Yakuza 0 “The Business” Edition Revealed, New Story Details

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Yakuza 0 “The Business” Edition Revealed, New Story Details

Hey everybody, we’re back here on PlayStation.Blog today to give you guys an exclusive look at the opening moments of the upcoming PS4 crime drama that kicks off the entire Yakuza series, Yakuza 0. But first, we’ve got some good news for you!

Yakuza 0 “The Business” Edition Revealed, New Story Details

First, we’ve got the details on the launch day edition of Yakuza 0! For those who pre-order and secure a copy when the game launches, we’ve created the special Yakuza 0 “The Business” launch edition! It includes the game, a stainless steel business card holder decorated with Kiryu’s Dragon tattoo and Majima’s “Hanya” tattoo designs. Oh, we also made bi-lingual replicas of their business cards from Tachibana Real Estate and the Cabaret Grand. (We also included a special “Hostesses” card, because Yakuza.)

Second, there have been a lot of people asking for this, and we’re finally confirming here on PlayStation.Blog that Yakuza 0 will have a digital pre-order starting today! The digital version of the game will include a static theme for PS4 featuring the two protagonists.

Awesome, right? But wait, there’s more! We wanted to give a little bit more context for the gravity of the situation Kiryu’s found himself in, so we’ve put together a bit of an insider’s look at Kiryu’s predicament exclusively for PlayStation.Blog.

In Yakuza 0, Tokyo circa 1988 is the stomping grounds of our boy Kazuma Kiryu — just 20 years old — who’s just joined the ranks of the Dojima Family. Y’know, one of the most powerful yakuza crime syndicates in all of Kamurocho, the most prominent red-light district of Tokyo.

Yakuza 0 “The Business” Edition Revealed, New Story Details

One cold December night, he gets handed a job befitting a newcomer to organized crime: go collect this measly 300 grand debt (That’s in Yen, mind you… that would have been around $2,450 in 1988 or just shy of $5k today, adjusting for inflation) from this sad sack of a dude, and deliver the money to the loan shark waiting for it. Pretty standard fare when it comes to that “first-day-on-the-job” task for yakuza.

So, put yourself in Kiryu’s shoes. You do the job, hand off the money, and afterwards, you call — er, page (It’s 1988, remember!) — your best bud and you hit the town. You unwind a bit by sobering some drunks up with your fists, you have a few drinks yourself, you hit the karaoke machine, and you end the night where any good night ends — a little ramen joint. All in all, a good day’s work, right? Right.

Wait… what’s that news on the TV? That guy you just worked over has turned up dead? Uh oh. Your pager starts beeping like crazy. It’s a message from headquarters — the crime family you work for. And it’s got the little code for “urgent” in front of the number. That ramen in your stomach is starting to feel real heavy because now the police and others are going to start poking their noses in your crime family’s business, and take a wild guess how much the head of the family likes having to answer police questioning. That’s where players find themselves when they start off in Yakuza 0. As for Kiryu? He’s going to have to work exceptionally hard if he wants to be alive for lunch.

Oh yeah — that place where they find the dead body of the guy Kiryu worked over? It’s called “The Empty Lot.” Capital “E,” capital “L.” It’s smack dab in the middle of a massive redevelopment project underway in Kamurocho, and let’s just say it’s…pretty valuable.

Yakuza 0 hits your PS4 on January 24, 2017 and is available for pre-order now!

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12 Author Replies

  • Since the “console exclusive” tag was added I guess I´ll be waiting to see if there´s a pc version coming. I want to give my support but I can only afford it once and would rather have the pc version.
    If it´s really exclusive I´d change that tag though. Weird spot right now…

    • Port begging like a boss.

    • @TJ Not really, I only want to avoid buying the game and then they announce a PC version after. That exact thing happened to me with Dragon Quest Heroes. If it´s exclusive just put the right tag in the box. If they are using the “console exclusive” one just announce the pc port ahead on their own channels, otherwise it just seems they are trying to fish for doubledippers.

    • maybe just a mistake cause there exist a ps3 version of this game?
      just support yakuza on ps4

    • Hey. So, I know that box tag seems a bit ambiguous as to its meaning, but a PC version is not in the cards. The PS4 version is the only version that will exist in the west. (Other point: it was released on the PS3 in Japan, but the PS3 version will not release in the west.)

    • Thanks for the reply John. I´ll probably end up being there day 1 for this.
      I´m sorry for the situations we put you into.
      Bold statement though, if this ends up on pc it will be winter 2014 all over again hehe.

    • I dont get the PC trash fans. I guess u like all ur games broken LOL

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    • Thanks for the reply @ John Hardin. Too bad no PC version. I’m a huge Yakuza fan but I’ve skipped 8th gen consoles since (worst generation yet IMO). Would’ve loved to have Yakuza to play on my PC. Oh well, tons of other games to get around to.

    • I have nothing against PC and I will be planning on investing in one eventually, but it doesn’t hurt to own more than one system. That way you won’t miss out on anything.

