New Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Revealed

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New Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Revealed

A new story trailer for Watch Dogs 2 just arrived, bringing with it a fresh look at major players on both sides of the conflict between hacker collective DedSec and the corrupt corporations they’re working to take down. One of their biggest targets is Blume Corporation, an entity that should be familiar to Watch Dogs players as the creators of the notorious, city-automating ctOS. This video introduces a key antagonist, who appears to be pretty high up on Blume’s payroll: their Chief Technology Officer, Dusan Nemec.

New Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Revealed

Nemec is taking the DedSec threat very seriously, and rightly so; we’ve already met a few members of the collective, and they are not to be trifled with. The protagonist, Marcus Holloway, has already stopped a mass surveillance initiative in Oakland using his unique set of skills. Sitara and her principled, artistic approach may not always vibe with Wrench and his aggressive, chaotic style, but there’s no doubt that both are passionate, driving forces fueling DedSec’s efforts. In this trailer, we also get a glimpse of Josh and Horatio, two other members that make up the DedSec crew.

With a powerful array of hacking tools at your disposal and the open world of the San Francisco Bay Area at your feet, you and your fellow hackers will do whatever is necessary to stop Blume and their new, improved ctOS 2.0 from infringing on the freedoms of the citizens. And with Watch Dogs 2’s seamless multiplayer connectivity, you can easily team up with friends or strangers to complete missions, gain followers, and unlock new missions, gadgets, gear, and more to help you take the fight to Blume and look good doing it.

If you pre-order Watch Dogs 2 on PlayStation Store, you’ll get some exclusive bonuses that will take your fight even further. The San Bruno Radio Tower location offers co-op mission opportunities for you and your buddies to take on, and makes the Engineer Suit available for that fight-the-system-from-within look. Pre-ordering also unlocks the ScoutXpedition mission, in which you’ll tour San Francisco with a movie-location scout and visit some of the city’s most iconic locations (of which there are many).

Finally, PS Plus members who pre-order Watch Dogs 2 on PlayStation Store will get the Bitflip, a full unique clothing set with an especially cool neon skull bandana.

Join Marcus, Sitara, and the rest of DedSec when Watch Dogs 2 launches on November 15. Corrupt corporations aren’t going to expose themselves, now are they?

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  • Well La de da then.

  • Lets just hope THIS game is as action packed as that trailer. Watch Dogs 1 had an action packed fun looking trailer too but I couldnt play the game for longer than an hour because of how slow and boring it was (nothing like the trailer) whereas GTA5 and Sleeping Dogs showed you just how much fun youd be having in the first 5 minutes

    • Always wait for a review or some gameplay that is from a 3rd party (youtuber) before making a decision.

      Trailers and demos shown on events can be messed with.

      Only pre-order if you like the company, or know what to expect. At least with other Ubisoft Games like Far Cry and AssCreed…you know what to expect.

      Watch Dogs….not sure if it will be the same experience as the first one…..enjoyed the first one a bit though.

    • @ DuoMaxwell007 – lol.

    • intelligent ppl dont let review scores guide their purchases by that logic Watch Dogs 1 shouldve been ok. Also by that logic Id be buying CoD every year which is garbage and I wouldnt have played Tron Evolution or White Knight Chronicles which werent game of the year material but still fun as hell

    • @ Kishnabe – Lol making a decision based on reviews or on youtubers is the worst thing you could do,1 because media don’t know sh** about games and 2 because youtubers know even less.

      Gameplay is the key of everything…always search for gameplay videos,if it looks like something you’d enjoy playing then you can buy.

      If I listened to reviews I would’ve missed countless great games and only 1 example but if I listened to youtubers I would’ve missed Watch Dogs 1 which is an amazing game…madly underrated but an amazing game.

  • So the bad guy is the yoga instructor from GTA V? And they changed his name to d*****?

  • Watch Dogs 1 was pretty good game. Looking forward to playing this on the PS4 Pro.

  • I’m only willing to play this because of Mr Robot. But I’ll wait for reviews and a price drop this time…

  • Ha nice T-Bone is back…I’m hoping for at least a Aiden cameo as well and would be cool to see Jordi too.

    Nice trailer…I know WD2 will be great and if its half as good as WD1 it’ll be freakin amazing.

  • I actually really liked the first Watch Dogs. This one looks pretty fun. Can’t wait

  • I hope Aiden is at least mentioned so we know that this game at leas takes place in the same universe or is a sequel instead of a reboot.. though T Bone is in it so that kinda confirms that….

  • Watch Dogs 2 is currently my most anticipated game!

  • I loved WD1. Played the hell out of it and Platinumed it. Only issue I had with WD1 wa the driving. I really hope that was addressed.

    Pre-ordered WD2 and can’t wait!

    • Feel the same about WD1. Good news is the devs made a point to mention in one of the WD2 videos they’ve released that they worked hard to improve the driving based on feedback from the first game.

  • So is this story trailer from a PS4 or a PS4 Pro? I hope the blog starts disclosing that for each video that shows gameplay. Would be a shame for somebody who has a regular PS4 to think that they are getting something they aren’t. Thanks!

  • I smell sjws.

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