Here They Lie Arrives October 13 on PS VR

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Here They Lie Arrives October 13 on PS VR

Hello everyone! Cory Davis here — back from the Tangentlemen dev cave, and I’ll be the first to admit… we’ve been a bit cryptic with the details since we announced Here They Lie at E3 2016.

Here’s the thing. Back then, Here They Lie was still oozing out of the subconscious like a tide of terror, washing over our reality, and dragging us further into its dark realm. It took everything we had to stare directly into the void… It had to be done in a shroud of darkness.

But that time is past.

Here They Lie is coming to PlayStation VR on October 13.

We can’t protect you much longer.

Here They Lie Arrives October 13 on PS VR

The line between reality and madness is wearing thin. There’s soot in my mouth. Singes on the tips of my fingers. Lungs all black and choked with ash.

And him.

He’s just out of the corner of my eye. Or is that my shadow? The longer I go without sleep, the closer he gets to me. Almost like I could make him go away if I would only let him in. A little closer. Just a bit?


Find me a sigil or a rusty piece of sheet metal. Nail it to my body. Anything to hold him back.

The walls have cracks and the foundations are slipping. I can hear the bones rattling on the masks. They are watching me with their filthy, mud-plastered eyes. They are watching all of us. I don’t look the same in the mirror anymore. None of us do. She must know more than she lets on. I can still see her yellow dress through the fog. It looks almost peaceful.

Dana, are you there?

We here at Tangentlemen can’t wait for you to take a trip down the rabbit hole and find out for yourself when Here They Lie launches next month.

But there’s one last piece to this puzzle…

To help prepare for the experience, the Daedalus Project has invited us all to participate in a study of Time and the mechanisms of universal Truth and Simulation.

It’s free, nontoxic, painless, sanitary… I promise.

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  • We are less than two weeks away from the launch of PlayStation VR and a bunch of the VR games on the store don’t have prices or the ability to pre-order them. This one looks really cool but I don’t see a price anywhere on this one either. I need to know these things ahead of time so I can budget accordingly

    • Last sentence in the post.

    • That last sentence in the post about it being free is not referring to the game itself it is referring to the website. The game is $60 according to Amazon. But what I’m taking issue with is that almost none of the PlayStation VR games have a price listing or a pre-order option on the digital store. The only ones I’ve seen so far are 100 foot robot Golf & Resident Evil 7 ones that aren’t VR exclusive the other ones are on there but there’s no price or option to pre-order them and with this close to launch I don’t understand why

    • I feel your confusion. Farpoint, and Robinson devs said both games would be launch games, but NOPE!! This game tho, is definitely a launch day purchase immediately. Just do what I did and at least plan on $60 purchases for HTL, Eve, and Battlezone.

    • Right they also haven’t mentioned how long the game is. And to me $60 is pretty steep for a 4 hour game especially when The Witcher, Fallout, Skyrim, and even full collections of games like Bioshock is $60. The witcher 3 had upwards of 70 hours alone, MGSV $60 at least 40 hours if you tried to do everything, plus it has multiplayer added.

      If this is like Loading Human if I was everyone I would wait until they get it through their heads that just because your game is VR isn’t an excuse to charge $60 for a much shorter title. Loading Human wants everyone to pay $50 for part 1 of the game and the first part is only 4 hours long. Think about that lets if it’s 4-5 chapters is $250 for a Goddamn game

    • + djkoz78 @ djkoz78 its not that bad considering that Arkham VR is £15 and only 1hr or so long.

  • A few weeks to go for the PSVR. Glad that I have it on order. This game is looking great, day one purchase for me.

  • Your website is creepy… this game might be my reason to start thinking on getting VR..

  • Oh hell no…and yes…at the same time. As much as I am excited for Until Dawn VR, I am more anticipating something like this. More involved and absorbing. This should be great.

  • That website is… kinda creepy. This game looks even creepier. I hope I can get my hands on a PSVR soon after launch.

  • Whoa, very cool (and creepy) marketing campaign. You sold me day one on this without even putting on the headset.

  • While I wish you guys the best of luck I’m gonna say “NO F’ING WAY!” I’m way too much of a chicken. I have enough issues with horror games outside of VR. In VR my heart would probably give out!!!

  • I… I don’t think I can play this in vr..

  • Wait so this is VR exclusive or can i still play on my ps4?

  • Hey fellow PlayStation fans! Thanks for checking out the trailer and the Daedalus Project at Seriously can’t wait for you all to experience Here They Lie when it launches on PlayStation VR October 13th!!!

  • Sony better change “Here they lie” insted “this is for the players”

  • Tried it at E3 and was very impressed.

    One thing I was wondering though: have you guys fixed the right-stick based turning in it? The build I played had the right stick turning the player in increments instead of a fluid motion like in RIGS. I think what you guys were going for was the player should do most of the turning with their head and use the stick to turn faster, but it led to a kind of disconnected thing for me and made it harder to navigate the game world. At least have an option available where right stick is smooth turning for the character body and head tracking is just looking around the environment but not affecting the physical rotation of the character :-).

    That said, I was impressed like I said–definitely want it and love the ‘haunted house gone WAY wrong’ feel of it–it was a blast!

  • I NEED this Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On launch of the PS4, I had been like most gamers, and wanted Watchdogs to be my first game, and with less than 30 days to go, they delayed it!!!! I was so upset. With the PSVR, I wanted Here they Lie!!!! ITS NOT DELAYED BABY!!!!!!! Its MINE!!!!!!

  • K. That just became a need on day one game.

  • I’m very excited to play this. Will be picking up Oct. 13th. The horror of it all!

  • Really intriguing trailer. Can I still play this on PS4 even if I don’t have VR? Also, price?

    • That is a good question, although………………..knowing that you could be “IN” the game instead of simply playing the game, would that be enough for you?

  • Will it have a physical release on October 13th or digital only? It looks great and creepy, I would love to get the physical copy on release date, can you confirm this? Thank you.


  • well just saw this game in the psn store. PSVR REQUIRED. well..there goes the idea of playing this game. why would you make it playable only in VR? oh well.

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