Deus Ex: Mankind Divided System Rift DLC Out Today

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided System Rift DLC Out Today

System Rift, our first story DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, is out today! It’s a completely self-contained story, taking you to a new location in Prague, so you don’t need to worry about spoiling the main quest for yourself if you haven’t finished it. We’ve gone around our studio to ask some of the developers who worked on this story DLC to share some insight into what you can expect.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided System Rift DLC Out Today

From Avi Winkler, our Lead Writer: Francis Pritchard, Adam Jensen’s friend and former colleague at Sarif Industries, returns in System Rift, and new colorful banter between these two characters adds an interesting dynamic to their relationship. Fans of Breach, our new game mode included in Mankind Divided, will get to meet ShadowChild in person and experience the origin story of the “Breach” itself.

This story DLC also involves the infiltration of a unique structure only seen from a distance in Prague, during the course of the main game: the Palisade Bank Corporation’s Blade facility. Within it, new secrets and details about the bank’s founders can be uncovered. With that, a completely new area of the city is waiting to be explored with its share of new stories to tell and characters to meet.

From Ayrald Anneron, our Lead Level Designer: In true Deus Ex fashion, this new mission supports all playstyles as you infiltrate the Palisade Blade, one of the most secure buildings in Prague. Before entering, you’ll be enticed to explore a plaza — where secrets and hidden items can be found, as well as alternate ways to get into the facility. But proceed with caution: as an augmented person, Jensen is not welcome everywhere! Once inside the Blade, you will also face new security features which we’ll let you discover in-game.

From Michel Lanoie, Assistant Art Director: In Deus Ex : Mankind Divided, the Palisade Blade is one of the strongest icons and symbols of Prague and we felt that there was so much potential in actually going in it. In System Rift, we exploit the Corporate Feudalism theme as a visual metaphor. We use it to bring contrast and force emotional tension in a cold color palette and environmental mood.

As the Palisade Blade is very thin and monolithic, it was a challenge to create its interior, especially since it was not meant to be explorable when it was first designed. By its complexity and unconventional design, the Blade distinguishes itself from any level we have ever done while keeping credibility of space and architecture.

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  • maybe you guys should fix the technical issues first before trying to squeeze more money out of us.

    • I don’t think it’s really the same people working on squashing bugs and getting this DLC out.

      But I do agree that the system wide (PS4, PC and X1) elevator game breaking bug should get fixed ASAP. I can swallow some FPS hiccups or glitches, but when you run into game breaking stuff that’s an instant turn-off.
      I was lucky that I was a savefile addict and kept like 8 different save files so I could reset back to the time before whatever triggered the bug happened, but others are probably not as fortunate.

    • lol sure , what bugs i see one big one and after 30 olus hours less then handful have happened . funny because games like doom were its bugged to hell and horrible clipping were the room vanishes if you crouch beside 20% of the walls is a issue but to say this game should be fixed first shows how you have no education in gaming or how games are created. First games should not release broken as day one patch is a joke made for lazt devs who push broken stuff out the door and this is what the real issue is in gaming a example doom 16 gig day one patch or even this game 7 gig xbox one day one patch . sony and xbox are delusional as gamers gamed on consoles for the ease and quickness but now days they are a joke full installs , day one huge patches and always online BS for certain games and sony and xbox thinking there going to go PC route when there going to kill them selves as why by a ps4pro or x1 a wannabe Pc

    • @HellBringer1975

      Are you ok?
      It started as a rant where you defended(?) DE:MD for having gamebreaking bugs (it had several, but the only one I’m aware of that is still in the game is the elevator one before you meet Talos), then you hated on day 1 patches and finally you jumped on the PC master race train or something.

    • What technical issues? I just finished the game with zero issues.

    • Hey there – if you have technical issues, please get in touch with our Support Center:

    • I’ve been playing for at least 20-25 hrs and haven’t run into any major bugs or glitches yet… can’t wait to finish the main quest and then jump into the DLC.

  • Hopefully it’s a little longer than the pre-order/day 1 mission and doesn’t feel like it was a slice from the main game (the conclusion to that mission really didn’t make much sense when the way you end it with the “boss” has no impact on anything). I would have been more ok with this if the main game didn’t also end in a similar unsatisfying way.

    Basically I hope it has a satisfying conclusion and it feels like I’m getting my money’s worth.

  • It would be nice to see Human Revolution director’s cut be ported to PS4.

  • The bollocks is just straight up not on the store for me at all. Still says Coming Soon.

  • Yeah ha ha -no. I checked the PlayStation store and yet no DLC. Figured that it might have something to do with different time zones, but nah, still nothing. >:(

    • The DLC is definitely out on the North American PlayStation Store! If you are in Europe or Australia though, we currently expect System Rift to be released on Tuesday, September 27th. Exact timing TBA.

  • Never had any problems myself with game breaking bugs at all, and I’ve played the crap out of the story. Now No Mans Sky on the other hand is a game that has problems, the game has had like 9 patches since release day and it’s still a major let down.

  • But also it would be nice to see Deus Ex the conspiracy be ported to the PS4, now that’s a Deus Ex game. Definitely better than the last two.

    • True… I mean if developers/publishers are going to put effort into porting major titles, why not just do EVERYTHING? I’m still waiting on Capcom to get all the spin-off DLC for Dead Rising, before I buy the entire collection.

  • You can finish this DLC in two hours…seriously. We all know that you shouldn’t feed the bears. Caveat emptor.

  • The dlc came out pretty fast was it developed alongside the game? It would have made more sense to have a segway into this portion of the city. Also why was this part of the city only included in this story dlc? I bet you could see it in the distance but never get to it because of programming or something. That makes no sense unless you were planning all along to make this into a reason for folks to buy the season pass.

    Just to explore a more complete city of Prague if you wanted to make this more interesting you could expand on different functions of augmentations and have Jensen come across a plot of augmented people from an underwater facility or a faciltiy on the moon and built a more complete chapter for this or atleast a 2 part story dlc. There are plenty of different locales and factions you could have used instead, if all else fails make up a new faction and make sure to incorporate them into the next game somehow.

  • is it only me or fps dropped few times during cinematic?

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