    • If you want to beg for pc port at least have some decency and ask for it on sega blog not ps blog.

  • Please bring Yakuza 3 and 4 to PS4.

  • I already preordered two copies from amazon but after this news, i will preorder one more so i can have 3 of that sweet stainless steel business card holder, i was hoping that we will get a big collectors edition but this edition is great too.

    • Glad you liked it! Fun fact – we scrapped three ideas before arriving at this one. The other ideas didn’t feel “Yakuza”-y enough, they just weren’t quite right. Once we landed on this idea and started to run with it, it really came together and I think everyone in our office was super jazzed about how it came out!

  • Wait why does it have that ‘console exclusive’ label on top? Looks its not exclusive then? That’s a shame would’ve supported this and buy multiple copies for my friends if it was true PS4 exclusive forever not port to elsewhere like PC etc that’s not exclusive

  • I need that card holder! Stuff like this is what wants me to preorder a game, not in games gimmicks, YAKUZA HYPEEEE!!

  • I’m confused… I already pre-ordered this on Amazon before the “Business Edition” was announced; so will that be upgraded to this version, or will I have to specifically pre-order this version? Thanks

  • So glad it has finally come to the West! Easily one of my favorite series of all-time!
    Thank you very much and here is to seeing a remaster or classics release of the originals! :)

  • This will be the same launch edition for europe?

    What about “Bubble” theme song? Will we enjoy it?

    I can’t wait for the next year for play this…. two long years waiting T.T.

  • So hyped for this, love the whole series and this game is gonna start next year off very strong, that’s for sure

  • Cant wait i will pre-order when i have the money. Console owners FTW. I own all Ps4, Xbox 1 and PC but i do most of my gaming on consoles

  • “The digital version of the game will include a static theme for PS4 featuring the two protagonists.

    Awesome, right?”

    No, static themes aren’t awesome. Why would anyone spend the same amount of money for the digital version when the physical version comes with the business cards and holder? Put some effort into the digital bonuses next time!

    A dynamic theme of them both smoking with some nice music in the background would’ve been perfect, rather than that static screenshot of them smoking.

    • I agree! If the digital copy costs as much as the physical (for me, an Amazon Prime member, the digital download from PSN costs MORE than the physical) then they should at least add worthwhile digital extras. Throw in a soundtrack. Throw in a DYNAMIC theme. It would show that they actually care. As it stands now, digital copy would be an insane choice

    • Point taken, feedback delivered!

    • I agree with you about the Dynamic Theme.

  • I preordered Yakuza 0 on Amazon, will I still get the business edition or do I need to do something to upgrade to the business edition preorder?

  • THATs GRAET but i’ll wait for collector edition or something bigger !

  • HELL YEA. I love that you are willing to put out a special launch edition for Yakuza! Thank you guys so much! Supporting you 100%!

  • Oh gosh i love stuff like this! Thanks guys! Can you share any info on the static theme? (eg. What song will it be playing? (It better be playing a song!)) And hey. As long as you’re releasing themes i think the Yakuza 3: Fly song is one of my favorites from the series so might as well DO IT UP!

    For serious, thanks for all you do guys. Love the series, thanks so much for localizing these games past the point when other publishers would have flushed it down the toilet (cough: Dead Souls). Keep up the amazing work!

  • Hello My Name is Belmor and me and my friend Jimmy have a Podcast with information Playstation and Microsoft wanted to know if there are any official email that you send with monthly releases in the physical and digital platform PS3 – PS4.

    Greetings and thanks

  • This is great, but will Yakuza 6 be coming to the west as well?

  • Thank you so much Sega! I’ve got 2 copies pre-ordered!

  • Belmor to funny LMFAOOOOOOOOO i can say i do Podcast too try to get free games nice try buy it dont be cheap they need all the money they can get so make more of theese games

    • I think you did not understand, just ask for an email to be sent with the information monthly or weekly releases of the platforms (apologized for my English but a use google traslator).


  • Please sell the PS4 theme separately. I already import the Chinese version of Yakuza 0(PS4) last year. Pretty fun game. A game which my family have fun with this.

  • will it have PRO support? I’m getting it anyways but it would be a nice cherry on top :)

  • Awesome bonuses for physical and digital. Day 1 (0?) purchase. Keep up the great work, SEGA.

  • “because Yakuza” indeed.
    Thanks Sega!

  • An actual proper exclusive? Thank you! Will be supporting this 100% including many more people now.

    Some people are still skeptical because of it and now keep thinking this is just PR talk and they keep saying yes it will come to pc so they wont buy it on ps4 and wait for pc version but obviously you all confirmed its not so it is indeed true exclusive :)This tag alone caused alot of shi* lol

  • Hi

    Thanks for bring it to the West I was really interested in this I just pre order it from amazon

    Just one question, this game chronologically its the first of all Yakuza?

