology Group — so you can be assured that Driveclub VR is in safe hands.

Once again I’d like to thank everyone for their passion and support and express how humbled and grateful we are for the dedication you’ve all shown to Driveclub.

For more information on Driveclub VR, head over to the official game page.

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  • Price break for season pass holders is a brilliant idea. Thank you

    • Ya until you realize no one can buy the season pass anymore and those of us who bought the game on release day are getting the shaft especially when we own digital copies already.

      Not at all amused by this, I think I’m ready to write off Drive Club as a mistake. We lost a studio because of this game and ended up with a product that needed more polish.

      40 dollars for a VR upgrade to a game is too much.

    • Kaze I see the season pass on the store. Not sure what you’re talking about getting the shaft. You do know that Drive Club VR is a standalone game that gets discounted if you own the season pass from yesturday and earlier…

      What are you getting the shaft for or from?

    • I combed the store yesterday both on the web and on my ps4. I went to the game itself . I tried the search. I tried using various search terms. The season pass does not show up. I paid 60 on release day for drive club. Yes I collected my “we are sorry for the disaster launch that took more than 6 months to correct” dlc, which kind of negated my need to buy the season pass right away among other things.

      Calling this a standalone game is nonsense. They allocate some engineers the upgrade an existing title, give it its own SKU and suddenly its a 40 dollar game again? How does that work. I don’t mind paying 10 or even 20 dollars to get vr on a game as old as drive club with no changes or alterations beyond a new viewing mode, but 40 is rediculous. To make matters worse you’re telling because I supported this early I’m not entitled because I didn’t pay more than 100 dollars on a game that was broken for the longest time is a **** move. That’s right up there with not packing PSvr worlds in for those of us who have had a camera since day one or move controllers for day one. Starting to feel a little thankless for early adopting and that the real customer appreciation comes when you buy at a bargain. Thanks for nothing Sony.

  • So then is the entire game in VR? Also, if you play online can you see the other player’s head turn in their vehicle?

  • Any thoughts for those that own simply the original physical copy of Driveclub? It kinda bugs me as the same thing kinda happened with Motorstorm Pacific Rift. I bought that game at retail, brand new, and they release Pacific Rift 3D on the PS store with no incentives for the owners of the original. I just dont feel comfortable buying into what is essentially the same game twice. I really wanted to play that version and I very much want top play Driveclub in VR, but ill probably have to wait till it goes on sale or something.

    • I feel the same way, I´ve purchased DRIVECLUB at launch, and I fell like I´ve taken a big loss by doing so.

    • You get the same benefit as those who own the plain old digital copy of Driveclub. Nothing.

      The discount is for season pass owners, whether they own the base game on disc or digital. But the discount is obviously only going to be for the digital copy. So if you want DriveClub VR physical but have the season pass, you lose out on the digital discount.

    • if you bought the season pass prior, you get a discount. THe discount is for season pass owners not people who might have just dropped $10 on it from a craigs list posting.

  • “Included a digital upgrade for existing Season Pass owners as of September 28, 2016, priced at $19.99”

    So only people who already had the season pass? Or can I get the season pass now and then get the VR upgrade for $20? Is the upgrade available for disc copies?

    • If you had the season pass prior to 9/28/16, you would get the discount. Thats what that line means. So no, you cannot buy the season pass now and get it for $20. Not sure about the disc copy thing but the season pass is tied to your account so that shouldnt change anything.

    • The season pass is $12. If you want the content get it. If you want the VR version, just buy that which will have DLC from the actual season pass. Maybe not all of it, but it says so on the store page that it’s a separate game with VR tweaked DLC. So I’m guessing you don’t get stuff that wouldn’t work in VR well.

  • The $20 discount for season pass holders is an amazing “thank you” to Driveclub fans. :)

    • They should´ve included those who purchased the physical copy at launch as well.

    • Physical disc owners ARE included. As long as you had purchased the season pass. There is no mention of physical or digital anywhere in the article.

