RIGS Mechanized Combat League: Defining the Future of Combat Sports

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RIGS Mechanized Combat League: Defining the Future of Combat Sports

How do you define the look of a sport that won’t exist for another fifty years? It’s a question that the developers at Guerrilla Cambridge carefully considered when they set out to create their PlayStation VR exclusive arena shooter, RIGS Mechanized Combat League.

You can tell a lot about the nature of a sport by looking at the aesthetics of its uniforms, venues and sporting equipment. Take motorsports, for instance: the aerodynamic shape of a formula one car communicates a need for speed, while the highly reinforced roll cage of a rally car indicates a need for sturdiness. In RIGS Mechanized Combat League, the lightweight frames, sleek bodies and curved lines emphasize the athletic nature of the machines.

In the video below, Art Directors Tom Jones and Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou talk about the game’s concept phase, and show how Guerrilla Cambridge experimented with different designs to find one that best suited their vision for a futuristic mix between motorsports, combat sports and goal-focused team sports.

You can pre-order RIGS Mechanized Combat League from select retailers here.

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  • I cannot wait to play this! I’m stoked that PSVR is only 3 weeks away!

  • Super stoked for this game. Still a little disappointed that we won’t be seeing Move Support.

    KZ2 PS4 Remaster complete with MP. Yes, Please.

  • Any chance we can get some PSVR pre-orders on the Playstation Store?

  • So there won’t even be an option to use the move controllers for aiming? That would be a real bummer..

    One of the major breakthroughs that VR offers over traditional gameplay (i.e. non-VR) is the ability to aim in a direction other than the one the player is looking in (when it comes to shooters at least). In other words, VR allows for sight and aiming to be independent from one another, just like in real life – a feature not possible in traditional games, so why would Guerilla omit this VR-exclusive feature from their VR exclusive game?

  • Does anybody know why I would not have gotten the black Gjallarhorn and sparrow when I pre ordered Rise Of Iron, is anyone else having this issue?

  • I played this recently at a comic expo and had a lot of fun! It sold me on PSVR, but my question is will this receive a resolution bump? I don’t know what iteration I was playing if it was a very early demo but the resolution just wasn’t great at all. The other games were fine just this one seemed really rough looking. The sense of space was amazing though. I truly felt like I was teleported to a new world. Really happy I have a preorder

  • Now just include racing, and you got IGPX…please

  • Can’t wait to play it….

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