    Thanks :)

    • In terms of in-game stuff, yes – Yakuza 0 takes place in 1988, before any of the other Yakuza mainline games :)

    • Thanks for the reply John, Nice :D I think I can start with that then, I have other Yakuza games but because of my big backlog of games i wasn’t able to play any, I want to do it in order I guess (1,2,3, etc.) :)

  • Maybe that console exclusive tag isn’t worth the confusion it generates? We’ve always had “Only on Playstation” so maybe that’d just work best here

  • Day one purchase, unfortunately no delivery to my country. . . . So going with digital i think

  • Will this be available in the UK too?

  • I am sure when i say this for all Yakuza fans put could u bring all numbered Yakuza games to Ps4 and remaster them ;)

  • Hopefully Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6 is right behind this. We wanna keep supporting the series but we can’t do that unless you support the fanbase.

  • Thanks for giving us the card holder, I’ll buy at least two copies of the game (physical and digital).
    I hope we can get Yakuza 6 and Kiwami after this.

  • Awesome, although I was kinda hoping we would get a shot glass like the Japanese special edition did, Here’s hoping that Kiwami isnt far behind (hell im kinda surprised it wasnt released alongside 0 seeing as Kiwami is almost a word for word remake, minus the extra Nishki scenes, and new side quest)
    Gonna be a good start to 2017, with Yakuza 6 and 0 (been importing the series since 5 took forever to come westward)

    So whens PSO2??????

  • I’m pretty excited about this! Gives me even more a reason to try and get a pre-order in. Is The Business Edition only available at certain retailers or is it attainable everywhere?

  • Can’t wait. But how much will the business edition be?

  • Here’s waiting for some EU news on the other blog…

    BTW, I hate this release date. I want Yakuza 0 this year. T_T

  • John,

    You guys nailed it. This is AWESOME. You said you considered multiple options, but I think this is terrific. It’s pitch-perfect for the style, culture, era, and overall vibe we’ll find in a Yakuza 0. Thank you so much for bringing this West and having SOME kind of physical bonus for fans.

    I hope everyone here will support this so we can see Kiwami and 6, too!

    I’m still holding out hope for the Yakuza 0 Vita companion app. That would be icing on the cake, man. I would love to level up and play the bonus games on the go…

    I can dream…

  • Do I need to preorder from Amazon to get the Business Edition, or does every shop taking preorders will offer it?

  • Hey John, can you just ship my preorder now instead of in January? I won’t tell anyone, promise. Our secret.

  • I really want day one steelcase version like valkyria chronicles, I hope there’s special edition with steelcase and artbook for this game.

    Also are there any plans to make yakuza 2 remastered since I miss this series on ps2 and ps3?

  • I can’t wait to get this game!

  • Forgive my English is not so perfect, just for making sure there is no confusion, is this mean if I get one pre ordered in Amazon today or tomorrow, I will be able to get the business edition? For sure I will get one comes in physical and one digital, but knowing there is this physical bonus, I want to have that card holder so badly!! It is so beautiful!!!!!!!!

  • Aww… I was hoping for a steelbook case to match my other PS4 games, but I’ll order this anyway because I love the Yakuza series!

  • Please please please can EU get some kind of special edition of this game we got robbed on Yakuza 5 pre order bonuses why does EU always miss out first it was digital only of miku and now no business edition of Yakuza 0 I’m just wondering why I know it’s Sega US and EU are 2 different companies but you are both still SEGA please don’t leave us EU fans out to dry all the time with no bonuses

  • Awesome news! Here’s to hoping part 6 brings those cool Tojo pins that were just at TGS, haha.

    also: will the theme be up for sale separately? Preordered the physical copy, but i’d love that too!

  • Could we also get some cool looking avatars of Kiryu and Majima as well? and i do agree with others in saying we need a dynamic theme for Yakuza 0 but i would also buy that static theme too. I’m curious to know what the other physical extras were that didn’t make the cut? and If you do decide to release Yakuza Kiwami please consider doing a steelbook(with sountrack) lapel pins with the Dojima and Majima family crest or sake cups.Thanks for bringing more Yakuza games to us and please keep them coming, i’ll be there DAY 1 to buy them!

  • Interesting trailer (lot of character attitude). Will I be able to download from PSN store or have to find some limited release retail copy?

  • I think zero means I can play this game without the burden of having to play any other game in the series right? I don’t know how important the story is between games to be able to follow/enjoy the next game.

    I mean, I know if I get a new GTA game, I don’t need to worry about past GTA games, but these Yakuza games might be more inter-connected?

    • These games are like watching the next season in your favorite show, that said they are complete story lines and character arches, so you can still enjoy each one perfectly fine, and they have recaps to help along the way, but you just might meet someone and they have that ‘i remember you from blah blah’ scene and you’ll be like who’s that. But the main story lines are just from each game solely.

      I started with 4 and been fine.

  • Why would I buy this when I will be to busy still playing Yakuza 6, The only question is which version to get. Chinese or Japanese where to get it from.

  • So excited for this, Pre-ordered it when it was announced and super happy theirs a physical limited edition. With an awesome card holder no doubt.

  • Finally a Yakuza Game on PS4 , Japan already have 3 Yakuza titles on PS4 within a year after release .

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