    • season pass discount is a slap in the face to the rest of us unless it includes all the season pass content with this VR addition. I like drive club and was waiting for this release because I needed a reason to get hyped to come back post patches. I’ve been swamped with other titles that going back didn’t seem wise.Now I feel like I’m getting hte finger for not throwing money at a season pass I couldn’t afford back when the game first launched.

    • Kaze Eternal

      DRIVECLUB™ VR is packed with the best bits from the hit PlayStation®4 game, along with selected packs from the extensive DLC collection – as well as new and totally bespoke VR modes and features.

      Store page. 2 minutes of searching/reading. It won’t have all the DLC and I’m suspecting hte DLC that’s missing they couldn’t get working in VR easily enough. So maybe not bikes?

  • Glad to see the perk for the season pass owners! Thanks for that. I guess it’s time to finally invest in that Thrustmaster t300 racing wheel and shifter. I would love to see a ride along feature where we can ride in the cars of others during a race and replays. the PSVR launch lineup of games is incredible!

  • Umm is that screenshot supposed to look like that….. you can see the road and tires through the car >.>

  • Sony can we also get a Ps4 Pro patch for Driveclub? This game would really show what the Ps4 Pro can deliver seen as Driveclub already looks amazing on the standard Ps4. Please Sony give us a Ps4 pro patch.

    • I second this.

    • Im not Sony, but I can answer your question. The answer is yes, and you most definitely will. In fact, you can expect Pro upgrades on all VR games, but there is a catch. The time when you can expect to get them, or even hear of their enhanced features, isnt something Sony is ready to discuss as of yet. The Problem, is that Sony wants to make sure consumers who have bought the current model PS4, and slim, understand their purchases are not going to be seen as “Second Hand” VR experiences, and they want consumers to know that they can purchase the PSVR without any stigmas attached, even if another machine is being released that could provide a more immersive experience. If consumers were made to feel like “second hand citizens” it might cause the sales of the new VR medium to slump on the fear they wont be getting a quality experience. Its easy for Sony to say “Dont worry, it will be great”, but something remains to be seen in the minds of consumers who have been led to believe it takes a super computer to run VR . Thats why Sony decided to wait a month “After” the PSVR is released, before releasing the more powerful alternative, and thats also when you can expect to hear about the benefits of PS4 PRO’s effects on VR.

    • @Torreth: I think what the OP and others above are asking for is a PS4 Pro patch for non-VR Driveclub. For e.g. if PS4 Pro can get regular Driveclub running at 1080p (or more) at 60FPS, with all the effects and weather intact, that would be really killer–kind of like a wet dream for those of us who’ve been loving the game at 30FPS so far ;)

    • The VR version is good but takes a mighty hit on the scenery etc due to the PS4 standard limitations. Its good but it could be great!. The game is crying out for an update to support PS4 PRO VR console. A great opportunity would be missed here if this was not done.

  • So I own Drive Club but not the season pass and that excludes me from this deal? I find it silly that you wouldn’t give us some notice this was planned.

    Many people would have bought the pass and VR update together right now but instead of giving us both we’re going to feel like we’ve missed out on the season pass content when we buy the VR update at full price of $40.

    Everything is backwards.

    • There was notice. Rushy, the director on Driveclub, said there would be a discount for Season Pass owners earlier in the month.

    • Dawg you already missed on the season pass content,I mean you can still get it but if you still didn’t buy it during all this time means you didn’t care for the content included in the season.And now you wanna moan that you ain’t getting the discount?….lol thats your own fault buddy.See they’re giving the discount to real fans and loyal supporters of Driveclub.

      Your way of thinking is backwards lol.

    • Here’s the thing. The VR Driveclub includes DLC from the season pass.

      The season pass itself is $12. The game itself is $8 digitally for plus users.

      Driveclub, VR, Season Pass, is all $60 for a new Plus user to jump in plus the free version for Plus users.

      Now If you bought the game, bought the Season Pass, you get the upgrade for an extra $20.

      So are complaining that the VR version which has DLC in it, is not discounted for you, if you spend $12 on the season pass. So you really REALLY want to save $8.

