Rez Infinite: Enter Area X

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Rez Infinite: Enter Area X

Ever since we offered a glimpse of the new content we’re making for Rez Infinite at the end of our debut trailer, and again as part of my GDC talk and PlayStation.Blog post, people have been asking me: What is Area X?

Finally, today, I can answer.

As with everything to do with Rez Infinite, though, I think it’s something you best see, and hear, for yourself:

Hopefully, if we’ve done our job right, Area X is something that’s hard to put into words…but let me try:

Area X is a new level we’ve added just for Rez Infinite.

Area X is an experiment.

Area X is Rez, but it’s also not Rez… it’s something new.

Like classic Rez, Area X is a designed to be a focused, replayable experience, that uses simple shooting mechanics as a means to induce “synesthesia,” an effect where perceiving something with one sense triggers another sense – like you can “see sounds,” or “hear colors” (as pioneered by influential Russian artist and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky).

But other than that basic foundation, the team and I decided to throw away the rest of the formula and start fresh, both in terms of aesthetics and gameplay, building Area X through experimentation and iteration – try something, keep what worked, throw out what didn’t, try again – much in the same way United Game Artists and I created the original Rez so many years ago. Our goal was to create something that evoked the same excitement as Rez, but at the same time, something that felt unique. Something new. Something special all its own.

Did we succeed? Well, the first indications should be hitting today, as the gaming press we’ve hosted over the last few weeks post their hands-on impressions. From their in-person reactions, we’re optimistic. But, like I mentioned before, as with everything Rez the best method is to see, and hear, for yourself – which is exactly what I hope you’ll do come October 13th with the launch of Rez Infinite.

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  • Im totally new to REZ but want to check this out for sure. Has a price point been released for this yet?

    • The limited physical edition is $40. I think the digital version is going to be cheaper, so expect it to be around $30.

  • Does this support 3d for 3d tvs?

  • Sounds like Sony needs to head on over to SEGA to start working on getting Panzer Dragoon on PSVR. If it’s a smooth experience, the game would win and sell based on nostalgia or SEGA fans alone. Plus, Panzer Dragoon Orta, in High Definition and HDR, if all that hypes true, yeah. Panzer Dragoon Sony, on VR, go get em.

  • Hello guys, nice game overall.
    If i may i would like to ask something that got me really intrigued recently,
    Why are the European PS users getting overall game discounts (general discount drops), and quite better sales than we have been having recently? I mean, we got the Co-op sale, that it wasnt bad, but they got a giant drop on quite great AAA games, and now we have Assasins creed only sale, while they’re getting whole ubisoft sale.. Why is this?

  • Does Rez Infinite fix the audio issue Rez HD had on 360 where all the sounds were pitched higher than they were on the DC/PS2 versions? The soundtrack is critical to the Rez experience and the pitch shift made Rez HD virtually unplayable for me. The demo at PSX last year showed the same pitch shift and I’ve been hoping that issue has been fixed for the release of Infinite.

  • This clip shows the difference in pitch: . If I knew for certain Infinite fixes the issue, I would have pre-ordered the physical version yesterday.

  • why do you even bother?

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