Slain: Back From Hell Out September 20 on PS4

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Slain: Back From Hell Out September 20 on PS4

Sharpen your steel, harden your heart, and get ready to headbang in honor of the Great Horned Metal God, because on September 20 Slain: Back from Hell is set to carve a bloody swathe onto PS4 for $14.99 — with a 10% discount for all PlayStation Plus members.

Set in a dark and archaic world, you take the role of the doomed hero Bathoryn, a grizzled warrior dragged reluctantly from his mortal slumber. He must slice and dice his way across the blighted realm of villainous Lord Vroll, vanquishing his many gruesome underlings and twisted boss lieutenants along the way.

Comprehensively augmented and refined for its release on PS4, the game blends brutally intense melee combat with unforgiving platform action (so the faint-hearted had best steer well clear). Our aim was to blend the best of classic 90’s hack ‘n’ slash games with modern gameplay dynamics, but freed from the hand-holding of mainstream titles.

Your tools are a trusty sword, a flaming blade, an axe made from ice, and powerful mana magic, all of which you will need to employ strategically to avoid being eviscerated, immolated, skewered, burned, and butchered.

The striking pixel art visuals of creator Andrew Gilmour bring your favorite metal album covers to gory, gothic life whilst the action is accompanied by a brooding soundtrack of purest heavy metal, penned by Curt Victor Bryant (formerly of the infamous band Celtic Frost).

May fire, ice, and steel prevail!

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