      Well I hope you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber or a Best Buy Gamer’s Club subscriber. THen you can just buy physical and get a 20% discount which puts the price all the way down to $32. Which surprise surprise! It’s the exact same $8 you could possibly save.

      So… I think you’ll be fine. You can always wait to see if it goes on sale on Black Friday.

  • Considering the sorry state Driveclub was in for months after launch, the VR upgrade should be FREE to all original buyers.

    • We got free DLC for the server woes, we aren’t entitled to an entirely new game. Stop it.

    • @ElektroDragon:
      Driveclub is not an upgrade. It’ a different game.

    • Yeah that’s the typical “they give you the hand and you want the arm” hu…they already redeemed themselves and compensated the fans with free DLCs,free cars and the insane amount of content that the season pass holds which goes way above $20.

    • No they redeemed nothing. I like many others made the mistake of buying the game digitally at release. It was broken boring and a lot of the selling points like weather effects weren’t even offered. Not sure when the bar was set so low that we accept rushed games (even though this was supposed to be a launch title and released almost a year late) and don’t expect the dev to pay for their incompetence. The dlc they gave us was not enough. There was no way I was going to let myself spend more money on a season pass because they quickly proved to me that they were incapable of delivering a quality product. I wish the US would adopt similar laws to the EU as we all would have been entitled to a refund.

  • Pls, patch for ps4 Pro !!! 1080p 60 fps ultra details !! :)

  • We need that PS4 Pro patch. Complete the legacy, Sony. #PatchDriveclub

  • Glad I bought the Driveclub Season Pass in September 2015, when it was 50% off. For me, Driveclub was great at launch despite the initial network issues. Without Evolution Studios, the Playstation platform is a lot less fun.

    I remember reading that Evolution was closed because Arcade Racing genre is no longer relevant and profitable enough.
    Well, lol to that. Just take a look at Forza Horizon 2 and 3. These games are system sellers for any racing fan. Four Forza games have already released this gen while GT is still missing. No doubt, XBox is the place to be for Racing fans and Playground Games is the undisputed king of Arcade Racing.

    • “because Arcade Racing genre is no longer relevant and profitable enough”.

      I can’t believe in this…lol to whoever said this.

    • I’d believe it. There’s quite a bit of competition, and there’s a push for going above and beyond in the graphics department. I think microsoft gets away with it because they release yearly titles, constant money flow from people who are obsessed with cars and spend thousands on their car driving games. If Microsoft gives up on Forza series the Xbox One is finished. That’s like 1/5th of their exclusives practically. Microsoft spent 2 billion dollars on Minecraft. They probably did that to spend some of their offshore tax evasion money they can’t spend anywhere else.

      I don’t think Sony has money like that they can just piss away.

  • Will this be playable in “plain old 3D” for those of us with 3D projection systems?

  • Huge Driveclub fan and playa here,I’ll end up getting Driveclub VR eventually so wow $20 less for us season pass buyers is a lot of discount,thank you.I’m really glad I bought the season pass as soon as I beat the Tour back in April 2015…its too much content and it was fully worth $20.No season pass out there can beat the goodness of Driveclub season pass.

    I’m curious about one thing though…I know it’ll have its own physical release but I wanna know if Driveclub VR will be treated as a new game…and by that I mean different trophy list?…I wanna know for sure if more trophies will be added to the original Driveclub…so I can finally pop the plat.

    • The original DriveClub already reached the trophy limit. That’s why they’ve put the later DriveClub DLC trophies into the DriveClub Bikes trophy list. But like you, I wonder if this will also happen to the DriveClub VR trophies.

  • Nobody here to answer questions. Such a shame that this is the norm on PS Blog…..

  • Yay I love DC bring back evo

  • Will this have be bikes also

    • I don’t think it will, but I could be wrong. I don’t have insider knowledge just not sure if that would work in VR.

  • Great news about the discounted price. As a fan of the game since day 1, I very much appreciate it, and will be getting this game day 1 as well.

