Bound Original Soundtrack Available Today

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Bound Original Soundtrack Available Today

Dear PlayStation fans,

This is Oleg Shpudeiko. I’m a music composer who works under the Heinali moniker and who recently wrote music for Bound. Today I’m excited to announce the release of the soundtrack. When I was first contacted by Plastic, I knew they were up to something special. After some time, as I got to know the game’s themes, it became very personal for me. After a year and a half of work, I hope I could carry this feeling through the music.

Bound is a rare case when the game writes music itself. You just have to pay attention to what you see and how it makes you feel and then write everything down. It works that way because the game’s world is abstract and minimal, but in a good way — it challenges your imagination. Like a good book, it leaves room for you to construct your own impressions and make your own sense.

The score is a blend between minimalist piano and electronics. Most of the original score was composed of layers, so it could be integrated into the game’s world and respond to event triggers. To make a separate release as the official soundtrack, I had to re-work the layers into traditional compositions. Some of them underwent small changes during the process to bring them all together as an album. As one big adventure.

I started my work on Bound both terrified and excited. Terrified because it was my first ever game score. And the level of responsibility and trust was high. Excited because the gamer in me couldn’t believe his luck. Back in my teens, when I spent most of my time playing games, I couldn’t even dream of composing a score for one. I worked hard, together with Plastic and Sony Santa Monica and I hope you will enjoy this release!

The Bound Original Soundtrack will be available in both digital and vinyl editions (More on that soon!). Today, the digital edition is available and features all the music from the game, plus two bonus tracks — the Bound PlayStation Dynamic Theme music and the first draft track, from which the musical journey began.You can hear a preview of the album and download a free track here.

Michal Staniszewski here — creative director of Bound. The team and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Oleg for the wonderful soundtrack that he has made for our game. We would also like to thank all of our fans who became modern art photographers during their not-so-short trip in Bound. We wanted to showcase the hundreds of fantastic photos that you have shared, and that is why we have created a small soundtrack announcement video that features your work. Thank you again!

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