Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder Coming October 18

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Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder Coming October 18

Well met, PlayStation Nation! Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios is proud to announce that giants will return to the Sword Coast when Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder strikes PS4 on October 18!

Inspired by Wizards of the Coast’s latest tabletop expansion, you’ll team up with characters from New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore’s novels, Catti-brie and Wulfgar, in order to unravel the mystery behind the invading giants and what they’re searching for.

Storm King’s Thunder will introduce a giant number of new features and content including guild alliances, three new adventure zones, a brand new campaign to follow the story, a new tier of dungeon, the Ostorian relics system, and class balance — among other quality of life changes.

You’ll travel back to Icewind Dale where a massive blizzard envelops the once-bustling town of Bryn Shander. Your quests there will then bring you to the picturesque town of Lonelywood, which is surrounded by a beautiful yet haunting forest. Finally, head to Cold Run where the frost giants first embarked from their ships. Each of these adventure zones holds their own secrets and are ripe with Ostorian relics, a new system that has you searching for ancient items in order to power up your gear.

For those seeking a challenge, our newest dungeon, Fangbreaker Island, lies in its own tier with a required item level of 3100. Face three of the most challenging bosses in Neverwinter history, each with their own tricks up their sleeve: Hati the Manticore, the Dragon Turtle, and the frost giant Drufi.

Guild Alliances will also be introduced with this expansion where up to 13 guilds can band together to form an alliance, which will open up exciting new options for all members. Visit each other’s strongholds, tackle dragons together, help each other grow, and even shop at stores from each guild. Alliances will make it much easier for you to grow your community and make friends from around the world. Start thinking about who you’ll invite to your alliance!

We can’t wait for you to step foot into Storm King’s Thunder to discover all there is to offer. Continue slaying dragons, vanquishing liches, and delving into dungeons. See you in Neverwinter on October 18!

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3 Author Replies

  • Good Lord I’m not even caught up on the current content, and they are releasing more stuff? These guys are nuts. but in a good way :)

    • Thanks, KagatoAC!

      The giants couldn’t wait to invade Neverwinter! There’s no rush at all in finishing up the current content. Storm King’s Thunder is here to stay :).

    • I think they just want all platforms to be on the same release.

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  • OMG! I just got 104 demonic ichor! I’m far from being up to date with my gear, I’m just lvl 1750..

    Please do something to balance a little bit the AD exchange… it’s rising up around 10AD per day

    • Actually as I understand it, the AD exchange is kind of self regulating. We actually have had i good on PS4. I hear XBox and PC rates are more like 500:1.

    • Oh man, wish I would have known. I would have blown my whole stash of AD when it was 139! Grrr

    • I don’t know how you guys are standing the game. Even Final Fantasy XI got tons of Quality of Life improvements that this game dramatically needs and that system had PS2 limitations.

      I showed it to a couple of friends and we all decided to keep playing Final Fantasy XIV.

    • #MakaiOokami
      It’s free, it looks awesome, and is fun to play. Almost everything is grindable. Great community. Familiar Lore (at least for a nerd like me) and you can solo great part of it.

      FF I always wanted to try… but the ridiculous amount of the monthly fee it’s a no for me

  • Has PS4 Pro support been addressed yet? Any plans?

  • Looking forward to playing this! I only started playing this a few day ago, but lets just say I have fallen in love with the world of D&D. Still got a ways to go until I finish the main campaign, but more story content is always a good thing!

  • I’ve been loving this game! 2x Exp last weekend I leveled a second character up to 62. Main is kinda stuck at 2711 since I’m hoarding stones for 2x refinement again. While there could be some improvements all around and better pricing for Zen/Zen market the game itself is just so fun and addicting. All my campaigns are done and I’m trying to get the Guild leveled up now which is no easy feat when two friends and me are doing all the lifting. Millabout is complete but my guild marks are maxed as are my friends…. Anyway great work guys on what is a fantastic game. Definitely looking forward to this and updates to come.

  • Can we get more details on the class balance? I’d like to prep beforehand for adjustments, if need be.

    • @Twistedsopas If you follow the link theres a detailed list on the website as to what is being changed. Its a bit technical but its there. I didn’t read the other classes but Hunter is getting a lot of buffs. Which appear to make it playable as an Archer, instead of some kind of hybrid. My first 70 was Hunter and after realizing it only worked effectively if i danced in and out of combat I switched to Rogue :D

  • Guys is there going to be a companion app for this? The PC version had Gateway. I’d love to be able to check my stuff during work or just show off to my partners

  • Im playing SW and its been ruff since the beginning. No matter what I do I just cant seem to get my level to 1800. Ive spent countless hours grinding, just to end up with lower level stuff. I see items all the time that could raise my level, but the stats are always a downfall so I just keep what I have on. With the grind heavy gameplay Im just starting to lose interest, which sucks because I really like the game alot…!

  • Update for ps4 was done but now Game will not come up says there is a problem can you help please.

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