  • Good God, whenever it’s about Driveclub, I get angry at how some people can be *****y, misinformed, misundertanding and so on. People ask for the game to be free, ask for a discount even if they never supported the game when it was the time to do so by buying the amazing season pass and they still drag the whole “you owe me something because servers didn’t work properly at first”. Get over it guys, if you don’t like DC just go play something else and stop annoying everyone with pointless comments.

    • Seriously. The discount is offered as a ‘thank you’ to those of us who supported the game back when people were throwing eggs at it (many of them without even having played it). It’s kind of a nice cherry on top of a cake of sweet DLC we have been receiving all this time.

      So in that context, people angry that they weren’t informed ‘early enough’ are so missing the point of this offer, it’s funny.

  • I just wasn’t into driving games when DriveClub came out. I was busy having fun with other so many other titles! So, it would have been nice if we had a couple of days for us PS VR early adopters to go ahead and buy DriveClub and the season pass. That would have cost $20 + another $20 for the VR content. Now, I could just buy DriveClub VR for $40, but by allowing us to buy the current version + season pass, we’d get all the additional content. Kind of a bummer not to have extended the cutoff to 10/1.

  • So im a little confused. I have Drive Club…cant remember if i have the season pass. (that was forever ago) But if i dont that game is not getting a VR update? I would have to buy the game again for VR? If thats the case ill wait for GT Sport….I was burned by this game once already as a day 1 purchaser .

  • What’s the framerate going to be though?
    The high refresh rate is nice, but without a high frame rate it might feel laggy or even make you nauseous.

    Also, I purchased the game + season pass a while back
    (DRIVECLUB™ Full Game & Season Pass Bundle (Full Game) $15.99)
    but it’s always still trying to get me to buy “DRIVECLUB™ Full Game for $7.49.
    I hope this doesn’t mean my account is not in order and I won’t be eligible for the discount on the PSVR version.

    I’d also like to know how large of an install the VR version is going to be. I really wish we could install an 8GB external and install/play games from that. 500GB-2TB is just not enough space.

    • It’s 60FPS (has to be, or it wouldn’t work too well in VR). That’s why they had to remove some taxing features such as weather and so on, to achieve that framerate.

    • + siriusbee
      60fps is not good for VR.

      Sony eve said that anything less than 90fps won’t do and that all developers should be targeting 90fp or higher.
      Most Rift and Vive games are 120fps. Anything less will take you out of the experience.

      They mention some games utilizing ATW (Asynchronous Timewarp), but I think that’s not as good as achieving a real 120fps. It’s been said to look like the interpolation that most HDTV’s have as an option. Sometimes called [Auto Motion Plus] on some brands such as Samsung. It makes everything look fake and people often refer to it as the “Soap Opera Effect”.

    • It’s 60FPS reprojected 2x to 120FPS. Everyone who has actually experienced the reprojection says its fine. Reprojecton is NOT the same as interpolation (MotionFlow/Soap Opera Effect).

    • Well I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on how ATW renders the video.

      Asynchronous timewarp (ATW) is a technique that generates intermediate frames in situations when the game can’t maintain frame rate. Generating intermediate frames is exactly what Auto Motion Plus does on 120Hz HDTV. Anything that inserts generated video frames will never be as good as the game or video running at the full framerate.

      I heard ATW can cause judder and other abnormalities which can take the player out of the experience, or worse (cause motion sickness). That’s why it’s an optional effect, only used when the developer is unable to achieve a reasonable frame rate of 90 – 120 fps.

  • Friendly word of advice.

    Driveclub season pass is $12 right now on playstation store (USA), so if you own Driveclub, but not the season pass, and you plan to get Driveclub VR, it’ll come off cheaper if you just get the season pass and Driveclub VR, at a total $32, as opposed to $40 if you buy it on its own.

    It might not sound like much, but that $8 could be a DLC pack or two in the future.

  • Do i really need to get a Steering Wheel Accessory to play Driveclub VR or can i play the game with the Playstation Move Controllers?

    • I don’t think it works with Move, but it does work with the dualshock.

      It also has third person chase cam as one of the camera options, in case anyone was wondering.

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